1. Guy from OH says

    T, nice judgement! Are you on the Focus on the Family payroll?

    You act like network TV regularly shows gay characters in non-monogamous relationships all the time. That’s just not true. Most LGBT characters exist in the periphery and lack any sort of love life. Shows like Modern Family, Brothers and Sisters, and Glee with more developed characters still have story lines that avoid almost any same-sex sex. Most single gay characters on TV rarely date, let alone have hook-ups.

    Reality check: A lot of guys aren’t in committed relationships. And many guys who are in very committed relationships aren’t completely monogamous. So this portrayal is pretty accurate of many guys, especially young guys. But even if it didn’t, why does every portrayal of a gay guy need to conform to your particular narrow standard?

    I for one am totally impressed by this clip. This is appearing on a US broadcast network during the 8 p.m. hour and was produced by CBS Productions. I am old enough to remember the original 90210, with no main LGBT character, and Melrose Place, with its totally neutered gay character, who (SHOCKINGLY at the time) once hugged the only date they let him have all season.

    Regardless of how you feel about monogamy, let’s give props to this show and the GREAT progress that it highlights.

  2. hightemp says

    I’d offer a slight twist of T’s point. Less about the issue of open relationships but more about the need to put the open relationship thing in there right away.

    I happen to be one of those people in a non-monogamous committed relationship; but even I was bugged by the addition of that element here. They could have left it as a one night stand / hookup without adding in that layer because it did feel like a bit of a vilification (on a number of levels).

  3. Hue-Man says

    I watched it FRIDAY night on GlobalTV (I assume they moved it up a week to avoid Good Friday stat holiday this week which would have lost viewers and caused feeble protests from the Canadian god crowd). 90210-land is a weird place; in seven minutes of screen-time, Teddy (1) makes a hook-up date with Marco and gets slammed for being slutty (2) has a surprise tongue attack in a bar by his old roommate (3) meets his hookup’s BF (4) converts from a playa to a lova and (5) makes a new romantic date with Marco! Elsewhere, Adrianna gets a sunburn.

  4. RONTEX says

    Umm, the whole point of the one night stand and then having the boyfriend pop up was to help Teddy’s character make a decision to “get back on the burro” and pursue a romantic relationship with the tennis guy. I don’t think they “demonized” the open relationship at all, just presented it as what worked for that couple. Some people choose monogamy and some people want an open relationship, whether they are gay or straight. Not everyone wants the same thing and as long as there is honesty, where is the shame?

  5. Rick says

    Oh, man, I wish gay men in real life were like the straight actors who are pretending to be them. (When have you ever seen a gay guy do a “chest bump” in real life?) Maybe in another lifetime. Sigh.

    These episodes just play to all our fantasies, I am afraid. I guess there is nothing that wrong with that–I mean, to some extent, that is what Hollywood is supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

    Even so, the contrast between the fantasy and reality can be a little depressing…..

  6. Toto says

    What I find most annoying about this is the idea that a gay character’s choice to be single and nsa can be determined within one episode. Usually a straight character will have this as their whole angle with the introduction of a love interest that changes their perception later in the series. Here its a simple trial and error that ends like an idiotic sitcom of “oh well, guess I learned my lesson of the day”. To me it screams of pandering to a hetero-normative idea of dating and a way to make the gay character soo normal and precious its a bit sickeningly faux. Maybe in ten years we’ll get something a bit more honest and less concerned about alienating the audience.

  7. just_a_guy says

    OK, so I can’t watch the clip right now (electronics issue or something), but plan to when I head home. To T, I feel ya–almost; I’m with OH G on this one. Hollywood, funny as usual, thank you. And Toto, at least ur nuanced but I’ll have to watch to see if I agree.

    I’m totally stoked to check this out tho. Imagine if I became a 902010 fan again, lol.

  8. mudgeboy says

    I loved it. I know they look super straight, but they are so hot. And I think of Teddy as just feeling his way, moving from trying to be straight, to knowing and trying to accept that he’s gay. He’s figuring himself out. And part of that “figuring” is discovering that he’s the “relationship type!” So what’s wrong with that? I had lots of one-nighter’s but I’m the relationship type. Doesn’t seem that far from reality to me, except that all of the guys looked super straight.

  9. Gregv says

    Teddy’s plot went from a snail’s pace, that had lost me as a viewer last season, to 60 mph overnight. I laughed out loud when Teddy got the surprise kiss that came out of nowhere (Go, Teddy!) but maybe that was the intended effect.

    @Rick: All the soap shows have always been all about fantasy. If your fantasy is to greet your friends with a chest bump, have at it! If that’s not the group you click with now, it might well not be if you were straight, either.
    In real life, how many people of any orientation are as beautiful as these people? Go out on the sidewalk and count how many men walk by before one is as beautiful looking as Teddy. You may be there for years.
    I can hear women across America watching this episode and sighing: “I wish straight men were like these guys.”

  10. k says

    I must admit, this IS pretty corny… but I also must admit that I love it. You have to remember the context….it’s 90210 for God’s sake! The point is this: it’s being shown in prime-time and gay people are portrayed in the same manner as straight people on this show (at least what I can tell from this clip). This alone is huge.

    None of this show is like real life….but the fact that the majority of viewers probably care more about the plot line (as weak as it may be) than focusing on the sexuality of the characters means a lot.

    Joe, you are so right — focusing in on two guys kissing would not have been shown even a few years ago. I won’t say it is commonplace now, but I’m guessing that most people in the 15- 20 year old age bracket have seen it on TV more than once, and view it in a positive light.

  11. FunMe says

    This is why the future of America is in today’s youth, and the change will be / is coming faster than we think. Yeah, there is still a lot of homophobia, what with the republiCONs in power and Democrats acting like them, trying to get us back in the closet. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    I am very happy to see a show like this with the gay story line extended for young viewers to see and learn how to accept themselves if they are gay or accept gays if they are straight. I think it’s very cool to have this … bad drama or not.

  12. tom a says

    wow. I watched this expecting to find horrible acting and writing. Both exceeded my expectations.

    I’ll never watch the show, but I would watch more of these “best of” videos.

  13. Liam says

    Are folks here aware that someone posted this pic of Trevor & Alan kissing on Facebook which immediately removed it under the pretense that it was “pornographic”?

  14. Bitter, table for one says

    I know this is entertainment and all, but I’m so tired of all these “Ken doll” characters having a difficult time finding love. It’s just not believable.

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