Jared Loughner Unfit to Stand Trial for Shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Jared Loughner, the man who shot Gabrielle Giffords, killed six others, and injured 13 more in Tucson on January 8 is not competent to stand trial according to a federal judge.

Loughner The Arizona Daily Star reports:

A psychologist and psychiatrist both found Loughner unable to help in his own defense or understand the proceedings.

Doctors say he is schizophrenic.

U.S. District Judge Larry A. Burns said doctors report Loughner is unable to help with his defense because of his irrational distrust of lawyers.

Loughner was ordered out of the courtroom earlier in the day following an outburst:

U.S. District Judge Larry Burns had Jared Lee Loughner escorted from the courtroom after Loughner lowered his head and said what sounded like: "Thank you for the freak show. She died in front of me." His head was inches from the table in front of him.

Loughner is to be hospitalized for up to four months to see if he can be restored to competency.