1. darbnyc says

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think that the station has anything to apologize for. Is GLADD saying that this is a discussion that should not even be happening? Well, it IS happening. Why not let it happen in an open forum like this, with our side very abley defended by the likes of Mr. Hill, who wiped the floor with Fischer. And I don’t think that the reporter really said anything offensive. When she made the comment about product placement it was in the context of “how do you respond to people who say that this is like prodcut placement.” I don’t feel that she stated that it was her view. Could have been worded better, but it certainly didn’t strike me as especially offensive.

    Bottom line: I thought Hill was outstanding and I’m glad this piece was aired because I think our side came off lookng smarter, more rational, and more in tune with reality.

    Am I not sensitive enough to this?

  2. Francis says

    In a way, I’m glad these bigots spew their s**t openly, because it has proven to help us in getting people to realize, that yeah, the anti-gay position isn’t a rational one. With that said, for this news broadcast to not only allow the bigot Fischer on their TV, but ENDORSE his views and pass them as reality, that is taking it a step too far, and propagating and justifying anti-gay attitudes and hatred. That is not OK. In a time where gay teens are vulnerable to bullying, where there are hate crimes every day, this type of behavior cannot go unchecked and cannot be given the respect of acceptable public discourse, because it isn’t.

  3. Mike says

    @DARBNYC Good points! I think the point is that it is 2011 and the press still is encouraging this as a debate. No doubt to get the wingnuts to tune in for ratings. Would they have a debate about slavery, human trafficking, polygamy? I think not. That, I think is the issue. We shouldn’t be still be having the debate on whether it is OK to acknowledge gay people exist and are entitled to their rights.

  4. Rowan says

    Ooh, GLAAD! I bet Bryan is quaking in his boots! Now, how many minutes until another post denouncing gays? Cause er, your strategy really works eh?

    Fox I bet are sh*t scared with all it’s pro progressive staff, vision, philosophies and programing.

    Oh yeah.

  5. Grover Underwood says

    why give hate groups like AFA a public forum? would the station invite the Klan to appear? by inviting these bigots on, the station is giving them legitimacy

  6. Gregus says

    The reporter is dumb as a bag of nails, and offensive with it. I emailed her directly. Her ‘product placement’ point was stupid and offensive. When will these dumb asses get the point that straight kids are straight and gay kids are gay. Watching The Cosby Show sure didn’t encourage me to be ‘black’ and watching Glee sure as hell isn’t going to ‘turn kids gay’.

  7. TimInHouston says

    In Houston, we are proud of Ray Hill, the nationally prominent activist and playwright. “Look. I don’t care how hard you try to revive 1954, she ain’t coming back.” Zing! This was indeed an offensive and inane segment. Sadly, the local Fox affiliate has been become increasingly Fox News-ified of late.

  8. TimInHouston says

    Disregard my “been become” syntax error. We do know better in Houston!

  9. GregV says

    Bryan Fischer and the AFA hate group he represents are not just homophobic but also religious bigots and white supremacists.
    He recently wrote an article published by the AFA saying that “Native Americans morally disqualified themselves from the land.” In it, he says the white man’s culture is “superior” and that if Native Americans had “effectively become Englishmen” by assimilating and converting from their inferior culture and religion, then things could have been seemless and bloodless.

    Notice that Denali Keith is not bringing him (or maybe the Grand Dragon) onto the program so that she can let him tell viewers how grateful slaves should have been, or to repeat what he has written comparing black parents to rabbits.

    Would the Fox affiliate have failed to apologize if a white racist co-anchor had called Denali Keith herself a “product placement?”

    It gets so tiring that gay character’s simple existence on TV is presented as a worthy “debate,” complete with hate groups’ representatives being given a platform.

  10. Houndentenor says


    So the Fox affiliate shows Glee and then airs critical “news” pieces condemning it. Sounds like a win-win for ratings and making money. Rupert Murdock is a whore. He’d become a socialist tomorrow if there were more money to be made from that. He’ll show anything that makes him money. It’s pointless to criticize people with no morals. Just change the channel once Glee is over and you don’t have to watch the other crap.

  11. AJ says

    I honestly don’t get either. I thought this was just bad journalism which is all over my own local Fox news channel. Their nightly news is HORRENDOUS. A reporter actually BURPED in the middle of a segment once. As for the two “experts” I thought they were both off the mark. And the journalist stared dumbfounded and didn’t try to do anything to keep the discussion focused, which is her job. I think its a valid discussion as “Glee” is the first VEHEMENTLY pro-gay show (and ironically airs on FOX which blows me away every time I think about it. Conflict of interest anyone?) They were getting to the point that its all about advertising dollars when it was cut off at the end and I think that’s truly where the discussion lies. Bad journalism and a wing nut religious freak with his facts wrong spouting off. SSDD. I don’t quite see why GLAAD has their panties in a bunch over this.