1. andypharmer says

    I LOVE this song. To all the people that say she is ripping off X, Y, and Z. Shut up. Every song sounds like something if you imagine hard enough.

  2. IMHO says

    @Lazycrocket And you’re ripping off haters with your trite comment.

    As some may know, this song was written regarding the death of her grandfather. It sounds quite nice, especially since it’s uncommon hear that dissonance chord before the chorus in pop songs! I like it!

  3. gaga queen of everything says

    OH. MY. GOD. I can already hear all the hi-NRG remixes that will be spawned from this HIT!

    This is a new sound for Gaga–there is something anthemic, soaring, and exciting, yet sensitive about her vocals and the instrumentals. I am so digging this!!! YOU GO ‘HEAD, GIRL!

  4. QJ201 says


    Now remind everyone under 40 who Pat Benatar is. (not me silly, I saw her 3 times in concert as teen in the 80’s).

  5. says

    I agree with Andy P. It’s a fun song.
    And for those of you who insist on criticizing… I dare you to use your talents to create anything original, uplifting or of value to society or your community!

  6. gaga queen of everything says

    I just read about the song on Wikipedia & I got shivers:

    “Gaga revealed during the Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga interview that the song is ‘about your last moment on earth, the moment of truth, the moment before you leave earth.'”

    How mystical, discomfiting, and otherworldly!

    Wikipedia also notes that the song sounds like Cher’s “Song for the Lonely”–one of my all-time faves from my college days. I agree–which is probably why the song is an automatic YES for me.

  7. alguien says


    as soon as lady gaga writes a song that’s actually ORIGINAL, please let me know.


  8. Sarina says

    If she released the “Bohemian Rapsody” of pop music, they’d hate it, because their grievances aren’t about the songs, but the singer.

  9. Johnny says


    of all the people in the world to call unoriginal. really? Lady Gaga? that’s who you’re going with?

    at this point you people are just looking for other artists to compare her with.

  10. NorthoftheBorder says

    what pat benatar song is this like? all I can recognize are some random keyboarding sounds.. btw.. I’m under 40 and I have PB’s LP at home. lol

  11. says

    Who knew a song with that much going on could be that boring? Just doing too much and not enough all at the same time. I too thought “Pat Benatar” the first time I heard it, but I don’t really care where the influence is from…I just think it’s Weaksauce.

    And if it matters, I’ve been Anti-Gaga from the Day One, but I do like Judas, Teeth, and Telephone. I can separate the song from the artist…and the song is still whack as hell.

  12. Alex N says

    @ the Gaga chorus: No one needs to look very far to hear that everything Gaga does is very close in sound to something else that marked entire generations before. I heard You and I randomly the other day and I immediately recognized it was an obvious copy of 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up? Anyone with a musical ear can hear these blatent similarities in her songs. It is as if she listens to her ipod for an hour before writing a tune and whatever she was listening to seeps into the melody and structure. That would be fine if it weren’t for the ridiculous self-administered hype she comnveys constantly claiming that these songs from her new album are somehow extraordinary and superior in craftsmanship. Personally, it wasn’t Pat Benatar that struck me as the reference point here in this song…It was more like Laura Branigan working with Cher’s Almighty or Thunderpuss team circa 2001. It is formulaic gay club music that has been churned out over and over again in the same manner for close to 20 years.

    Perhaps it is okay in your eyes and ears for an ignorant youth culture to bastardize everything that came before without even a nod of the head or a tip of the hat, but as long as there are still living, breathing people over 35 on the planet, we will continue to point out the trite rip-offs this woman and her contemporaries are responsible for while enjoying things to our own taste simultaneously. It isn’t a bandwagon. It’s a visceral reaction.

  13. alguien says


    i’ve yet to cast aspersions on lady gaga’s singing talent or her musicianship. i think that they are superlative-she’s clearly talented.

    my issue with her (her own pomposity notwithstanding) is that her music is and has been since she first showed up with “just dance” has been standard pop by numbers.

    i first saw her image and the insane looks she promoted and i had great hopes for her. but when i actually heard her music, i thought, “meh. looks like nina hagen, music like pebbles.”

    i need something a little more adventurous musically than lady gaga.

  14. Paul R says

    I like pretty much all her music, but this song is far from her best. It sounds like an 80s song that could have been done by many other female singers. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s simply not a standout track.

    As for its rapid release after Judas, sales of that single weren’t as strong as her previous slew of #1 singles, so I’d guess that she’s trying to put it behind her—pronto—before the album comes out. After all, the video for Judas only came out last week. (For the record, I love Judas, though it took a couple listens to grow on me—I don’t see that happening here.)

  15. Bryan says

    Good blend of edge and nostalgia, artifice and authenticity.

    Far more Springsteen than Benatar (who – great though she was – couldn’t write worth a damn or play an instrument, and whose musicianship got stuck in a profitable rut and never really developed ). Gaga’s young and still exploring. It’ll be interesting to see her develop a mature style, provided she doesn’t toss it all away in some Lauper-like lateral move.

  16. TomSkylark says

    I’m usually in the Gaga hater camp, but this song is actually pretty damn awesome. Up until this, the new album had seemed like a total bust, but I’m glad to see she’s still capable of producing music I like (even if she’s inconsistent at best).

    Now if only she can put off talking about the song in ridiculously pretentious terms long enough for me to enjoy it…

  17. TAL says

    People have been “ripping” the creativity of people off for centuries. When Western music was entering the medieval period, composers would literally take whole chunks from one composition and put it in one of their pieces. Jazz musicians constantly quote other music in their notated music and when they improv. There are now things called “cover bands” where people do nothing but rehash old pop songs.

    I’m not sure why everyone gets all fussy about Gaga (or anyone) doing a song that sounds like some other song. Most pop music pretty much recycles the same chord progressions, so it all ends up sounding similar. In reality (I’m going all music history here) Schoenberg started writing his 12-tone music because he believed tonality had already reached its limits and nothing new could be done with it… that was almost 100 years ago (WAY before Gaga).

    I think the post about “it’s not the song it’s the singer” is probably the most accurate. No one has to like Gaga, but using the excuse that she is ripping off other artists (while overlooking that everyone else is doing the exact same thing) is about as ridiculous as it gets.

  18. Brian in Texas says

    My least favorite single out of the 3 released thus far. Maybe least favorite single of ALL her songs. This one is in desperate need of a remix ASAP! I still love my Mother Monster!

  19. AJ says

    Wow! Vehement haters out there. LOOONG paragraphs hating Gaga. I think that means what she’s doing is and CONTINUES to get your attention, whether its negative or positive. (I hate her sooo much. let me listen to this. Just funny to me.) Personally, not my fave of her songs but it’s not a single. I hear a bit of Pink and my boyfriend hears Bonnie Tyler influences.

    And P.S. to the haters: If you haven’t been to The Monster Ball you cannot possibly understand. And those of us who have been forgive your ignorance.

  20. Ryan says

    TAL gets it exactly right!

    Never is anger more misplaced than when people point out ‘unoriginality’ in popular music. Alex N, your diatribe against ignorant youth culture and derivative artists and whatnot is just as easily applied to the artists you love…and the artists they loved….and the artists they loved…etc. etc.

    If people are looking for originality, 4-chord 4/4 pop music is not the place to do it.

  21. Effie Ewe says

    another awesome song by Lady Gaga! Right on sister!!!

    @Ryan–i couldnt agree more.

  22. Alex N says

    Ryan. I respect your point, but I can assure you I am not that limited that I haven’t taken it into consideration. If you actually read what I wrote, you would understand that I have no problem with Gaga’s obvious lack of originality being lumped in with everyone else’s as I am a vehement believer that we really have done almost everything already from a creative perspective, and I am happy to acknowledge that she can put together a tune and sing it relatively well too. My point was that the singer often makes the song, and in Gaga’s case, her public persona, her personal uber-hype and arrogance all make for expectations far greter than the sum total of her parts…I have yet to hear a song from this performer that lives up to the hype…This new one certainly hasn’t changed that.

  23. Josh says

    I’m a fan of hers, but I’m willing to accept that everything she puts out isnt gold. I was okay with “Born This Way,” disappointed in “Judas,” but this song? IT ROCKS MY FACE OFF.

    This track grabbed me immediately and moved me in a way none of the previous singles did. They’d be silly to let this remain a promo single and not push it harder.

  24. Jesse says

    all that time you were bitching, I was dancing in my kitchen. Give it a rest and enjoy.

  25. neverstops says

    i try to stay out of these Gaga threads

    she’s had some good songs, but i think there are other current “divas” in her age bracket that are equally deserving of attention – Adele & Janelle Monae come immediately to mind

    i’m glad she has been a voice for the lgbt community – but other supportive musicians are also putting great stuff out there now

  26. Patrick says

    Ugh… you people need to get it right. There may be shades of Lauper, Benatar, and Jefferson Starship, but ANY worthwhile music aficionado should KNOW its a remix of Dear Jesse, the theme from Howard the Duck, Lyrics from some song written by a guy who mailed himself the words only to have them ripped off for the soundtrack of Inner Space, and the beat is SOOO Hamster Dance…

    In other words, its absolutely fabulous.

  27. B says

    Gaga brings it again! Haters stay pressed, as usual and take ur seats to the left.

    A strong 80’s power ballad. The only Gaga song im not a fan of, is Alejandro. All her other releases were strong.

    Judas took me getting past the first min and once the chorus hits, ur sucked in.

    Can’t wait to buy her CD May 23.

    I’m 27, and Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot is one of my favorite songs. I’ll ask Lady GagaLupe to forgive ur sins.

  28. Xtab says

    I really wish we could kill off critiques of pop music as unoriginal once and for all. Kill it dead.

    Lack of originality is the whole point. Pop music is about collective experience for everyone, which means everyone has to know what’s going on, what to expect and what to do. Everyone has to be dancing to the same beat. It’s more about appealing to the general audience and fine-tuning the craft than avant-garde experimentation.

    It’s *popular* music, and has remained pretty much in stasis for most of its history, modified with technological advancements. That’s it. By all means, go listen to Radiohead. They’re awesome. But these are very different styles!

    In any case, dance pop is a very important part of gay culture and you should at least learn to appreciate it for that reason. You live in a society with large sectors of it being vehemently anti-gay, and which tell you that the core of your being — your ability to love another person — is sick and sinful. But pop music embraces everyone with universal love and all that drippy sentimental stuff (if it was boldly experimental, it’d alienate the general crowd, which means no universal dimension to it). Dance pop is a collective experience gay men have embraced because the rest of the culture (rock music, say) has been, in large part, denied to us.

    So get up, dance and shout about how you’re proud, and all that. It’s not beneath you. It’s good for you.

  29. Xtab says

    @JOSH Indeed, it’s a much better song than the other two. Her fans can be crazy cultists. She’s a pop singer, not Jesus.

  30. Daveny says

    I don’t hear Pat B. at all but I do hear a bad song. That sax solo is just awful. Gaga lay off the coke girl.

  31. Xtab says

    Oh, and one final note from me. If you’re going to knock pop music, knock it from a pop music perspective. Is it good pop music? Bad pop music? Don’t say you don’t like it because it’s not original. Say: how does it reflect existing trends, and then build on those trends? That’s a start. Or ask if it’s catchy and finely-crafted.

    Now, if the message of the music is bad, then you should dismiss it. If it’s suicidal death-wish playground garbage like Kesha, then we need to destroy it.

  32. Brion says

    Thank you DAVENY!

    A sax solo? Seriously? Today? Gimme a break. Who needs to compare this to anything, other than the bad rote circuit anthem that it is.

    As for the people who think that the haters are just hating on originality, as an artist that proclaims her different and unique qualities, why have all of her songs hit this particular hurdle?

    This hasn’t been said of Bjork or Roisin Murphy or Robyn or Adele or any number of new school artists that have forged their own unique sound-scapes.

    It takes forty dancers and a lot of McQueen to make this ordinary retread music get any attention at all.

  33. Daveny says

    Spot on Brion! The reason why people are calling her out is because she is always on her bullhorn saying one original and different and an artist she is. So when this so-called queen of originality puts out a song that sounds like so many other songs, we all have a right to call her out on BS. IMO

  34. Jeremy says

    I think Alex N is not so much opposed to pop music but more resentful that it isn’t the music of his generation. That is, he and other members of his generation feel somehow left out or resentful of new stuff just because they’re not part of it. It’s the same old stuff. It’s always the same old stuff. She shouldn’t have to give a list of credits or citations for every song she writes. She didn’t go dig up old songs and deliberately rip them off. Those old songs and influences you recognize? They’re part of our general cultural milieu now. Just as novelists don’t need to credit Virgil or Chaucer or even Jane Austen every time they write a book, musical artists shouldn’t have to come out with this big list of songs that influenced them. That’s kind of ridiculous, and quite frankly, comes across as more than a little petulant.

  35. Brion says


    How dare you utter the name Coltrane in a discussion of Caca. There is NO parallel at all. John Coltrane was a pioneer and influence to every player out there and to anyone who treasures music and the true creators.

    Hades Caca is none of that. She is average musician who calls attention to herself for fame’s sake only. The music has nothing to do with it and that tepid sax solo has nothing to do with the master.

  36. CJ says

    There’s not an original bone in that skank’s body! Hey, GaGa! Your wanna-be Alice Cooper/Iggy Pop outlandishness and blatant rip offs of Pop songs of yore is getting really tired

  37. wonderer says

    @ Brion. It’s Clarence Clemens on the sax

    @ Daveny. You need to chill out, it’s like your out to get her. Get a life.

    @ all the other haters. Why do you care?? Don’t buy her CD. It’s like you think that people won’t like her anymore if you post something mean. Your life must be so depressing that you thrive on bringing people down…Very sad.

  38. Brion says

    @ Wonderer. Still a tepid dated break that sounds like nothing so much as soundtrack to a bad 80’s movie.

  39. CJ says

    @Wonderer – Finding joy and happiness in trite uncreative and not at all genuine places could have me saying the same thing about others’ lack of life or substance there of.

  40. Bill says

    I like Lady Gaga a lot. However I have to say I’ve been disappointed in her three singles she has released from this new album. She is headed down the Christina Aguilera path of becoming too overworked and distant from her fans. Just Dance, Poker Face and Paparazzi were all fun songs with a girl noticable having fun dressing up in cute outfits. Lately, the music is so overwhelming you barely can hear her voice and her costumes for the videos are way to detailed and high-minded for a general audience. She needs to get back to Poker Face style. Katy Perry who has not forgetten her style has had four consecutive #1 hits. Gaga has to bring in new young and established song writers.

  41. G.I. Joe says

    I particularly love the Eurodance circa 1998 sounds in the middle. Real nice.

    Honestly this song is ridiculously bad. Like, really. But as usual, we’re going to have to makes ourselves like it, because we’ll be listening to it ten times a night every time we go out.

  42. Lance says

    Okay, I’m usually neutral with the whole love Gaga, hate Gaga thing. I think she’s okay. But this song is terrible. As a person who never comments on blogs, this time I just had to put that out there. There’s no justifying the terrible melody, the ridiculous 80’s saxophone riff, the whole thing is aged. I love pop and I want to love this but ugh…..

  43. Jeff says

    I really do like the song! Different!!
    (still don’t hear the madonna reference w/ born this way)

    I do admire Lady Gaga for what she has done to the GLBT community.

    More we talk, more get educated!

    To all the nay-sayers: Name me one RELEVANT “celebrity” that does the same support that Gaga has done.

    Just putting that out there.

  44. Tgbone says

    Well crafted, well sung pop tune about the edge between life and life everlasting.

  45. Eric says

    Lemmings love this rat. Sick of her being associated with gay people. She’s a straight as it comes and has exploited the LGBT civil rights movement. She’s sitting atop a throne of gay money, speaking for the gay community as though we are unable to speak for ourselves.

  46. Mike P says

    you people are so wrong. There is zero borrowing from Pat Benetar here and as someone that wrote and even sang demos for a major label , I can assure you this is more original than 90% of pop music out there

  47. DGonzalez says

    I love how all of a sudden it has become trendy to hate on Gaga… Especially the gay community… You love something so much, immediately. Then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and you decide you are so uber-trendy that what’s trendy is no longer cool… Get over it!

  48. gaga queen of everything says

    DGonzalez: “Happy Endings” did a really good send-up of this attitude by making fun of hipsters. I think it was last week. I was ROLLING!

  49. Will DC says

    Let Gaga have her pop phase. She’s gotta milk that cow while she can. She’ll develop a deeper darker style later I predict.

  50. Gregoire says

    Her best single of the three — beautifully lifting, a meloncholy message distilled into a pop lyric, dance-y, 80s feeling but not too much so.

    HATERS to the left, please.

  51. Little Monster Joey says

    I am so happy Gaga has taken over Madonna, who is talentless. Gaga is a musical composer while Madonna is nothing but an old, crusty skank.

  52. redball says

    Little Monster Joey, I love that you’re such a fierce Little Monster like I, but please don’t bash Madonna. She’s been a longtime friend of the gay civil rights movement. We gays need to give props to both these divas.

    Besides, you will only ignite the fury of the queens here who love Madonna and have a chip on their shoulder about the meteoric rise of Gaga :-).