News: Marc Cherry, Straight Sports Allies, Trevor Donovan, Space

 road Ryan Gosling to make his directorial debut.

Bcht  road Straight wrestler and gay rights advocate Hudson Taylor tells the NY Times: “We need more Ben Cohens in this world. He has a platform that allows the message to carry farther and ring louder than my own. We need more allies in position of power to speak out.”

 road Conservative Canadian politician John Cummin does not approve of the Human Rights Act: "In my view, people were already adequately protected. It was not necessary to add another category."

 road Nicollette Sheridan claims that Marc Cherry said this about her former co-star's husband: "I was present at Eva Longoria's wedding to Tony Parker, when Mr. Cherry commented that 'Tony must like boys, because he is marrying this — this little, small girl with no t*ts and — that looks like a boy.'"

 road Gay rights advocates criticize the El Paso police department for failing to classify attack outside of a gay club as a hate crime.

Td  road Trevor Donovan should handle all household chores while shirtless.

 road Stargate Atlantis actor Joe Flanigan refutes Internet claim that he supported Prop 8.

 road Cuba celebrated International Day Against Homophobia with a parade earlier today.

 road Watch: The Fright Night movie trailer.

 road Floating walkway on London's River Thames is one step closer to being a reality.

 road The cast of Jersey Shore lands in Italy.

 road The FDA is investigating herbal pills that contain the main ingredients for Viagara.

 road Space spectacle: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Neptune will all be aligned over the next few weeks.


  1. says

    RE Stargater Joe Flanigan allegely having given money to pass Prop 8: there’s a very simple online database of all donors on both sides from the California Secretary of State’s Office at:

    I frequently go to it to help evaluate where the attitudes of varous people might be. For instance, we find that Apple’s Steve Jobs, much of whose mega fortune comes from MAC & i-Phone Queens, gave ZIP. His wife did contribute $5,000…which she probably found in the bottom of her authentic LV purse under the lint and a Tiffany Altoids box. [SPARE me repetition of the fact that the corporation gave $100k….out of over $60 BILLION in profit that year]. And Obama’s handpicked Assistant Attorney General, Tony West, whose name has been on all those briefs defending DOMA and DADT, and who was a likely $1 Million-a-year partner at a San Francisco law firm at the time, gave ZILCH. [For the record: I gave $870]

    Back to the story: only four people named Flanigan gave any money re the Proposition, none named Joe, and all opposed it.

  2. Thor says

    An important note: the Canadian politician making the idiot comments is affiliated with the BC Conservatives, not the national Conservative Party. They are not connected, and the BC Cons have no seats in the provincial parliament.

  3. Dickster says

    The last time the BC Conservatives won a seat in the legislature was 1975. Nooobody cares what they stand for. It’s expected that their leader will be a right-wing whack job.
    In the 2005 election, they received 0.55% of votes cast.

  4. Billy says

    Nicollette Sheridan statement is probably true, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Gay guys make bitchy statements like that all the time

  5. says

    Joe Flanigan played Gay (in DANIELLE STEELE’S FAMILY ALBUM), (part included same sex kissing) and was “delighted” with the more homoerotic scenes between his STARGATE ATLANTIS character Maj. Jon Sheppard and David Hewlett’s Dr. Rodney McKay. I doubt he’s a homophobe. Nicollette Sheridan, on the other hand…

  6. vonlmo says

    Nicollette has a secure car.eer awaiting her in H’wood. If arch Jew-hater & homophobe Mel Gibson is still moving air out there, certainly there is no such thing as justice when there’s a dollar to be made.

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