1. Rowan says

    He played a really bad game from what I heard in this news piece which was also spot on about the fact that he needs to know how to hold his emotions!

    For chrissakes! I’ve been called all sorts of things in the heat of a game and just say ‘your mum’. That usually makes them more quite, though they really flip and try to come at me but the fact is, they end up paying because I am smart enough to not repeat the crap they have said to me.

  2. Tony says

    He looks like he’s making a business decision. Maybe some actual remorse would be good, instead of just not wanting to pay the fine he will probably get.

  3. yunin says


    I got caught up. A spoiled rich brat said something and I said something back. I apologize. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but, you know, I got caught up. I don’t mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up.

  4. Lloyd says

    Social conscious and political correctness is not on the job description when these people are recruited. Appology is based only on a business decision – make this statement or you are outta here!

  5. Danny says

    Y’know what, guys? I don’t care all that much what motivated these guys–a buzz, a business decision or whatever. What I DO care about is that the message is penetrating even the, perhaps, not-too-thoughtful, that language like this isn’t acceptable because it hurtful to gay people. So rather than making arguments and talking points around whether he “meant” his apology or not, I think we might instead be glad that, christians notwithstanding, the American psyche is finally awakening to the idea that gay people’s feelings and needs are as important as anyone’s.

  6. Fenrox says

    There is a massive difference between a hate slur designed to make a person feel less than human, and an expletive, no matter how hurtful, thrown in quick anger.

    The first one deserves a punishment the second an apology.

  7. mike/ says

    the Chicago Sun-Times within the last couple of weeks did a two page story about his mother, Cécilia Rodhe, a former Miss Sweden as well as an acclaimed artist. the story focused on raising Joachim & his sister in the U.S. as more or less a single parent with his father, who was a former French Tennis champ responsible for the career of one of the best female French tennis champs who was/is openly out, living in France though they remained close.

    after reading the story, if i were Joachim, i’d be more afraid of what my mother might say/do; she sounded like one tough lady not to mention the disappointment she has now…

  8. luminum says

    “I apologize. The fan said something to me that I thought was disrespectful, and I got caught up in the moment, and I said something that I shouldn’t have said. I was frustrated and I don’t mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up.”

    This is the apology I’ve been seeing on other blogs, and ti seems to be a bit better, especially because he acknowledges that “faggot” was something he shouldn’t have said.

    Reading the transcribed apology above rings more hollow to me. Hmm.

  9. Go Galt. Please. says

    Why is it that we are supposed to calmly debate the merits of certain words when people are dying because of the attitude behind those words?
    I see others getting rightfully indigent over other words, but when the shoe is on the other foot they defend the innocence of their motives. Bollocks to that.
    As I explained to a child recently, the F word is what you shout when you’re beating someone to death with a baseball bat.

  10. walter says

    david stern apparently has a lot of work ahead of him to take homophobia out of the nba. these players think they can say anything and their apology is going to make everything alright. this player is a bigger idiot. he saw what went down with bryant and then does the same thing. did he miss the message from the nba that this won’t be tolerated.

  11. ratbastard says

    ‘I don’t mean no disrespect….’

    ——Seriously, he wasn’t born and raised in the projects of any other ‘hood’. He attended good schools. He presumably knows how to speak proper English.

  12. Reggie says

    Part of the problem is that the fine, although huge to most of us, is peanuts compared to the salaries these morons make. So, the fine does little to deter them. It is time to make the punishment hurt. Fire them. Do it once or twice, and even those with limited brain power will get the message.

  13. Randy says

    “I just got caught up.”

    So… is that defense OK for players sing the N-word against fans?

  14. Bucky says

    Thing is, I would never get angry and call someone a ni**er. (Note that I can’t even type that word because most every comments program would automatically delete my comment.) I would never call someone that because it just isn’t a word that is in my vocabulary. It just isn’t a word I use.

    So when the first word out of his mouth is faggot (no problem with the systems letting me type that out), then I know it is a word he is comfortable with saying.