1. Guy from DC says

    This is just sad…No lobbying firm would hire him? No Tallahassee law firm would be willing to add him to their letterhead as a partner? There’s no association or charity that he could go work for? Jeez, at least write a book or go on a speaking tour

    I don’t care if he IS in the closet. How did he sink this low, this fast?

    Hey, Governor, Johnny Cochran called and he wants his life back.

  2. blatherer says

    All you haters who love to stick it to poor old Crist, look who you got for a senator instead: a Tea Party rightwinger who wants you dead.

  3. esther blodgett says

    Dear Governor Crist:

    Stay clear of the Minneapolis airport.

    And if you find yourself there for some reason, DO NOT use the mens room.

  4. JT says

    Man, the brilliant minds (insert massive mind splitting sarcasm in here) of Florida voters kicked him out faster than he could wipe the Santorum stains from his governer’s chair, and now this? My my, how fast do you think a quicky divorce and a “comming out saga” followed by a book deal are?

  5. ANON IN SO CAL says

    Accident in a tanning booth claim? Get caught sucking cock in a men’s room dispute? Face it, you’re not gonna call Ghostbusters now, are you?

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