1. Paul R says

    In other news, Democrats had a hearty chuckle, gave thanks, and hoped like hell he somehow gets the nomination (while recognizing that will never happen).

    Seriously, what a waste of time and money. He has zero chance and lacks a speck of decency.

  2. MikeMick says

    Gingrich-Santorum 2012! The hairy boob and the frothy lube. John Steward and Stephen Colbert wouljd have perma-wood.

  3. InExile says

    The BEST way to go after those gays is to run for President! lol People probably forgot about all those divorces and cheating on a dying wife with cancer!

  4. Rowan says

    Yep say all this now but you aren’t the target audience who I bet think this is perfect.

    So yeah, they will vote him in but what can the Dems do to be even greater?

  5. Jason (the commenter) says

    Thrice-married adulterer…

    Pretty judgmental for a liberal blog!

  6. AllBeefPatty says

    Dear Newt,

    You’re not even as popular as Sarah Palin i.e YOU DON’T HAVE A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HELL.

    Furthermore, nobody is going to elect a man named Newt……or Mitt for that matter.

  7. jake says

    Not judgmental at all, Jason, as Mr Gingrich is basing his run on morals and family values it’s correct to call him on it and remind readers of his behavior in the past. He’s also responsible for funneling money into Iowa to get the judges recalled.

  8. mike says

    Wow is he a handsome man! Yeah. He once said that one of his wives wasn’t young or pretty enough to become first lady… He also divorced his first wife when she was being treated for cancer… The GOP is in great shape! lol. Anyone else think that while it’s legal to do these things, you completely piss away your right to criticize gay people when you do? hehe.

  9. HadenoughBS says

    Yesssssssss! The Repuggie sideshow adds another class act. Keep ’em comin’. It’s great for the Dems.

  10. RJP3 says

    Thrice-married adulterer…

    Pretty judgmental for a liberal blog!

    Posted by: Jason (the commenter) | May 11, 2011 6:22:01 PM

    Uh Jason – some of us do not need to have the word hypocrite spelled out for us – think you are not able to pick up the point – come on! you can do it if you try.

    spit on the floor of his wedding tent – the one to the second whore – I mean future First Lady –

  11. Mac McNeill says

    Yes, lets protect the sancity of marriage so this guy can cheat on his next four wives and remarry each time. Its very important that only male and females SCREW IT UP.

  12. Randy says

    If you’re buying what he’s selling, I have a country for sale. Get real! They are all damned to hell, these self rightous hypocritical bigots!

  13. walter says

    just what this country needs another jackass running for president. the repuks should change symbols with dems they have more jackasses.

  14. bravo says

    I love the idea that he is going to raise money and spend it on a wasted cause. He is such a good defender of marriage that he’ll do it 3 times.

    LOVE the use of “thrice” in the text of this post.

    His flip-flop-flip on the Libya invasion was brilliantly awful.

    And his name is Newt!

  15. Outdoors Man says

    I’m sure he’s just in it for the money, you know, PAC money from people like the Koch brothers.

    It’s hard to find someone who will try to ride a half dead elephant. It might roll over and crush you.

  16. Tyron says

    His current wife is expected to be a driving force in his campaign, as she was in his decision to run for office. It is very important that those “family values” voters be constantly reminded of his three marriages, adultery, and that his wife was equally responsible for his infidelity and, because of her campaign involvement, should be subject to the same amount of ridicule as he. Personally I think this is nothing more than an ego feeding publicity stunt because, like him or not, Newt is certainly smart enough to see the (deserved) mud that is going to be flung at both he and his wife and he still has no chance of ever getting the nomination.