Arrest Made In Threatening ‘Gay-Free Zone’ Sticker Postings

You remember the that stickers declaring a "gay-free zone" and carrying an ominous warning of punishment appeared in parts of East London in February. Police in in that city have now arrested an 18-year-old man in connection to the hateful postings.

The BBC reports:

"Mohammed Hasnath, 18, of Leamouth, Tower Hamlets, is accused of a public order offence relating to harassment, alarm or distress. Four stickers with the message "Gay free zone" appeared at Bow Church DLR station, Whitechapel, and on a bus, British Transport Police said. The stickers appeared between 11 and 14 February. Mr Hasnath, who remains on bail, will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court on 1 June."


  1. Lexxvs says

    And that’s the way many Muslims “integrate” to western societies… “We have arrived. Convert or be punished.”

  2. ratbastard says

    It would be interesting to know how police caught Mr. Hasnath. My guess would be basically somebody charged with a greater offense ratted him out.

    Of all the more serious issues and criminal offenses that occur in a city like London, this is really small potatoes. If this were the U.S., he’d probably at most be charged with illegally posting bills [flyers], possibly vandalism.

  3. Tim says

    They probably caught him with CCTV, as it’s everywhere. The delay in arrest was likely a delay in identifying him from those pictures. London police should be commended for taking action on something like this before it escalates into a bigger problem. There have been plenty of hate crimes in the last year and Muslim vs. gay is a common one. All of this matters and I’m proud to be a Londoner when I see justice like this.

  4. Danny says

    Who wants to bet that Mr Mohammed Hasnath has a crush on one of his buds at the Masjid?

  5. Danny says

    Anyway, they don’t have to worry about gays coming into their community: they have plenty of hot home-grown homos that will be glad to take care of their needs.

  6. Rin says

    These are stickers, meaning that more than 4 of them were made.

    Who made them? What’s happening to that guy?

  7. says

    Easy tigers: while this man dresses up his hatred in the trapping of religious observance, he’s just a bigot. Not all muslims are evil. In the same way as not all Christians are the same as the Phelps clan. Please drop the Islamophobia.

  8. Max says


    Islamophobia = fear of Muslims who actually really do want to kill you, especially if you are gay, Jewish, Christian, pagan, American, or a different kind of Muslim.

    Please drop the insane PC nonsense. It’s getting old.

  9. Chunks says

    Nothing wrong with being afraid of the vile totalitarian socio-political ideology known as Islam. Just look at the people and the countries that suffer under it.

  10. Eric26 says

    Until you can prove that 100% of Muslim people want to kill you (which is impossible because it isn’t true), you have no right to say such racist things.
    Please think rationally.

  11. bill miller says

    What about an Idiot free zone?? It is a pity that such a young kid can be so full if hate and intolerance, send him here to the US, maybe Westboro B C can convert him!

  12. Tell It Like It Is says

    While I do not think every single Muslim in the world wants to kill me, I do think the majority would like to see me dead.

    The fact remains there are huge assimilation issues involving Muslims and brushing it up in PC nonsense does not help. For years with thier good intentions and naivite the Europeans have ignored it and now they are paying for it. Not just by gays being assaulted but politicians being killed, cartoonists attacked, artists threatened and more.

    I think a lot of gays like to jump on the defense of Muslims because it is another way of getting back at the religious right here in America, and also because they feel well maybe they are another minority in America too so they get sanctimonious about the whole thing…but trust me. It is a serious issue in Europe and the more militant and gonzo extremist Muslims, especially the young males- are not your friends.

    So let’s talk about the issue with a dose of reality and not get into the who chastising high-and-mighty racist-fingerpointing bandwagon, okay?

  13. Great Coffee says


    oh the majority of you so blind to see the irony of all this!

  14. says

    Tell It Like It Is: I know exactly what its like over there with you in Europe, because I live in London. In fact, up until 2008, I lived not far from where those stickers were put up. I also knew plenty of my Muslim neighbours and know that of those I know who might disapprove of me mildly when going out in full leather, it probably similar to the reaction my Methodist bigot Aunt Dorothy would have had if she were still alive. Most of them just don’t care.

    Part of the problem with disenfranchised Muslim youth stems EXACTLY from this kind of behaviour. A white person sees a man in a prayer cap and sees Bigot/Terrorist/Opressor of Women or whatever other lazy stereotype they picked up from the equally lazy press. When mainstream society treats you like an outsider, its a whole lot easier for the radical imams to do their job.

    And I’m not “racist fingerpointing”. If you think all Muslims are brown, then that’s your own prejudice coming through.

    Muslim society is just as varied as any other major religion. I love the way stating the obvious is now attacked as “PC nonsense”. Maybe Andy’s been linking to too many Daily Mail stories on here.

  15. Bill says

    @Max and @Graham Anderson : Graham has a point. The term “islamophobia” is a legitimate one when applied to hatred of or discomfort with Muslims in general. BTW, one Muslim guy I’ve met liked ham and had no problem drinking alcoholic beverages. He would joke that he was in enough “trouble” for being gay that the dietary restrictions didn’t matter. Probably the only time he set foot inside a mosque was when visiting his parents, but he’d claim to be a Muslim in the same sense that some people claim to be Christians if asked because they still make a once per year appearance in a church at Christmas when visiting their parents.