1. gr8guyca says

    @Kranbree: It’s a tough moment in his career. He has a short window of time in order to distance himself from Glee and create his own personality. Too little exposure and he is just another cast member; too much and he’s a one-hit wonder. His Blaine look – short haired preppy – is different from his personal look – shaggy hip. So far, he seems to be the only break out from the cast. It’s a hard call as to when it’s too much exposure.

  2. Miss Candy says

    I never, ever say this, because I’m not often bitchy, but girlfriend needs to get back in the gym and not eating up all those residual checks.

  3. Miss Candy says

    Thank you Miss Sparky, I own my sh*. It must have been the angle in the screen cap that made him look fluffy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (cough cough)

  4. Michael says

    In response to the song and the guy whos singing it you’re damn right you are Darren. Hes so adorable hunky and drool worthy not to mention extremely sweet and a big supporter of the gay community. His brain is also unbelievably attractive talk about an intelligent person.

  5. says

    This version is WAY better than the original. That one was stoopid and sucked…And at least he IS sexy.

  6. tinhouston says

    the piano playing is gibberish IMHO—maybe he should just try to sing….sorry guys.

  7. nic says

    he is so adorable. and, he seems to be a decent, thoughtful man. more power to him.

  8. nic says

    @TINHOUSTON, “gibberish” applies to language. hence, your comment about his piano playing is gibberish.

  9. steve talbert says

    I really like his face in this picture. He normally looks unhealthy and gaunt in some of the pictures. Hopefully because he got a degree in theater (unlike many actors and singers who are successful early) that he looks at this all more as a job and profession rather than just fame. Best wishes to him. He is actually a much better song writer than singer or actor. I am hoping he creates some great musical theater – his Starkids group is on the way there.