1. Disgusted Gay American says

    while this is obviously Tragic in MANY WAYS….I’ve kinda lost my Empathy/Sympathy for numerous reasons:
    1) a Majority of these people dont beleive in Global Warming,and are more then happy not too.
    2) they always vote against thier own interests ie: outa fear
    3) MOST LIKELY – More then HALF that TOWN would VOTE AGINST MY RIGHTS As an american in a heartbeat….so is it mean, yea kinda…but I can’t help it….Im tired of being on the defensive with these wackjob GOP and Right wing fake religionists.

  2. says

    I heard on the radio yesterday that many of the houses were built in the 1960’s when, apparently, there weren’t a lot of cellars built.

    As far as Disgusted Gay American’s post … I’ve kinda lost my empathy/sympathy for intolerant, generalizing gays.

  3. says

    Dude, this is way beyond politics. Way beyond. I don’t care how they vote, or whether they believe in global warming. Would this be more tragic if it had happened in Greenville, Mass? Honestly… the only appropriate response to this is to find it appalling and heartbreaking on every level.

  4. Jeff says

    Hey Disgusted Gay American your statement is as short sited as the right wingers blaming disasters on gay people. Have a heart here people are in the middle of a disaster try and take a moment, empathize and then see if you still agree with your post.

  5. nodnarb says

    Joplin, Missouri, has 1 or 2 gay bars, a Gay and Lesbian Center, and they were making plans to host their own Pride before the tornado struck. (Sometimes it is helpful to google before you run your mouth off)

    But I’m sure all of them are GOP wackjobs who deserved to have their town destroyed. “Disgusting” would be a more appropriate name for you.

  6. DelPotroFan says

    To the Milkman: Thanks for telling us all what’s appropriate, Commander. Per your orders, I will find it appalling and heartbreaking on every level. Because our minds are a police state for you to control.

  7. FernLaPlante says

    @DISGUSTED GAY AMERICAN who says that everyone in this town is a “wackjob GOP right wing fake religionist [sic]” Your narrow-mind and hate is just as bad as the group you are complaining about and generalizing against.

  8. Disgusted Gay American says

    did I not say this was Very Tragic on many levels – of course it is…! The problem,especially WITH Americans…is short memories….you could send a delegation of 100’s of LGBT people there to HELP in every aspect of clean-up and recovery….and a yr or 2 later all is back to normal….then another year or 2 goes by…..and an anti-gay something or other comes up on the ballot….and surprise, the majority of them would be voting for it….just sayin.

  9. Galore says

    I’m with disgusted gay american.

    Chances are the majority of Joplin’s inhabitants are of the hateful Christian persuasion. Should have prayed harder instead of worrying about gays.

    Sorry, but I’m not feeling empathy for the anti gays there who lost everything. I’m sure once they rebuild their ticky tacky homes and churches, aka tornado fodder, they’ll go right back to good old homohating.

  10. Randy says

    I lived in a tornado region, and it always bothered me that we were more interested in building up and out, than in building down. Most houses were just on a slab. Obviously underground living has its unique problems as well, but this isn’t one of them.

  11. Disgusted Gay American says

    ….well too bad if I hurt someones feelings…..I explained how awful this tradegy is..I understand that. are all these people anti-gay – Nooo of course not…..could u imagine tho, IF it hit say PALM SPRINGS During Pride…? Ohh the Thunderous Anti-gays would be shouting from the rooftops that its GOD’s judgement blah blah blah…..IM was just expressing an opinion,and a feeling…am I tired of feeling angry -YES! I’ve been told by a few people, evene some family members…whats wrong..? You were always soo nice…..and its come down to me responding….”You know what, When YOUR RIGHTS and VERY existance as an american ARE BEING Attacked daily…maybe you’d understand” ..usually I get a blank stare back….

  12. Disgusted Gay American says

    @Disgusted Gay American

    I’m hoping that no-one judges the rest of the gay community based on your ignorant comments.

    Posted by: Chad | May 24, 2011 12:52:49 PM

    You know what Chad..the Time for being NICE is LOng OVER! I’ve had it. The old saying, how much things change, yet always stay the same……3 steps forward,3 steps back….see how you feel during the next 16months and the 2012 Elections…WHEN as usual – OUR VERY Existance / rights are Held up for Public scrutiny….TN just passed 2 VERY Anti-gay bills, MN Heterosexuals in 2012 get to VOTE on OUR RIGHTS, and what other state by then will have enacted anti-gay laws? Its just getting Harder and Harder to (turn the other cheek, when its been slapped so much)

  13. Disgusted Gay American says

    Here’s a FRESh one for you CHAD….Hot off the Lousianna Press:

    LA House panel rejects gay adoption bill

    …and WHY is it rejected….A House committee has rejected a New Orleans lawmaker’s bill that would allow two unmarried, same-sex adults to adopt a child together.

    and WHY is that…? ..cause Heteros got to VOTE on OUR Rights as usual.

  14. jpeckjr says

    @disgustedgayamerican: Your first point is about global warming, that “these people don’t believe in Global Warming.”

    Are you suggesting that if they did believe in global warming, the tornado would not have happened? Because if you are suggesting a causal relationship between their belief/non-belief, I’m missing the logic there.

    No one, no one deserves to have this kind of destruction happen to them, for any reason.

  15. nodnarb says

    So per your logic (a term I use loosely), all of California also deserves to be wiped out by natural disaster and its residents would get no empathy from you.

    The reason people keep wondering what’s wrong with you is not because you’re angry or because your rights are threatened… it’s because you’re a huge d-bag.

  16. anon says

    When the area was prairie grass tornadoes had little impact. Now everything becomes a missile during a tornado and the damage exacerbated. These areas need special zoning.

  17. There are gay people in Joplin too, ya know... says

    @Disgusted Gay American

    You have become what you hate.

    Think about that.

    You have become what you hate.

    Take a visit here, to the Facebook page of the Joplin Pride Center.

    Come back and tell us if you still believe the vile that you’ve been spewing.

    You have become what you hate.

  18. jexer says

    We’re not going to accomplish anything by being as petty and bitter as the much LARGER number of people that despise us.

    Take the high road and win over those that aren’t already strongly polarized by stupid politics. Yes, they exist, we need them.

    They won’t side with us if we’re as bad as the hate-mongers.

  19. Danny says

    I for one would hate to be judged on the basis of all kinds of things I thought and believed before I knew better. Remember that plenty of gay people lost their homes too. ALL OF US HAVE A LOT TO LEARN–and gay people have nothing to gain by hatefulness toward anyone–ANYONE. And that’s enough said about Disgusted’s execrable comment.

    As for the before-and-after photos, ohmyfuckin’god.

  20. Jamie says

    I’m very shocked at the damage in Joplin. It makes me even more scared to be where I am! (North eastern Oklahoma) Tonight’s going to be hell. But in reference to the pictures, that’s definitely a very scary comparison. Yet when you look at the first one, on the street, the road slightly goes upward and has a hump about 5-6 houses down, which isn’t visible in the second photo. There’s also a driveway on the right of the picture in the second photo, while there’s a street in the first. Perhaps he should have clarified that these photos weren’t taken in the same position?? (or street for that matter)

  21. Jim says

    @Disgusted: “I’ve been told by a few people, even some family members…whats wrong..? You were always soo nice…..and its come down to me responding….’You know what, When YOUR RIGHTS and VERY existance as an american ARE BEING Attacked daily…maybe you’d understand’ ..usually I get a blank stare back….”

    I understand you completely, going thru the same sort of dynamic within my “family of origin,” and have distanced myself from them out of sheer frustration. They don’t get it, they don’t WANT to get it, or hear it. They have no desire to understand or become aware, they seem to simply want us to shut up and be who were before we came out to them–they only want to know a part of us, the part they are comfortable with. I believe this is VERY common to MANY gay people, and I feel ya!

    Re: the Joplin situation, it is horrible, the devistation is agonizing. But, writing from the midwest, why anyone, and I mean ANYONE, would purchase a home without a basement is beyond me. Tornadoes have always been a part of life here, and I guess it’s a “what are the chances?” situation; unfortunately we’re seeing just what the chances are lately.

  22. Lexxvs says

    I wonder if those Americans living in those tornado prone areas have ever heard of the Three Little Pigs tale. Yes, I understand that –comparatively- for American’s budget is more expensive, but not as much as building twice, not counting the loss of lives.

  23. says

    My heart goes out to my fellow Missourian’s. Being from Missouri, and tornado alley I can assure you that we are trained from a young age exactly what to do during a tornado…but sometimes as with this EF5 there just isn’t much that you can do, a tornado of this magnitude is just so strong that it literally destroy’s every avenue of escape. And we do have a lot of storm cellars and basements, but trying to get to one, in the few minutes of warning is almost impossible..we need a better warning system, although they have improved dramatically, there still isn’t enough warning.

  24. Leonard says

    @disgusted and those are also
    ‘just sayin”

    These people might hate us for who we are, but I still empathize with them on a human level. You don’t have to be gay, straight, progressive, conservative, non-religious, or evangelical to imagine how heart wrenching and soul crushing it must be to not only lose your home, but members of your family and community.

    I mean, 100+ dead in Joplin alone. I don’t understand how anyone could be so cold hearted as to immediately politicize such a destructive disaster that destroyed HUMAN (not crazy wacked out fundie) lives.

    You’re not lacking in empathy, but humanity.

  25. Phil says

    I don’t think Disgusted Gay American’s comment was necessary, but not for the same reason as most of the commenters who disagreed with him. You have the argument upside down. The soul-searching and in-depth commentary should be taking place on Christian websites, not here. I insist that fundie Christians do some serious critical thinking about their constant habit of blaming natural disasters on LGBT people.

    Sane Americans need to remind their fundie Christian neighbors that natural disasters don’t have political preferences, and will they please stop selectively lying about the natural disasters which harm their political opponents. People need to hound fundie Christians about critical thinking over and over again until they change their behavior either out of understanding or just public humiliation. So you see, the heated discussion about the moral preference attributed to natural disasters is occurring on the wrong website. The majority of Americans have every right to expect a change in the behavior of fundie Christians concerning this topic.

  26. Phil says

    Exercising critical thinking skills and *insisting* that others do the same is always taking the high road. Giving Christians a pass on their very public, mass-media claims that natural disasters favor LGBT people is cowardice, and cowardice does not reflect well on anyone.

  27. says

    On a personal level, it’s impossible not to have your heart ripped out watching those poor people with no homes. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    However, my sympathy is mitigated by circumstances. Is there a huge gay movement in MO? Hardly. Are there lots of gay politicians? Nope. Are the people there screaming for my rights to gay marriage? Not a chance.

    Personally, then, I feel bad for them. But in the back of my mind, I remember they don’t give a damn about me or my rights, so I’m not losing any sleep.

  28. lisa says

    I’m a lesbian victim of the Joplin Tornado. My home was in the footprint of the tornado, but, by the grace of God, myself, my partner and our two children were spared. We were told that the Westboro Baptist church was coming to Joplin to protest, and believe it or not, the people of Joplin has said they will NOT tolerate them. These fine rednecks said they’d shoot ’em for coming here. I understand that Joplin is somewhat of a redneck, right-winged place, but for now, we all love eachother, and are helping one another. Politics are gone, and even if it’s just for now, people are showing extreme kindness to everyone. I’m proud of Joplin, and our surrounding communities. God is wonderful, and although we don’t always understand, there is a reason for everything. I lost a cousin down the street from me, but the rest of my family survived by the grace of God. Pray for Joplin because we are all God’s children and we must keep our faith. I understand disgusted gay american, but there are LOTS of us here in Joplin just like there are lots of homophobes as well, but I would pull one of them from the rubble just as quickly as they would have done for me. This kind of tragedy only leaves room for love.

  29. Jim says

    [saw the gist of the following on the net]

    In Luke 17 Jesus discussed one of the two big “signs” occurring soon before, and heralding, his second coming as Judge. It is known in that chapter as the “days of Lot” (see Genesis 19 for background details). So gays, by doing what they can to fulfill those “days,” are actually hurrying up the second coming and the arrival of their Judge. So gays, hurry up what you’re doing and you can make the second coming happen even sooner for us who are longing for and waiting for the return of Jesus!

  30. normal guy says

    I am gay and I’m furious with that ignorant comment. It is people like you that make life hard for people like me!

    Everything has to be a gay issue, I’m a human being first, and just because some people in Joplin may not like me, to say that they deserved this is rotten to the core. At this point it is people like YOU who cause people to dislike gay people.

    I have had to deal with people not liking me, before they knew me. I am friends with a lot of those same people now, because I realized that they thought of all gay people being like you. Always trying ways to push your “gayness” in there face. When these people got to know me and realized I was just a normal smart ass who was not trying to convert them, they actually changed their opinions. One gay even stuck his neck out to defend a gay guy who was being picked on.

    Good way to get people to accept you, tell people who lost family, homes everything they had that they deserved it because the won’t kiss Al Gore’s global warming/cooling(whatever he calls it this week to line his pockets) ass is lower than low.

    Why don’t you try being a human first and then maybe take care of the gay issues.

    I cant believe anyone could be that heartless.

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