1. AJ says

    WOW!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I laughed so hard!! I needed that!! She has got the most infectious laugh and you could tell what she was picturing in her head. A children’s wildlife book full of dope smoking animals in a circle around a pot farm. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  2. jamal49 says

    God, was this ever funny! Thanks for putting it up here. She looked like she might have had either a little of the old wodka or a smoke herself before going on the air!

  3. sparks says

    “Aside from the bears police discovered about 2,500 plants, a big dog, vietnamese pig, and a racoon.”


    Seeing those words on a teleprompter I would have lost it too! At the very least it would’ve crossed my mind that maybe I was being pranked. And once you start giggling about something like that it’s really difficult to regain composure (see also, actor blooper reels) …

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