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Watch: New Chilling Tsunami Footage


I can't imagine. Important to remember this tragedy continues to unfold and the challenges are as great one month later. This was shot in Iwaki Village. Ways you can help are here.

In related news, Japan's nuclear agency reclassified the emergency at Fukushima from 5 to 7, the highest level, now on a par with Chernobyl.


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  1. My friend was in Iwake when it hit. It took two weeks to hear from him and a friend in Sendai whom I had begun to assume was dead after exhaustive efforts to get info. I was down South on Kyushu. When the tsunami hit Asia in 2004 I was in the States and really didn't appreciate what it all meant. Even Katrina felt distant. Being in Japan as all this unfolds has given me both a real appreciation for the gravity of these disasters as well as an understanding of how they can feel so remote and removed from our lives as they unfold a world away on TV and the internet. I think it's ok to not feel as bad as you think you should, in its place we should contribute a bit of our material comforts, where we can spare them, to help alleviate the suffering of other people.

    Posted by: Jon | Apr 12, 2011 9:13:18 AM

  2. Didn't anyone have a tripod?

    Posted by: GallowsHumor | Apr 12, 2011 5:23:48 PM

  3. @gallowshumor - you watch a video of people dying and you crack some jack@ss joke. What a child.

    Posted by: deanybeany | Apr 12, 2011 10:23:48 PM

  4. That's not humor of any kind because it's neither funny or clever. It's the comment of an indecent, self-dismissing loser.

    Posted by: Bear | Apr 13, 2011 1:11:49 AM

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