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Focus on the Family 'Ignites' Massive National Anti-Gay Spending Campaign

Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family is behind a major spending campaign involving anti-gay state groups called  “Ignite an Enduring Cultural Transformation" in more than a dozen states supporting anti-LGBT initiatives, the Colorado Independent reports:

Ignite The campaign, which largely targets states where Republicans won control of legislatures or governorships, has garnered the support of Republican political superstars such as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.), Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Jon Kyl (Ariz.), and Rep. Trent Franks (Ariz.). The groups intend to pass anti-gay marriage amendments, curtail abortion rights and, in at least one case, ban “transgender bathrooms.”

Family policy councils — a creation of Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family in the 1980s — have launched the Ignite plan in 15 states. Each family policy council has a three-prong plan to achieve their legislative goals over the next two years: lobbying for legislation, mobilizing pastors and social conservatives and supporting candidates that have backed their initiatives. Each group has used a stock brochure containing nearly identical wording to explain their plan and to solicit funds. In many cases, an Ignite plan was launched with an anonymous matching-grant donor.

The Colorado Independent has many of the financial details regarding the plans going down in various states.

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  1. If ONLY the Democratic Party was as invested in and enthusiastic about defending and promoting gay civil rights as the Republicans are about blocking and rescinding them, we would be WAY further along in this journey than we are now.

    Republicans are practically in lock step with their anti-gay agenda and are willing to invest considerable finances, time and talent to their cause. Democrats are VERY divided and the vast majority of those who do believe in gay equality are luke warm at best and certainly not motivated enough to actually do anything about it. Some of them won't even take the time or make the effort to go to the polls on election day to pull a level for us. Until this changes we will continue to be the whipping boy of the right.

    It's time for the Democratic Party and DEMOCRATS to take our, and ALL people's, civil rights VERY seriously. It's time for gay rights to be bumped up among the highest priority planks in the platform. It's actually WAY past time!

    Posted by: TampaZeke | May 6, 2011 11:51:08 AM

  2. "ban “transgender bathrooms"???

    Why do I think that's just petty?

    Posted by: JAMES in Toronto | May 6, 2011 12:10:27 PM

  3. FOF is a hateful organization. I've visited their headquarters in Colo Spgs, and it's creepy - and the staff are white, scrubbed Christian drones.

    If Obama and the Dems continue to take the high road, honophobic efforts like this will not be effective.

    Posted by: Steve | May 6, 2011 12:26:54 PM

  4. The word "ignite" sounds a little violent to me.

    Posted by: castaway | May 6, 2011 2:06:46 PM

  5. Castaway, that is exactly what I thought. As soon as I saw the word ignite coupled with the pyro graphics I immediately thought of Sarah Palin's target-practice map of the US that many have linked to the shooting of the Arizona senator Gabrielle Giffords. I pray that that this won't translate into similar violence.

    Posted by: Uluwehi | May 6, 2011 2:11:55 PM

  6. "If ONLY the Democratic Party was as invested in and enthusiastic about defending and promoting gay civil rights as the Republicans are about blocking and rescinding them"

    That's precisely why this country is so backward in in LGBT rights. Republicans hate us with passion, but Democrats, even when they do support us, it's with indifference.

    As for "Focus on the Family" that's a funny name they've got. How about changing it to "Focus on Your Own Damn Family"?

    Posted by: Mark | May 6, 2011 2:13:46 PM

  7. Tampa, as Steve said, the Dems are obsessed with taking the 'high road' all egotistical integrity but for who apart from themselves? What about the people you are supposed to be helping?

    But I'll never forget that democrat who lost his seat and was the one who went out of his way to push for DADT. Patrick Murphy?

    He was thrown under the bus by democratic supporters and gays. Did the hero Dan choi even thank him? From what I saw he was quick to hang out with GOproud at the conservative conference.

    So what's a Dem to do?

    You have to face it that you have a very homophobic country, even with the left.

    Posted by: Rowan | May 6, 2011 2:51:19 PM

  8. If they have that much money kicking around, maybe they should fund genuinely Christian actions such as feeding the hungry and housing the homeless.

    Posted by: Sancho | May 6, 2011 3:51:12 PM

  9. If there was ever any doubt that James Dobson's PERSONAL wallet grows fat from rallying anti-gay hate, let that doubt rest.

    It's classic mob tactics and propaganda: Get people rallied up over something they haven't REALLY thought about, but grew up opposing because of their parents and their generation. And then tell them they should be OFFENDED at the idea of being expected to THINK about this thing and MAYBE admit they were if THEIR rights are at stake. And then tell them THEY are the "holy" ones, and that these "other" people don't REALLY exist (or shouldn't). And so please join in the moral outrage at these GAYS imposing on your well-deserved santimonity. And thank you for sending a check in the mail. God will bless you for your righteousness.


    James Dobson has got to be a psychopath to live with himself. God knows he's had a MILLION opportunities to educate himself, but KNOWS his hate rally DRIVES his business.

    And little old ladies who think, yeah, that Charlie femmy guy I once knew...why should he NOW ask to kiss Don instead of DORIS and ask ME to think about whether I shouldn't have a problem with that. And then she blindly sends in her Medicaid check to Dobson and team (or the Mormons), she goes back to her lonely existence on the couch. Never mind that she goes without needed medication for the month; she's just happy to feel a connection to the TV preacher she watches who reminds her of her Dad who abused her.

    And the hate-machine goes round.

    Posted by: just_a_guy | May 6, 2011 11:39:12 PM

  10. The Democrats don't care about rights for gays, period. When are you going to stop lying to yourselves and excusing them?

    If they gave a rats ass about your rights they would put up, they don't. The truth is in the pudding.

    Posted by: truthteller | May 7, 2011 2:15:42 AM

  11. The proof. The proof is in the pudding, truthteller.

    And that's the truth! ;P

    Posted by: cbdcs4u | May 7, 2011 11:31:10 AM

  12. If this were still 1960, organizations like Focus On The Family, Nom, at. al would be on their hate wagons and bandstands saying all of the vile, evil things that other religiously inspired groups and churches were saying about blacks with impunity.

    And while there is still, all these years later, plenty of hatred by whites for the black community, the major difference is that the law and political correctness prevents these bigots and haters from slinging mud at them and are now slinging it at LGBT people because there is nothing to stop them.

    The thing is, people like this live in their own little, pristine, self-righteous, make-believe Christian world where everything must be orderly, perfect and approved of by their imaginary God and only their God. I suspect that everyone else's God will also go to hell as well with the Rapture or the second coming of Christ.

    Lord knows *snark*, there is enough hatred in these people to last another 2,000 years. When we, at last, win our rights as a community, the bigots and haters will just reset their sites on another group that they don't like. Atheists, Mexicans and various other despised groups come to mind.

    Many of us would like to believe that the bigots and haters are dying off, that the church is losing it's influence and that homophobia and discrimination are on the decline.

    I don't see a terrible lot of evidence to support that theory. For every step forward we take, it seems that the haters are right on our heels to take away the just won victories by simply putting them up for a referendum and voting them away, which is nothing more than mob rule.

    Until someone tells these people that they are violating and flouting the constitution of the United States and exact penalties from the violators for doing so, I fear that the progress of the LGBT community will continue at a snail's pace.

    Posted by: cbdcs4u | May 7, 2011 11:53:36 AM

  13. What the f*** is going on with these BIGOTS still trying to instill their "values" to others.

    If they don't like gay marriage, then don't marry a gay!

    The FREAKING American Talibon needs to focus on their own boring hypocritical lives instead of dictating others.

    They won't win at the end because society is changing and they are becoming a minority.

    Posted by: FunMe | May 7, 2011 12:06:52 PM

  14. We have no one to thank but ourselves for this mess. And by "ourselves," I mean "the funders and large LGBT organizations."

    An organization I'm a part of wrote a 30+ page strategy for LGBT equality over the next 5 years. We shopped it around to LGBT 'elders,' who loved it, and a few funders. You know what EVERYONE said to us? "This is too big and too different to find someone to fund it." Yes, because "full equality" is "too big" of a goal for us. Because, god forbid, "different" is just not possible. Because what we've been doing for the past 10 years has worked SO well, that the only bills we've been able to pass have had 80%+ popular support.

    I'm kinda fed up with hearing about all these huge anti-gay initiatives being funded, when we are starving the organizations that are doing any good, and throwing buckets of cash at the orgs that are twiddling their thumbs and slow-walking equality to enrich themselves.

    Posted by: Jordan | May 8, 2011 3:54:55 AM

  15. @SANCHO If they have that much money kicking around, maybe they should fund genuinely Christian actions such as feeding the hungry and housing the homeless.

    Don't be tricked into thinking that "Christians" have "Christian" values. Their goal is to impose their beliefs on everyone else, brutalize those who don't knuckle under, and inflict as much pain as possible on those who disagree. Just like al Quaeda. Christian history is replete with proof - including the Crusades. (Where do you think al Quaeda got the idea for extremism?)

    Posted by: wimsy | May 8, 2011 9:54:35 AM

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