1. says

    yawn. this guy is getting too much attention. i guess that’s why he did this, but it looks stupid. if it looks good to him that’s all that matters i suppose, but this star will fade fast and he’ll likely end up lonely and sad. it just makes me sad for him.

  2. Rin says

    Daveny: seconded!

    Since know one else said it yet: Guess he was not “born this way”…heh heh. Crack myself up. Uh. Er. Um. Get the lady caca ref?

    **slinks away**

  3. topher says

    No kidding, what’s with all the hate? I freaking love this guy — he’s cute as all, his eyes are just adorable, he’s soft spoken and well-mannered — what’s not to like?

  4. justme says

    I’m pretty sure that someone who gets their entire body tattooed is living for today and not particularly worried or even much thinking about what tomorrow may bring.

    His look is unique and attractive, he seems very sweet and happy, and he’s internationally famous for his recent successes. How many people posting here can say all that’s also true for them?

  5. reality 101 says

    “I do clown.”
    Very very cute.

    How cute. In the past this man would have traveled with a circus … he seems very motivated and most likely have a career being a creative entertainer.

    Good for him !

  6. crispy says

    “he’s internationally famous for his recent successes. How many people posting here can say all that’s also true for them?”

    You mistakenly believe that being famous is a desirable quality. That’s common among the superficial.

  7. says

    Why do we only base value on people we find attractive and devalue those who we do not? Keep in mind that some people would consider gay, lesbian, trans, drag queens and our ‘supposed’ community unattractive. We should celebrate individuals who are different from the majority, like us they too are discriminated against.

    Take a moment to realize that your critique assumes a position of a majority, not a minority person as we are identified as because of our sexuality and orientation.

  8. says

    Wow, Diretruth, what’s with spewing the hate, not to mention out and out falsehood? I’m sure you have clear evidence of his meth use, right? Isn’t there enough intolerance out there? You really need to add to it?
    The tattoos are incredibly beautiful. If it’s not your thing then, as my dear ole grandma says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say(or if you’re just spewing venom, hate, and lies), shut your mouth.”
    He seems sweet. Live. Let live. Don’t hate.

  9. Diretruth says

    Rob, I like you. I hope you keep a good memory though. And access to the news when that poor fellow falls apart. That is if anyone cares to publish it at that time. And I would be more than glad –and surprised- if that guy recovers and get back to what is left of his senses.

  10. Paul R says

    @DireTruth, I usually wouldn’t say this, but you seem like a jerk. He was entirely coherent here and in other interviews and performnces, so your accusations are baseless.

  11. MadM@ says

    I’m glad the whole “circus sideshow” thing lives on, with people participating that are voluntary performers that love to entertain and not as a means of the severely disabled to not starve to death. It looks like he’s making a living doing something he loves, which of course is like honey to the flies of bitter bitches. Hope that vile sludge in your souls keeps you warm at night =]

  12. James says

    Self-realized art is right.

    Never does he say in this piece that modeling was a goal for him. He seems like other artists who’ve somehow stumbled into it. He will use it to make money for himself, a name for himself, both of which equal greater access to people, ideas, and other resources that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.

    He says his goal is to direct his own shows. All of this would seem to help, so good for him.

  13. Joey Y says

    Once again the Towleroad queens never fail to amaze me with how quickly they will dump on someone who’s a little different and doing something they love doing. That’s what’s really “precious,” (Crispy) as well as sad, tired, cliché, and very pathetic. Naturally, many of you then make dumb assumptions about how he must be on drugs or doing this specifically to get in close with some designer, etc. Yet I can only imagine the caterwauling you’d resort to when someone from NOM pops at the mouth about how since you are gay you must just be begging for attention, are probably on drugs and promiscuous, likely spreading diseases, must have pedophiliac tendencies, or must have an unhappy life. The way you act, you are no better than Maggie Gallagher herself.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    It’s Friday and everybody’s tense–just itching to get out of the workplace (or out of damp chair seats). In the words of Margo Channing to her party guests, “Why don’t you all go home.”

  15. Drew says

    Anyone I’ve known to get tattoos (but not like this, obviously) has only done so at lower points in their life. They’re depressed, bored, unemployed or something similar.

    “Normal” people who are busy, have things to do, places to be?- sorry, they don’t have time to think “What shall I permanently put on my body that in all seriousness, means nothing anyways? Ah ha!- a Chinese symbol even though I’m half Irish and half German!”

  16. Paul R says

    I’m surprised and disappointed at the negativity that’s become ever more common in the comments here. As (mostly) gay men, why do any of us give a crap what other people do as long as it doesn’t affect anyone but themselves?

    I’d never tattoo my face, or probably anywhere else (mainly because I doubt I’d like how it aged). But if he wants to, who cares? Do his decisions necessitate a judgment on his life? He could be the nicest guy in the world; he could be a crazy jerk. But some people are acting like they have the basis on which to call judgment based on a few photos and brief videos. People are complex.

    Would you feel differently if, say, he was violently abused until he ran away from home in his teens, then found no support? If he were gay? If he were some other type of victim of abuse? I’m not saying he is; the point is nearly irrelevant. It just saddens me that someone who has gone to the depths of self-expression in a creative way (and again, I’m not a fan of facial tattoos) is the source of scorn on a gay site.

  17. grant says

    @Drew….seriously….all of my tattoos are to celebrate or recognise different things that have happened in my life, my parents, my grandparents, a special vacation with 20 close friends…who all got the same tattoo, a career that 911 took away, they are all very empowering and personal to me….stop the judgement.

  18. Bottom Line says

    Let’s be real here. Of course we can all smile and say he looks nice at 24 years of age and say “You go gurl!” that he has expressed himself so creatively………
    But the spotlight fades, as it will inevitably fade on the people who gave him 15 seconds…..and what will he be then? A sad boy who has alienated alot of humanity. The tattoos also are very poorly done. I feel sorry for this child. Truly sorry. I would like to tell him that real rebellion comes from the heart, and you do not have to permanently wear it in such a grotesque fashion. He already is holding a beer in his hand……what will it be later?

    If you think this is bitchy queen talk, look in the mirror and wonder if you did that to you face at 24. A person changes in their maturity level, and their goals. But he has outlined his own destiny in a very tragic way. I would want to give him a hug, and wish that he had a family who did not allow him to live on the streets at 15 but instead told him he was special for the beautiful creature he was before all of this tattooing.
    There is no judgement. Just probability and statistics.

  19. Effie Ewe says

    Good for him!! He’s doing his thing and not hurting anyone. And Bottom Feeder…err, i mean Bottom Line–Im sure he wouldnt want to hug your ugly ass either. Your comment only shows what a shallow ugly human you are, and extremely bitter that you will never have even 15 seconds in a spotlight, pinlight or candlelight!

  20. MrRoboto says

    ME – You got it right on the Wikipedia entry. He said fakir, which were Hindu mendicants who traveled in carnivals across India performing feats of magic and endurance.

    To all here who are leveling accusations of being haters to anyone expressing anything but a “love it” attitude re: Genest’s “living art,” I’d just say that while I admire his commitment to his art at this point, I do have concern for him 10, 20, 30 years down the line. The reality is that commitment to his art is a position that he can never turn back from. I hope he’s wise beyond his years at this point and squirreling away every penny he can earn right now, because even if he chooses a complete life on the traveling freak show circuit, that artwork might not remain as appealing or show-worthy when he’s 50 or 60 years old. And what will he have then?

    But all good wishes to him. What’s struck me in interviews I’ve seen with him is how gentle and soft-spoken he is, almost shy, which sort of belies the brash statement he’s placed on his skin.

  21. Bottom Line says

    Dearest Effie Ewe:
    Thank you for showing who you really are, and the mindset of those that support this young man without feeling or thinking about him as an individual.

  22. says

    This guy is equally, breath-takingly attractive as he is fascinating. Brion’s comment couldn’t have said it any better “Self realized art on a level that so many obviously cannot appreciate. And glad so many can!” And for those who have to say things about his future, are you serious? He was recognized by the world’s top artist of Lady Gaga, and Lady Gaga herself. I’ll leave it at that. This guy knows what it means to truly live, not worried what tomorrow may bring, just having faith that what he puts out will come back to him. And his eyes are so piercing in such a soft yet undeniably striking way, and I love that they are green! Listening to him speak soothes my soul, he has some serious philosophy backed behind him, and it’s beautiful. And his lips and smile leave me speechless! He says he wants a girl that is attracted to him that is a good girl and will give him his beer time with that fellas. I would give him all the beer time he could ever want! And be a killer-good girlfriend while I’m at it. Oh listen to me, haha, I think I’m in love with this guy.

  23. William D. Wilkerson says

    @ Crispy – “You mistakenly believe that being famous is a desirable quality. That’s common among the superficial.” like diretruth, eh? Oh, my bad, its too busy hating everything too be concerned with superficiality.

    Nice item, though a bit short :(

    I think Rick seems nice, intelligent and well aware of his surrounding & his place in them… here and in other pieces I’ve seen. Would love to see pictures of the work in progress, presuming they exist.

    Best of success to him in his future projects + hope his show comes to Houston aka Right Next Door To Hell

  24. Beenee says

    As long as I’m alive, this man will never end up “lonely and sad.” If you guys read background information, you would know that he didn’t do this JUST to be famous. He just liked tattoos and he become famous by having so many. If you look close enough, you can see how actually handsome this adorable man is. Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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