1. Gigi says

    I can’t watch it! Just look into those eyes. Pure evil. They’re a disgusting family. Imagine…people are worried about The Gays raising children. What about the family Phelps?

  2. luminum says

    Why do we continue to give these people a platform and a voice? After decades of doing this, their MO is clear: Say offensive things, but take no action in the hopes of getting more media attention to further broadcast their message. If people are pushed by the offensive things they say, they win by pursuing legal cases against them.

    These people know their rights and they know the law. Continuing to spread word about their latest antics only plays into their hype machine.

    While I completely disagree with the ethics of doing so, hacker group anonymous dealt them one of the most crippling blows they’ve ever faced by shutting down their website. Without a venue, forum, or media outlet, they have nothing, which is why they were so pissed when it happened. We can do the same by just doing a Westboro media blackout.

  3. Matt26 says

    Didn’t spend 25 mins watching it. I’d like to know what caused their hate?
    They spend their lives hating gays. I hope one day they’ll look back and think why.

  4. says

    This will be an unpopular comment, but:

    As a proud gay atheist, I *almost* respect these people. They have started with the simple idea of living according to the Bible (a text written by Bronze Age nomads with no knowledge of things like psychology or democracy) and taken it to its logical end, aka Crazytown.

    They validate my decision, made four or five years ago now, to stop making stupid excuses for this flawed text and abandon it altogether.

    I honestly do respect the fact that there are many in this world who devote their souls to an idea of Jesus the Messiah and simultaneously wish me and mine no ill will. I feel no great desire to rob them of their faith if it gives them comfort. But for myself, I do not miss the mental gymnastics necessary to stay in that in-between place.

  5. Joe in CT says

    I won’t watch this, because it’s not worth my time. But, I give them points for doing a parody.

  6. woodroad34wo says

    It’s interesting that God is taught as an all-loving entity. So when these aberrations talk about God hating fags, all I can think about is that there is some scientist out there waiting for them to die so that they can examine their brains and find a cure for whatever brain disease they have–that’s about all these polluted-Mississippi-River-drinking morons are good for.

  7. Andrew says

    These people ultimately want one thing, and only one thing: Attention. Not converts, not court victories, and not even a change in our country or its policies. They simply want attention. And they get plenty of it. Please please please deprive them this satisfaction, by refusing to report on their every provocative outrage. The media blackout should begin TODAY.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The video is too annoying to watch, but I enjoy seeing the still of Fred Phelps with tape over his mouth.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    God H8s Media Whores.

    Also, He’s seriously not so fond of child abusers, which ought to give Rev. Phelps pause for thought.

  10. Zell says

    To the people complaining that we need to ignore Fred Phelps, I respectfully disagree. While it is true that this grotesque family thrives on publicity, the fact is that they ARE grotesque, and the more the public sees of it, the better it is for us. They’re doing much more good for us than they are harm.

  11. Alex says

    Why give them any attention? They are an extremist group with less than 70 members. Giving them attention makes it seem like they have some relevance, but their opinions do not represent the mainstream Baptist church or other established groups. Posting stories about them just adds fuel to their fire. Ignore them and they may get tired of acting out when nobody listens.

  12. brent says

    God H8s bad grammar too. Where do they get the money to do stuff like this, seriously?

  13. says

    I love it!! They’re just digging their own graves (figuratively, unfortunately) by further alienating what I truly believe to be a more progressive generation coming up. I’d imagine young people, for the most part, even super-religious or anti-gay ones, would think twice before aligning themselves with a group that bases its beliefs around God and hatred.

    If God hates so much, how do you explain much of the New Testament? But really, trying to argue biblicality with them is completely futile because they aren’t really even religious. Just Crazy (capital).

  14. Beau says

    They love to spread lies don’t they? Here’s one I’d like to spread, that was me on the phone. @ RED SEVEN: I can’t speak for the others but, I have the utmost respect for your honesty. Now, about that artichoke……

  15. Disgusted Gay American says

    ..I said it before – and I’ll say it again …..When Old Man Phelps Kicks…they (the clan) better bury him in a Private place with NO public access….cause if they don’t..his grave, will BE the MOST URINE soaked / stained / and scented Grave in America….people will make Pilgramages to it – just to Piss on it.

  16. says

    I disagree with those of you who think these people will simply go away if we ignore them. They will never go away. We are not dealing with rational thinking people. If we ignore them, they will only act out in even more extreme ways in order to get the attention they so desparately seek. They are more to be pittied than scorned, as difficult as that may be. So let them protest peacefully. Their message is dispicable, but at least out there we can keep an eye on their activites. The time to really worry about what they’re up to, would be if they suddenly disappear from the radar…

  17. Shawn says

    Obviously I’d rather not see these nuts so I skipped the video. However I’m inclined to agree with the earlier post that this small group does us more good than harm. They’ve put a crazier face on the antigay right than I’d thought possible. They don’t seem to be changing any minds just alienating more people. They’ve done so much to help associate antigay activity with backwoods crazy trash. Still wish they’d go away though.

  18. says

    Andy, Please stop giving these idiots the time of day. Every time they get a hit on their stupid video they get validation. Please ignore them.

  19. Craig says

    This fails right from the start. The first thing they need to do is convince me there is a god, without that every point is meaningless.

  20. Rowan says

    @ redseven

    I’m an atheist too but these guys are still glinting around spending thousands on placards and then protesting funerals. That isn’t the blibical way all.

    Though I’ve not read that book for ages, I’m not sure if they condone people screaming at sinners? I thought Jesus was really upset cause people we’re hating on Mary Magdalene?

  21. Andrew says

    The useful idiot argument cuts two ways, insofar as mainstream religious groups look positively reasonable and respectable next to the WBC cult. Meanwhile, people within their control (mainly the kids) continue to be abused, and bereaved families continue to be inflicted with pain. It’s time to stop covering their desperate attempts at attention. Period.

    The Supreme Court has determined that they have the right to spew their vile. So be it. Responsible media have no responsibility to report it.

  22. says

    @Beau: Thanks.
    @Craig: Amen.
    @Rowan: The Bible is harsh. At one point, Jesus says, “I come not to bring peace, but a sword.” For everything he said that sounds like a modern-day hippie full of love and sunshine, there are three or four that are more about blood and warfare than hugs and kittens. And yes, it contradicts itself all over the place, so believers are basically FORCED to pick and choose what they’ll follow. But if you want to be as consistent as possible, you’d have to go with the blood ‘n’ guts. The only way I’ve found to be completely consistent is to say, “it’s all hogwash.”

  23. jexer says

    Hahahhaha…. now that’s funny excrement!

    Prideful hypocrites, the whole lot of them.

  24. tranquilo says

    I was going to click for a slight diversion and then say it was going to be 25 minutes. Twenty Five MInutes!!! Did anyone make it through?

  25. Pointed says

    Who the hell cares who or if god hates. A figment of one’s imagination can do no harm unless you are insane.

  26. Jeffrey says

    I couldn’t watch it!! Of what I did see, I think one of the most disturbing things is to see kids in this. I do agree with the other on here, STOP posting stuff about them, unless of course it is their obituary…..

  27. Rin says

    Why again does anyone give them 15 minutes of fame each and every time they act the fool?

    These people are corn crusted turds.

  28. jj says

    I honestly love to see Westboro get media exposure. Everyone knows they’re clowns and loonies – they actually help us!

  29. says

    WOW. i had to stop a minute in. I understood Westboro was really insane but this takes it to another level….

  30. Brad says

    Don’t give these people a platform to spew their hate. It’s one thing to report on what they are doing, but putting their video on your site just contributes to spreading their nastiness.