1. ratbastard says

    Common has made both racist and inflammatory comments that could induce some who hear him to commit violence and to discriminate. He also praises a ‘radical’ relic from the 60s-70s who murdered a cop, then fled to Cuba. He gets a pass? Doesn’t matter how good a ‘poet’ he is.

  2. ratbastard says

    Stewart’s brother, Larry Leibowitz, is Chief Operating Officer of the NY Stock Exchange. Doesn’t get more ‘insider’ or elite than that. A big reason why I find Steward’s schtick and entertainment persona amusing.

  3. AladinSane says

    Yes BatRastard, and his mother is a teacher and father a professor of physics. Doesn’t get more “educated” or “intelligent” than that.

  4. Jeff Kurtti says

    How in hell does Stewart’s brother’s profession change the innate truth of Stewart’s words? My brother sells plumbing supplies, but I couldn’t tell a p-trap from a waste line.

  5. Miel says


    I have never heard Common make racist or inflammatory comments and I have 4 of his CDs. Perhaps before you try to take an artist down you should do your research first or at least give examples of what you’re talking about. I hardly ever listen to rap anymore because of how the majority of it is extremely sexist and homophobic, but I will listen to Common because his lyrics aren’t like that.

  6. ratbastard says


    Where did I mention ‘black’ people regarding Stewart? I didn’t. Anyone who expresses an opionion that might reflect badly on ‘black’ people [some black people] makes that person a racist? Are you effing serious?

    I critcize ALL people if I think criticism is warranted. Males commit the vast majority of violent crime. We have a serious problem with violence and males. I’m not saying all males are violent, ‘bad’ people, just that there’s a big problem here, and males are disproportionately represented as part of the proble. Comprende? You get the point.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, some people still refuse to look up the definition of racism. It is the belief that ones race/ethnic group is superior to others.

    Rat, what type of evidence do you look for when judging whether a Black person is racist? What things do Black racists say which let you know they feel superior to other races?

    Some people use the word “racist” to replace the more accurate terms of “prejudiced” or “bigot”. The charge of reverse racism is either a misunderstanding of the concept of racism, or a deliberate dishonest tactic.

  8. Robert says

    Even IF Common has made inflammatory comments in the past, that is not the point. At ALL. The point is that all sorts of controversial figures have been invited to/honored at The White House for decades. This is nothing new. So for the right to take special issue with Common is hypocritical. And, well, racist, but, both of those adjectives are just par for the course for conservatives.

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