Blake Shelton’s Homophobic Tweet: I’ll Beat Any Man Who Tries to Touch My Ass



The Voice judge Blake Shelton, who is being called the show's break-out star by EW, unleashed a homophobic tweet last night:

Re-writing my fav Shania Twain song..
Any man that tries
Touching my behind
He's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy…

This comes after his distasteful Brokeback Mountain joke about Jake Gyllenhaal at the CMA Awards in April.

UPDATE: Shelton responds to the outcry over his tweet.


UPDATE II: GLAAD has called for an apology.

UPDATE III: Shelton responds again.


And finally:


So, I think Shelton probably will think a bit before he tweets from now on.


  1. Francis says

    The fact he’s even thinking about men touching his ass says pretty everything needed about this guy.

  2. Andrew Cicchetti says

    Why won’t it surprise me when he comes out in five years with an apology for his once homophobic behavior. Isn’t the evidence mounting that externalized homophobia is related to ones internal struggle over sexual self-acceptance.

    It’s ok Blake to come out! The people who truly love you will continue to love. It gets better; once you start loving yourself.

  3. Tyler says

    Holy crap Remote Patrolled, you already tried to plug your website and how you thought The Voice was going to fail at a million other TV websites before it premiered. And then I come on Towleroad, away from all that, and YOU’RE STILL HERE! AHH!

    And Blake will have to get over it. He has a gay guy on his team who’s pretty good.

  4. says

    Actually Tyler writing a follow up piece at the moment on just that topic!

    And I stand by my opinion that The Voice isn’t all that great! But well done to NBC for pulling off a huge hit…

  5. John says

    If I wanted to grab cold blubber, I could just go to the supermarket and molest a pork roast, not this repulsive fuckhead.

  6. Peter says

    Don’t you think this might be a result of him selecting the gay Mormon kid–as though he’s guilty by association?

  7. Stephen says

    Blake…maybe you need to come out. like was posted above…externalized homophopia is a hint at the turmoil that lies beneath. A man who’s confident in his sexuality doesn’t have a problem with others who are different. :)

  8. Dan says

    so he likes his man on man play to be rough. and maybe, just maybe he’s into fisting? just sayin’

  9. says

    This was his way of overcompensating after he sang this song in drag in his bedroom and then drank himself into a stupor on Mike’s Hard Mango Punch.

    Maybe Ty Herndon and Randy Travis can do a tour with him.

  10. For sure says

    Redneck trash, & a third-rate singer- still it might be fun to play with those ruby-red lips of his & put them to good use. ‘Promise not to touch your ass Blake.

  11. Danny says

    hm. yet another homophobe who drinks too much.

    and you know what they say: the louder they scream the louder they scream.

  12. Adam says

    Isn’t the tired meme about straight guys who say anything homophobic being cover for them being gay getting a little old? Especially when 95% of the time it isn’t true. It’d be nice to think that it was, but jokingly shrugging it off as “oh he’s just in the closet” isn’t really productive and vaguely excuses his behavior. He’s engaged to Miranda Lambert. Yes, I know that doesn’t mean he’s straight. But the evidence certainly points heavily in that direction.

    It’s okay to just criticize what he said without making inane commentary about his own sexuality. It’s so…predictable.

  13. Grover Underwood says

    Just sent the following to NBC

    Just saw where one of your judges on The Voice tweeted a very homophobic statement-Re-writing my fav Shania Twain song..
    Any man that tries
    Touching my behind
    He’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin’, heaving kind of guy…

    I was going to watch The Voice but not now. Just to let you know, this tweet has been published on some gay news sites and one would assume that your show aiming for a gay audience and this will effectively drive off a good number of viewers, including me.

  14. says

    NBC sure picks them…Donald Trump and now Blake Shelton! How is NBC’s rating with GLAAD?

  15. brian says

    he’s saying it’s supposed to be from the woman’s point of view. which renders it not homophobic anymore.

  16. says

    I don’t care about his sexuality, what his ass looks like, or whether he’s a homophobic bigot. What matters is that this was a stupid message in this climate of violence against GLBT people. This kind of fake macho posturing is getting really tiresome to most thinking people. Maybe that kind of thing still flies in Ada.

  17. Kathleen says

    I agree with the person who posted about Blake Shelton not being in the closet. Making that statement makes you as bad as he is. His homophobic statement should be taken for what it is, a horrible, nasty, ignorant, homophobic statement.

    As Lady Gaga said when she used the “r” word, we need to be more thoughtful in our words. Blake Shelton should be ostracized for that. And if by chance he is “in the closet” shame on you for pointing fingers. That is not support.

  18. says

    I was watching when Blake turned his chair around and realized the person he picked to be on his team was gay.

    You could see in his face that he was turned off. He is a homophobic ass.

  19. TampaZeke says

    Why is it that these people with so many gay friends and family are always so discreet and quiet about their pro-gay credentials yet always so loud and brazen with their swipes at gays (which more often than not seem very laced with homophobia). And why do these supposed “pro-gay” credentials ONLY come out AFTER they’ve done something or said something homophobic. Has ANYONE ever heard Blake make a comment about his “friends and family” who are gay or gay supportive before this incident? You know, the gay or gay supportive family members that he’s INCENSED that we don’t know about? How Blake were we supposed to know about them when you’ve made sure that they were such a well kept secret?

    Here, Blake, are some examples that might help you understand how your comment WAS in fact homophobic:

    White woman says, “If a Black/Asian/Mexican man ever touched my ass, I would belt him one.” = Racist.

    or she could say, “If ANYONE ever touched my ass without my consent, I would belt them one.”

    You could have said the same thing and no one would have an argument with you.

    Another example (maybe you’ll understand this one better):

    “If a Christian evangelical ever came to my door, he’s gonna get a beatin, bleedin, heaving kinda time.”

    You would probably be the first to cry “foul” and religious bigotry.

  20. AJ says

    I’m gonna say I’m disappointed. 4 openly gay contestants on a reality show and the country singer has to fall into the stereotypes. I actually liked him on the show. There is NO excuse for what he said. Even as a joke its in poor taste with all the hate crimes out there. I’m not gonna do like others on here and question his sexuality because I don’t care. I do question his judgment though.

  21. Francis says

    This latest statement from Blake makes him look even worse in my eyes. If you have an explanation for the tweet, give it. Deflecting and trying to laugh off the situation gives it more credence.

    And Adam, I agree with you, that I don’t like the homophobe=gay quip, because it discredits homophobia and turns it into a joke in a way, but at the same time, a lot of these guys are gay, and that’s just what it is.

  22. Rob says

    A male Country music performer….I’m more surprised when they are NOT homophobic!
    (Same goes for rap, sadly.)

  23. Wayne says

    First, he’s quoting a song from Shania Twain, he didn’t make that quote up. Second, I know him personally and he has gay family members and friends. What stuns me the most is how quick you all are to jump on a bandwagon and bully this guy. I dislike country music and have never listened to him personally, but the attacks on this site are more pathetic than his. You people KNOW how it feels to be bullied and disrespected for half-truths and stereotypes, yet you have no problem turning the tables and screaming at someone else when you’re ONLY information is a 2 sentence tweet. Really?? This grew legs because YOU screamed about it. And now the story is not about what he said, but rather about how loud you can scream and make him regret it. There are many worse issues that you could be fighting for than a country music star tweeting the lyrics from another country star. I’m sure you’ll blast me too, but that proves the point that you all need choose your battles wisely… and this isn’t one of them.

  24. Michael says

    @WAYNE: Excuse me but what exactly are most of us here supposed to think his first tweet WAS homophobic regardless of how you try to justify and rationalize his behavior.

    Furthermore they ALWAYS have gay friends is that supposed to excuse their behavior because of that? I think not thats just an excuse that most of them ALWAYS use.Kobes used it Trump has used it the list is endless.

  25. Michael says

    @WAYNE: Furthermore his comment about leaving someone beaten and bleeding is CONTINUING to perpetuate hatred towards the LGBT community.It doesnt matter if he is being sarcastic or not or truthful or not there has been enough violence in this community. Including teens who have taken their own lives over that exact kind of bullying harassment and acts of violence.This especially now is NOT the time to joke around in that kind of way period.

  26. Gregv says

    @Steve Pardue: I don’t understand what you mean about Blake turning around and realizing Tyler was gay, I didn’t take it that way at all, and don’t even see that kind of gaydar as realistically possible.
    He expressed surprise at Tyler’s looks not matching what he’d imagined. He said he looks like Drew Carey and that he thinks Drew Carey is good-looking’.

  27. BILL T says

    @WAYNE: First, he’s not quoting a Shania Twain song – even he says that he is ‘re-writing’ it. Second, I do not know him personally but it seems most apparent he has put something hateful out there from his heart, as dark as it may be, and Then Defended It…

  28. says

    This man would never survive in the sports world, at any level, with all the grab assing that goes on. As touchy as he is about being touched, suggests he’s got some major issues he needs to deal with. I hope he seeks professional help.

  29. jake says

    what’s the big deal? even if ur gay and somebody just touches ur ass, ul beat them up too! nothiung homophobic abt that!

  30. says

    Wow, people are really reading into this to an extreme degree. I don’t like random people touching my a$$ either. I’m just sayin’.

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, what kind of ass does this Shelton person have? Is it spectacular like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s or Wayne Brady’s? I mean, who the hell told him he had a fierce ass anyway? Gay people just don’t accept any tacky ol’ lookin’ asses. We want quality.

    “what’s the big deal? even if ur gay and somebody just touches ur ass, ul beat them up too! nothiung homophobic abt that!”

    Had the day off from work today, hunh, Jake? When’d you start tastin’? About noon? Whiskey or Gin? I usually go with Vodka in the daytime–in case I have to go out people can’t smell it.

  32. Wes says

    I have had my ass groped by both men and women, strangers and acquaintances, against my will. I may be irritated, I may be creeped out, I never feel the urge to become violent. There is something seriously insecure about someone who becomes violent over something like that. I doubt he would feel such violence toward a woman who did the same.

  33. says

    The tweets were just misguided silliness.

    His Brokeback Mountain joke the other month was no doubt scripted for him. I don’t believe that challenging the script that night was at the forefront of his mind; he probably had enough stress that night.

    I really don’t think this man falls into the “enemy” category. He seems genuinely naive.

  34. Skeptical Cicada says

    Never heard of the little homophobic toad and will never listen to anything that spews out of his hole.

  35. Rich F. says

    After reading the most recent update to the story, it’s pretty clear he’s not especially homophobic.

    He is, however, a bloody moron.

  36. Eric says

    Since twitter isn’t moron-proof, Shelton should stop using it altogether.

    He deserves all the fall-out that comes with making statements that suggest, promote and encourage violence against the LGBT community.

    I don’t buy he was “writing from a woman’s perspective”, and even if he was, I don’t care. He should have known better. That statement is just wrong.

    Finally, I’m tired of people who sympathize with a-holes who say homophobic things. He is entitled to say whatever he wants, and everyone else is entitled to their opinion and reaction to his statements. That’s the way the free marketplace of ideas works. Stop attempting to reduce the fall-out from this PR debacle by telling me how to react to such blatant homophobia.

    Oh, and to all those offended… make sure you email NBC.

  37. AJ says

    I think Twitter is very interesting. How many celebs have tripped over their misinterpreted tweets? Its like getting a glimpse of famous people without the filter of their army of publicists. In this case, it seems like it was wildly misinterpreted, but he definitely should have thought of that before sending it. If over 300k people were following my tweets I know my hands would be sweating and shaking as i typed anything.

  38. Ian says

    at least _dou che_ bad Adam Levine is supporting Blake in his own _dou chey_ way:

    @adamlevine:what did you go and say now?Don’t sweat it big country. I know you’re a good person.

  39. jaragon says

    I found a lot of shots of him hunting with his buddies-so perhaps this is some sort of “Brokeback Mountain” confession? These drunk celebrities really should stop twitting…

  40. Lee says

    You guys have missed the point of his “new lyrics” ENTIRELY. He was speaking from Shania’s perspective, having watched her on Oprah. He was not writing it as though HE was saying it. Damn people…READ!

  41. mike says

    so it’s basically a “how dare all you annoying gays get mad at me”. one after the other. yeah we’re done. sorry christina will try and catch the next album but i’m done. i don’t think gay people should watch this show.

  42. mike says

    it wasn’t from a girls point of view either it just was what it was. he’s so suprised he got “anti gay hate tweets”

  43. mike says

    CB… Donald Trump and now this… yeah NBC is losing major points with Glaad and me. Not to mention Jay Leno has to pander to conservatives now it’s annoying to watch.

  44. DAVID says

    For people who throw a fit when someone makes a “politically incorrect” remark you certainly have no problem spewing the same hate yourselves.

  45. Shannon says


  46. Dice says

    Are you all seriously that stupid?

    He is re-writing it from Shania’s point of view.

    Dumb ass queens ready to jump at everything.

  47. Rin says

    The problem with twitter and facebook is that you have NO characters to explain. Once he did…I got what he was saying. He is not involved or savvy enough to get how it would come out or what would be made of it.

    There are homophobes (Donald Trump) and people like him who are verbally clumbsy.

    He rewrote that song based on a comment Shania said to Oprah.

    All of that aside…

    Grabbing people’s body–I don’t care where, is an act of predatory violence. No one has a right to put their hands on you without your permission. If someone grabbed my ass I would take it as the aggressive and intimidating act it is and then…act accordingly.

    Being flirty, is TELLING someone something flattering. Grabbing someone…that’s assault. Men, women…I don’t care what gender they need to keep their hands to themselves.

    People who think nothing of it are probably over 6 ft 2 and not smaller than most of the people that have “grabbed” you. Try being shorter, smaller, and in a crowded place…it can be scary because you don’t know how far that person’s going to go.

  48. Stevestr says

    Why is it basically OK for someone to tweet this garbage then expect to go back in a few weeks and say they are only kidding and do the mandatory GLAAD kiss-ass PR and everyone supposedly feels better and forgives the person? Isn’t this formula getting a bit tired by now?

  49. nic says

    how ridiculous are you? well, aren’t you ultra special. get over yourself, little girl.