1. Perry says

    Stunning. The shots of the Milky Way really put things into perspective, don’t they? How insignificant we really are here on our little blue, brown and green touched with white, orb.

  2. Hue-Man says

    “Hawaii is a good distance from US proper” or “Long Island is a good distance from US proper” or “Manhattan is a good distance from US proper” The sights of the Milky Way are a reminder of what marvels we’ve lost to smog and light pollution.

  3. jeff says

    I think this is fake. You can’t see the milky way in those colors. Even the pictures from the telescopes have color added to them. The gases are invisible, so you have to ad color with computer. You can make the case that he added the color to it, but why doesn’t he say that himself? Makes you wonder about his honesty, that’s all. It’s still beautiful, though. Just not as real as its made out to be. Good computer work!

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