1. Joe says

    what ever happen to journalistic integrity?
    option 1 – be homophobic
    option 2 – be really homophobic

  2. Codswallop says

    And by the way, do you still beat your wife?

    Here’s the poll I want to see:

    1.Is the journalistic integrity at Fox News so bad because they’re bumbling idiots?

    2.Or is it so bad because they’re political ideologues and liars who’ll say anything so long as it makes Republicans and conservatives look good.

    FWIW, my vote is for 2.

  3. David in Houston says

    Just posted this on their website… and it felt so good:

    Homosexuality is not a sin, it’s a sexual orientation. What year is this, 1811? People are still spewing this nonsense? If you’re looking for similar “abominations” in the same section of Leviticus, you might not want to go dining at Red Lobster; or wear mixed-fiber clothing; or shave your beard; and if your children back-talk you, you are commanded to stone them to death. Does our society following ANY of Leviticus? Of course not. We’d be wallowing in ignorance if we did. So stop picking and choosing parts of the Bible to condemn gay people. It’s disingenuous, and wholly unchristian.

    Why should anyone be surprised that this poll was created by a Fox station that’s also in South Carolina.

  4. Codswallop says

    David In Houston, maybe you didn’t get the memo. Haven’t you heard? All of those rules that inconvenience so-called religious people regarding divorce, adultery, slavery, what to eat or wear, women’s behavior….well God didn’t REALLY mean those. But those few mentions of homosexuality in the entire book? Well then He meant every word! And if you try to bring David and Jonathon or Ruth and Naomi into it you’re a filthy-minded pervert because they were just really good friends!

    As The Church Lady used to say, “How ConVEEENient!”

  5. Daniel says

    Well, in a way, it’s true. It IS listed in the bible as a sin. Now whether or not you agree with what The Bible says literally is another story. I think their choice of grammar is more interesting. It makes it sound like EVERYONE commits acts of homosexuality :-)

  6. brent says

    No, “homosexuality” is not listed anywhere in the bible as a sin. How about a poll dealing with christians with the following options? a) hungry lions or b) burning at stake.

  7. tjc says

    Yay! They fixed the wording. Here’s the note from a the news director. Thanks to folks for calling them on their stupidity — that is, those of you who “thought the wording was poor”.

    bryandcox said: 40 minutes ago [from 12:45pm, so about 12:05pm ET]
    We’ve modified the wording of the poll to just give the option to agree or disagree with the church’s decision. While the station never intended to advocated for or against any type of religious or political viewpoint, as some of you thought the wording was poor we’ve modified it so the poll clearly reflects its stated purpose simply to ask what people think of the decision.

  8. Yanz says

    Yay! They changed the question to:
    What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy.

    I agree.
    I disagree.

  9. Andalusian Dog says

    The original’s option was not between homophobe and really homophobic. If you look at the wording it’s “I agree because I’m gay” or “I’m a homophobe because God’s a homophobe too.”

    The first option says “it’s just one of those sins that EVERYONE commits, like not putting your wife in a secluded tent during her period.” Subtext: “Even I do that.”

    If you were a devout Christian, whose team would you side with?