1. Steve says

    It’s more likely they’ll pretend to be nice and friendly to polish their public image and then don’t hesitate for a second to stab you in the back.

  2. mstrozfckslv says

    yepp biltis

    played the violin or piano entertaining the SS in the camps and you got a few more scraps of bread and a few more months of not being sent to the showers

    Colfer’s reasoning falls short of logical

  3. Paul H says

    We change minds a little at a time. My boss voted for Prop 8 but after he saw my reaction and actually thought about it he couldn’t believe that voted for it and is now for marriage equality.

    Should I have quit working for a man who didn’t believe in gay marriage? Had I done that he would still be against gay marriage.

    Michelle Bachman will do whatever she does with or without Chris Colfer. But when people see her grinning ear to ear in a photo with Chris they will see the hypocrisy. And as her followers move on so will her power.

  4. Rowan says

    Thing is Chris Colfer is no activist and I think we need to stop expecting celebrities to be activists.

    I personally wouldn’t have done it but then I am iconoclastic.

    And before everyone screams ‘he’s just a kid’, well he isn’t. He has been through more in his 20 years as a celebrity in Hollyweird then I went through at university drinking and drugging my way through raves with my friends, whilst gainig a collection of debt. We in Europe probably grow a lot faster then you guys, just judging by the comments on this blog and what i see because we are not so puritanical about drugs or sex.

    We like to have a good time and go hiking in Thailand. Every student at one point had a bob mar,ey poster on their wall and has smoked weed. It’s no biggie, so maybe in some ways that made us grow up faster, plus I had older friends through partying BUT that would still not make me as sharp, tough and wise as having to deal with the sharkness of Hollywood.

    This kid is tough.

  5. Rowan says

    Rodney, what was he hadti fight for really? You guys all think he’s some kind of genius, when he isn’t really and it wasn’t a leap for him to come out.

    I’m not saying it’s his fault he was born to a loving family and could be himself but he was also brought up in LA, where it’s not frowned upon like in a red state to be camp.

    He has gone straight into a hit show at 18.

    What does he know about struggle? He has been so protected, lauded and cushioned by the gay mafia, that he’s never had all the struggle and hate that many gay actors have had to go through because a) they have to be a leading man and b) they were not in a hit gay friendly show.

    By the time he is 25, he will have more then enough millions to protect him and his future hubby, should they need medical benefits or lawyers to draw up a will.

    So, why should he care? It doesn’t effect him and never will.

  6. Steve says

    “…Everyone loves Glee. Everyone loves me in Glee…”

    I’m sure this thought repeats in his head several times each day. Its going to be a rough landing when this whirlwind is over for him.

  7. Bob Smith says

    I don’t know about “awesome” but you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. He’s right, he’s showing himself to be better than the people trying to deny us our rights.

    Pictures are a funny sort of thing: I don’t have my picture taken with people whom I endorse, or who’s campaigns I work on. But every chance I get, I try to look chummy on camera with a Reich-winger. I keep hoping for the day when someone sees a published picture of us and says,”Hey, that’s the guy that did transsexual BDSM porn 20 years ago! What’s he doing with my congressman?”

    No luck yet.

  8. Mike in Asheville says

    As recent public opinion polls indicate that nationally the general public now supports same-sex marriage (53% pro // 45% con), this movement has only come about because more and more members of the general public HAVE CHANGED THEIR MINDS and now support equality.

    Colfer is right: changing, or at least attempting to change, the minds of those who do not support us is the only successful course to general community support. This kid is mature beyond his young years. Cheers, Chris.

  9. Rowan says

    Lol Steve. Yeah, that was a pretty naive statement. I guess he’s never had a talk with Lindsay, NPH or any other child star who was hugely popular for a time.

    Or event star of a popular sitcom. Where is Matt Le Blanc?

  10. jexer says

    Man, you folks will complain about ANYTHING. I thought he had an excellent attitude. Will he change Bachmann’s mind? Of course not. That hypocritical lunatic only listens to people who bankroll her re-election campaigns.

    Being a total jerk to elected officials only gives them reason to seek vengeance. Don’t load their gun for them. Take the high road and and let them look like the shallow back-stabbing sell-outs they are, on their own.

  11. Pete n SFO says

    Chris understands that the larger audience isn’t the “Michelle Bachmans” of the world, but everyone else…

    He’s correct in understanding that when minds shift, so will her positions. You get more done working closely with your enemies.

    And… she’s hardly the only politician whose position may ‘evolve’ related to Marriage Equality. There, I said it!

  12. IEW says

    When do you people pull in your claws and let the fact that this kid has brains finally reach you? How many right wing politicians were embarrassed by old pictures popping up with Jane Fonda? Remember Rosalyn Carter’s shot with John Wayne Gacy? If he can make them ‘google-eyed’ and star-struck and flash that picture to the world, doesn’t that throw one more ‘hypocrite’ sticker on the likes of Bachmann and Palin and anyone else who invites himself/herself into such a position? Remember, these people are using this issue to attract a rabid fan base who can’t separate religion from fact – if a photo size space can be driven between Bachmann and her base – who knows what else can get in there? Maybe a lightbulb, a dictionary, a history book, the Constitution. . .Get off his back. Do something productive for a change. If he’s on his 15 minutes, let him enjoy them. If he’s at the beginning of a lifetime of success, stay out of his way when he gets to the top and be greatful he doesn’t hate you.

  13. says

    “Being a total jerk to elected officials only gives them reason to seek vengeance.”
    “You get more done working closely with your enemies.”
    “… changing, or at least attempting to change, the minds of those who do not support us is the only successful course to general community support.”
    “…you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
    “Should I have quit working for a man who didn’t believe in gay marriage? Had I done that he would still be against gay marriage.”

    You all should have told yourselves this when Nick Espinosa was showering Newt with glitter.

  14. mstrozfckslv says

    anyone that thinks his whoring himself for a pic with bachman and her like will convert anyone or as some have tried to point out cause embarrassment in the future due to the pic are sniffing glue

    stop being idiotic. He would do better to to tell them no and walk away

  15. Michael says

    I absolutely agree with him. People who know and love gay people are more likely to vote pro gay rights. It’s solid logic.

  16. jexer says


    (1) Newt isn’t an elected official… nor likely to ever be one again.

    (2) Don’t blame me for Nick Espinosa’s, I had nothing to do with that stunt.

  17. Steve says

    Saying “people who know someone gay…” works only with people who are somewhere in the middle. It means there is potential for change. People like Bachmann and most Republicans are so far on the right that they can’t be moved. Also the party has plenty of means to keep the few sympathetic ones in line so they still vote how they are supposed to.

  18. says

    @ Jexer: Oh, I didn’t know cozying up to the enemy only referred to elected officials. My bad.
    So, all those “Housewives” shows are just another way to show the world how great we all are?

  19. Randy says

    All the right wing, fundamentalist republicans claim they have gay friends. Now they’ll just have a photo to prove it.

  20. says

    Sorry Chris. There is no excuse for you taking pictures with anti-gay politicans. They will never change their minds and you should know that.

    Man up and take a stand

  21. Tim says

    Chris Colfer, you’re reprehensible. Speak your truth, LOUD AND CLEAR! A photo op with Michelle Bachman is allowing a visual acceptance of her anti-gay agneda. You should be ashamed. There is a bigger picture than “who a republican wants their photo with me? awesome!” You’re only being used, no different than Michelle getting her pic taken with Minnie Mouse at disney world. You’re the it flavor right now, use it for the greater good. before it leaves a bad taste in our mouths, yet again.

  22. Grover Underwood says

    Chris is right; if we can show our enemies that we’re real people, maybe they will stop their hatred

  23. TomJ says

    Chris is still a little boy. At least he’s not giving them the middle finger like Lady GaGa did at Yankee Stadium.

    But…Chris has to learn maybe to pull back a little and give them a CIVILIZED form of his disapproval. A more refined middle finger, if you will. They’ll get the message.

  24. Skep says

    Someone please educate this moron before he’s exploited for PR purposes again.

  25. SN says

    the only thing the pic does is allow her to show others that she is not a bigot. she will simply use the pic to show everyone how she loves the sinner but hates this sin. he clearly does not get it.

    and ps. the whole, this is everyone’s favorite shirt on me! LOL, good luck with that prom queen

  26. says

    Some of you guys are judging Colfer rather harshly – think about it: this dude came out at a younger age than most of you did, and in a MUCH more public way.

    He’s in the spotlight. Do I like the idea of smiling for a photo with an anti-gay bigot? Nope. Just as I wouldn’t dignify an unrepentant racist with a photo-op.

    Some of you saying “he’s had no struggle” are utterly clueless. He lives each day with his own challenges, struggles and pressures. He’s a very-known public figure, and is openly gay. He doesn’t have the “luxury” some of you have in your ability to “pass for straight” in some selective company.

    Complain less about a brave young man like Colfer taking what he feels is the dignified high-road and complain more about the fully-grown adults among us who still make excuses to NOT Come Out to everyone in their lives, workplaces, religious communities and political affiliations.

    Colfer has more courage at his young age than some of you have today.

  27. BobN says

    Smiling and going along just let’s her think her positions have no consequences.

    Doesn’t he have “people” who keep trash like Bachmann out of the area?

  28. Andrew says

    Wait a minute, hold the f*cking train.

    “Everyone loves Glee! Everyone loves me in Glee!” ????

    I’d like to respectfully disagree, sir. I am however thankful for all the laughs I’ve gotten from reading — truly hilarious. :)

  29. Chris says

    One day, we can all aspire to being gay best friends.

    With brave do-nothing brown-nosers like Colfer, we are just one step closer.

  30. scientitian says

    I have a feeling that Bachmann is fully aware that Colfer is trying to be a nice guy but could care less – having her picture taken with an actor from Glee is a great way to seem more relatable to young voters. Given the reprehensible things that woman has said and done, I’m not sure there’s any good defense for cozying up to her and smiling for the camera.

  31. says

    Chris is a bit naive in this matter. They will take that picture and use it publicly saying, “See I am not a homophobe, as you can see by my picture with Chris Colfer”.

  32. ratbastard says

    Those anti-gay politicians use those pics for PR when they’re accused of being homophobic. See! Some of my best friends are gay!

  33. Rubén says

    I think he’s charming, but he doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t make any sense when I was his age, so that’s OK. I’m sure he’ll look back on this and think about it some more.

  34. kodiak says

    Wait. Bachmann has had her picture taken with her husband, and he’s gay. So what’s the big deal?

  35. SONNIE says

    I apologize for my last comment, I just got really upset with some of the negative comments about Chris.

  36. Jeff Kurtti says

    Ideally, no current gay youth will need to suffer and struggle the way my generation did–as I did not suffer and struggle as much as the generation of gay people before me did. That is why we do it. So that the negatives can diminish, and future generations may reap the rewards.

    I hope that Colfer did not suffer and struggle, but if he did not, it does not mean that he is ignorant of the struggle and suffering of those who came before. in fact, by his behavior and several of the interviews I have heard and read, I’d guess that he spent a lot of time in the Gay Studies section of the Library.

    As for his future after “Glee,” he’s a smart kid who is already developing a new program for Disney Channel among other projects, which shows me that has a good head on his shoulders.

    I also think this argument could go either way. A photo of him with a bigot can be used to their advantage, but isn’t it a disadvantage to their “base” to be seen cavorting with them icky gays?

  37. Bobeau says

    Colfer’s right and has got a great attitude about it. Bet he got drunk after, though.

    Been trying to think of parallels…. Colfer really is a pioneer, so he’s having to make up his rules as he goes. Elton John comes to mind. He played for pay for Limbaugh and there’s no telling what else over the years.

  38. gregg says

    The only Nazis I see being referred to here are those of you getting on his back. He clearly knows the score and is “making friends with his enemies”. No cause for ACT-UP here. Michelle Bachmann is a simple person. Let her make a fool of herself by circulating that photograph.

  39. Tuca says

    Really people?! REALLY?!!! He doesn’t have a clue who those politicians are and only now he seems to figure he took picture with anti-gay politician. Come on!

  40. Larry says

    I am ashamed of some of the comments here. Comparing this kid to a Nazi sympathizer is beyond the pale. He has done more for opening the eyes of middle America than we can imagine. Do we think the majority in the polls favoring gay marriage is because of protesting in the streets? No, it is because of people like Chris and all of the folks who have recently come out and also shows like “Glee” and “Modern Family” and even “Will & Grace”. This is how to win and change hearts & minds in America!

  41. Justin L Werner says

    Chris. Grow up. They don’t love ‘Glee’. They don’t love you. This is *politics* and they only care about votes. So far, they get votes by being rabidly anti-gay. You can’t “gay away” the hate by cozying up to them. Don’t play into getting them support.

  42. says

    “@ biltis… Some Jews enjoyed privileges then others”… what a terrible comparison, to use the word “enjoy”. The difference those Jews had was breathing… and under those circumstances, most would do the same to stay alive.

    For many years, I used to be a well known Chicago Cubs fan, and often I was asked to pose with fans of other teams, even after I outed myself as being gay when a Cub’s pitcher Julian Tavarez made anti-gay remarks.

    I appreciate most opportunities to have open discussions with people who disagree with me
    regarding political debates. When it comes to bigots… seldom will you get to change their mindset, but once in a while, you do and then its worth taking the time talking to or posing with them. To me equal rights is all I want, no more, no less then any other citizen.

    Until that time comes, I’ll keep fighting, even if it means being seen talking with people who would deny me my rights.

  43. Bernie says

    ‘”…Everyone loves Glee. Everyone loves me in Glee…”… I’m sure this thought repeats in his head several times each day. Its going to be a rough landing when this whirlwind is over for him.

    Christ, have you never heard sarcasm? Watch it again, he’s talking about The Republicans Piers was asking him about. he’s right, it show the hypocrisy of someone who doesn’t think you deserve equal rights yet is thrilled to me you.

  44. dw says

    Bachmann is probably asking for the photo for all the wrong reasons (i.e., to look cool to younger voters).
    But most of those younger voters probably see her hypocrisy when they view her w/Colfer.

    Regardless, though, please tone down all the hate in the posts. Such anger and vitriol against someone like Colfer, who is such a fantastic role model for kids, and seems like such a genuinely sweet guy, is way out of line.

  45. emy says

    Chris didn’t give a picture! it was ironic! Darren Criss, yes but Chris Colfer no!
    Michelle Bachmann and her husband looked for Chris Colfer but they didn’t find him (it’s not a surprise)!!!

  46. cab says

    Late to the party, but it’s been a crazy month.

    Chris never took a photo with Bachmann. That was Darren Criss, who Colfer was sticking up for by saying he would pose with certain politicians if they asked, too.

    As for Chris’ life growing up in liberal “LA.” That’s not where he grew up. He grew up in the very republican Western themed city of Clovis California, where he was called a fag at school and walked by Vote Yes on Prop 8 signs in his own neighborhood everyday.

    He was terrified to play Kurt as a gay character because of what his home town would think of him.