1. No More Gaga! says

    This song ‘Judas’ is such a lame attempt to stir up controversey with relgious figures.

    She should’ve picked a fight the muslims. LOL. That would’ve been interesting, transgressive, and daring!!!

  2. Paul R says

    Actually I counted at least six security guys. She said in an interview that she spends a fortune on security, and clearly she wasn’t exaggerating.

    In other news, watching that has left me incredibly dizzy.

  3. says

    LOVE HER! We saw her last week in Miami and it was an AMAZING 2-hour tour de force! We LOVE GaGa! And for those bitter queens who always tend to criticize her, you’re really making fools out of yourselves and being laughed at by the majority. Her shows in obnoxiously large arenas are consistently sold-out, her songs hit #1 and STAY THERE for 6 weeks (see “Born This Way”), and she is the biggest celebrity-supporter of gay rights on the planet. So, if anyone needs to “give it up,” it’s those few fools who actually think their cynical opinions about her amount to even a hint of relevance or significance.

  4. David says

    @DrBlackwell: tsk. tsk. That’s the funny thing with opinions, we each get one! Stamping your foot and holding your breath won’t change the fact that there is a large percentage that recognizes her for what she is: a publicity machine, a social commentary on art/culture. (or lack there of)

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