Donald Trump Compares Same-Sex Marriage to Ugly Golf Club

Donald Trump made some unusual comments regarding his opposition to marriage equality in an interview with the NYT on the morning after the White House Correspondents Dinner:

Trump_s At one point, he compared his opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage to his reluctance to use a new kind of putter.

“It’s like in golf,” he said. “A lot of people — I don’t want this to sound trivial — but a lot of people are switching to these really long putters, very unattractive,” said Mr. Trump, a Republican. “It’s weird. You see these great players with these really long putters, because they can’t sink three-footers anymore. And, I hate it. I am a traditionalist. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist.”

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  1. Pete n SFO says

    “…but I am a traditionalist.”

    Yeah, only 3 marriages per person.

    At least he’s not claiming to be ‘evolving on the issue.’

  2. patrick nyc says

    He’s a racist who has black friends, a homophobe shoo has gay friends, and an idiot who has smart friends. They want his money.

  3. woodroad34 says

    Somehow, he sounds jealous of his manhood (if that word can be used with him): Long clubs vs. short clubs. Plus he uses the word “fabulous”. All in all, Ducky, there’s some kind of sublimal something or other goin’ on wit youse.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    Although I normally try not to give suggestions to idiots, he should have compared same gender marriage to something really ugly. His comb over comes to mind.

  5. says

    Well, to continue the golf analogy, Donald: this week, Obama was the club, you were the ball (with a silly hairdo), and now your presidential aspirations are sunk deep in a dark hole.

    P.S. If your gay friends have functioning brains, they don’t consider you a friend. That’s the delusions talking again.

  6. Harrison says

    Trump probably doesn’t have a “team” helping him craft his image/public persona, right? Because if I had the unfortunate role of being on his payroll, I would tell him he needs to steer *real* clear of talking anything about marriage. It’s just not something he really has any credibility to discuss.

  7. Phil says

    Trump has this weird smile where the bottom of his upper teeth and the top of his lower teeth meet and touch, with no overbite. The result looks like a pose by some film actress from the 1940s. (Myrna Loy? Betty Grable?) Is it just me, or is Trump’s teeth-touching smile a bit odd?

  8. says

    Donald Trump marries Ivana.
    Donald Trump has an affair with Marla Maples, whom he secretly flies to Aspen while he is there on holiday with Ivana and the kids so he can boff both of his ladies in secret.
    Ivana sees Marla on the slopes. Hell breaks loose.
    Donald divorces Ivana, marries Marla Maples.
    Donald cheats on Marla Maples, and divorces her just in time to avoid a bigger settlement, as per the prenup.

    Donald remarries, Melania whatsherface.

    So, thrice married. Confirmed cheater. TRADITIONAL WHAT!?

  9. Matt S says

    Putting aside how UTTERLY ridiculous this comment is, Trump essentially is saying because he thinks long putters are weird, no one should allowed to golf using a long putter. He can stick with his short putter all he’d like, but he can’t tell other people what to do.

  10. Rob says

    Its pretty obvious ferret top made his money using lies and scams because based on his comments so far it’s clear he’s too stupid to get do it the legal way.

  11. Michelle says

    Do we really care what this man’s views on same-sex marriage are?? Are we going to let people like this have the power to say anything at all about our freedom as human beings to marry whom we want to?? Get a grip America, this man doesn’t want you to have the right to choose. God lets us choose for ourselves our whole lives… why are so many people stepping in between me and MY God??? Tell me why the church is ever involved in issues related to my life. I do not go to church, I’m not even Catholic… so how is it that religion enters the picture when the topic of what’s in the pants of the person I wanna marry comes into question or judgement???? We need to make a huge huge drastic dent in the crap going on right now. Take away our human rights, you take away your own first…. that’s only fair! I think it would be hysterical if the group Anonymous were to get all up in that mess. I find them to be heroes and I hope this is something that they can do about.

  12. Dave says

    Yeah, Trump doesn’t like men who use long putters. One could sum up his overall attitude is one of putter envy. Perhaps if his putter was longer, he wouldn’t be striving so hard to prove his…

  13. Cruel World says

    Instructions for angering intelligent people:

    1) Begin by stating your prejudice and then rationalizing it using an analogy that is illogical and is only tenuously related to anything at all.

    2) Say “I’m not prejudiced against X people. Some of my friends are X!”

    3) Incorporate patronizing stereotypes into your spiel (“My gay friends are fabulous,” or “My black female friends are so sassy”).

  14. Christopher says

    I really have to wonder why The Donald is so concerned about the length of men’s putters?

    Not sure what scares me more- The Donald attempting to run for President (LOL) or potentially being a closeted gay man??

  15. princely54 says

    I agree TJ & NAUGHTYLOLA. Why do we care WHAT this prick says until he REALLY declares he’s running for office??

    Let’s make him invisible until then…and when it doesn’t happen, let’s KEEP him invisible.

  16. Long Putter says

    “Mom, Dad, I have something I need to tell you. It isn’t to tell you this. I’ve been asking myself how to do it, but I eventually decided I’d just have to say it.

    “Mom, Dad, I have a long putter.”

  17. walter says

    donald traditional view of marriage is a wife several mistresses a divorce marry the mistress get a new mistress divorce next wife marry yhr new mistress. this is traditional marriage if you are an arab sultan or henry VIII.

  18. Patrick Eagan says

    funny I always thought that Donald Trump is gay, now that he has been posted all over the place about Pres. Obama birth cert, the hair or lack there of, and the wrists. Take a really good look at the video and take a look at the clip of him on the View. The wrist flying all over the place and the purse of the lips.

  19. says

    Ah yes, “I’m a traditionalist” sounds so much better than “I’m a bigot”. Have to give these Repugs their due. They sure have a knack for wrapping their intolerance and narrow minded views in such pretty little packages.

  20. just_a_guy says

    To play fey for a moment, I think an “oh no she didn’t” is in order haha. Who is Donald Come-Over Trump that he thinks he’s more attractive than gay marriage.

    Idiot. Please stay out of politics, bud. (A coined phrase trump, btw: UR no friend to a self-respecting gay person, please.) And after these series of stunts, I’m so done with any one-time casual appreciation of your boldness.

    Trump seems kinda 1982, gasping, trying to stay alive. Am I right?

    Has he left the presidential race yet?

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