1. Leonard says

    “Jessie” totally butchered the song with his constipated singing. Ugh. Lea was actually pretty good, and I could hear from her voice the “country” in the song coming out. Wish the vocals weren’t so bare, maybe that way Jessie’s voice could have been covered up some.

    Not to say he isn’t a fantastic singer. Just not one of his best. YMMV

  2. Jackson says

    Colfer has turned out to be quite the little hottie, hasn’t he? His profile is perfect.

    I wonder if he actually is single, or he keeps his private life extra-private to keep his loved ones from being torn to shreds by rabid fangirls.

  3. The Iron Orchard says

    UGH! They destroyed a great song! I can understand why this show is popular with high schoolers, but I can never understand why adults watch this garbage!
    Arrested development, perhaps?

  4. woodroad34 says

    You know, I went to youtube to hear Adele sing this song. Of course I liked it — the beautiful voice mixed with a slight growly blues; but what I came away with is that Lea did the beautiful voice and Jonathan did the growl–almost beauty and the beast. Together they weren’t so bad.

  5. bandanajack says

    `to be the devil’s advocate, although they shouldn’t have ventured into that deep water, leave adele alone, lea made me cringe, but the raw timbre of jonathan’s voice gave me pleasure chills, at least when he was singing it alone. i agree about the two to make one concept, but it didn’t work for me.

    as for the pic, daddy overstreet is going to be none to happy about that, unless he is far more enlightened than i believe he is.

  6. Chip says

    Awful. Terrible arrangement. The singing wasn’t awful, but wasn’t particularly good either. The arrangement was totally uninspired and ineffective. Everything that’s good about that song was missing. I love Glee and I love that song, but wow. What a huge disappointment.

  7. NaughtyLola says

    @Alan Brickman, not sure why you evoked the ‘free speech’ canard. TV shows aren’t obligated to provide you with your daily dose of ironic dialogue.

    I do agree that they’ve given up a lot of the deeply-weird vibe that they had the first season, but they’ve also taken on an interesting mission that is making them a little more earnest than they were when the show was an unknown quantity with no particular message.

    On topic: I almost always change the channel or mute it when Lea Michele sings these days, I find her over-emoting really tiresome. I’m much more interested when Tina, Mercedes, or Santana have the spotlight.

  8. james says

    Wow. Just wow. I thought I could listen to Jonathan Groff sing anything. I stand corrected. It actually made Gwenyth Paltrow’s Adele cover good by comparison.

    Bloody wretched.

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