1. Justin Werner says

    Yep. Gotta love “God’s gentle people”. All about being loving, feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, comforting the wronged. Glad to see they’re keeping their Christian priorities straight (so to speak).

  2. Wes says

    They are killing people with these words, you just can’t see their victims in this video. Try Uganda for a better view.

  3. GMB says

    It’s important to note: this is an English paraphrase of Romans chapter 1 (which was originally written in ancient Greek.) It’s one of the epistles of Paul, who was highly, highly influential in the formation of Christian theology. To say that this passage “isn’t Christian” is patently untrue; it’s been part of the Biblical canon for nearly two millennia. As for what it’s REFERRING to? That’s up for debate, and this passage is at the very center of the debate that’s unfolded in modern church practices.

    To say that someone “should die” is NOT RADICAL within Christian teaching; the bulk of Pauline theology teaches that all sinners “should die” for their sins, and that Jesus became the atoning sacrifice who died for us.

    Of course, it’s utter absurdity, but if you’re trying to say that this is a radical position, you’re simply ignorant of one of the central tenets of Christianity.

  4. Rob says

    I’m reading a book right now that I did not expect to be on Torquemeda and the Spanish Inquisition, but that is now a major and chilling plot point. Needless to say it is very disturbing and with idiocy like this, even more frightening. I cannot understand how these self-professed children of god don’t seem to really believe that their all-powerful deity could do his own work if he wanted to.

    Unless they just want an excuse to kill anyone different from them. Hateful, hate-filled people no matter how many times they use the word love.

  5. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @GMB: All true. However, one must always remind “Christians” that the Paul who wrote all those epistles NEVER KNEW JESUS. It is one of the tragedies of Christianity that so much pain has come from taking Paul’s rants and making them official state policy.

    Jesus explicitly threw out the Levitican/Deuteronomian laws of Judaism. Paul then swept in and said: “Er, not so fast. The shellfish law? Sure, it’s gone. That crack about ‘man lying with man as with woman’? Still on. Eewwwwwww.”

    I still maintain that religious piety is simply a socially-acceptable expression of psychotic insanity.

  6. Ian says

    This is great. The more who see the raw hate exposed the better. Maggie has always said she does hate gays, and NOM isn’t about hating gays it’s about preserving “traditional” marriage. Good for any fence sitters to see the lie exposed.

  7. Wes says

    Right, Ian. And what’s more telling than the speaker’s vile words are the supportive reactions from the crowd. Love the sinner my ass. These people are our enemies.

  8. plaintom says

    I strangely prefer this guys honesty. He is not spewing that” love the sinner, hate the sin” crap.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, TED and ONE OF CA 3600.

    Early Christians should have had the so-called Apostle Paul assasinated. He was a sexually repressed lunatic.

  10. walter says

    these so called christians want it both ways they want to be tax free to practice their hatred, but don’t want anybody interfering with their religion. time to end the budget crisis tax the church. they only teach hate any way.

  11. castaway says

    So as they go through their buy-bulls, trying to bring back traditional biblical values, when do they plan on reviving slavery?

  12. Matt26 says

    These people call themselves Christians, yet their words and action speak another language.

  13. anon says

    It only really matters what this guy thinks the Bible means, or the point that he is trying to make. If he is theologically wrong, not many in his audience would probably know that.

  14. Craig says

    Well, preacher, first of all Jesus never said one word about sex of any kind. His concern wasn’t with sex (unlike you), his concern was the brutalization of people unable to defend themselves. He spoke to raw power – like your Catholic church and the evangelical right wing Christians and your Republican political base. He told you to be kind, to love everyone, and to see the face of God in all you meet. The Bible speaks to power, not to sex. It speaks harshly to those in power, those with money who do nothing to help the helpless, and it definitely speaks most harshly to the priesthood and false preachings. Mind your back. God is watching you, preacher.

  15. says

    The Bible is a beautiful & interesting yet inaccurate & flawed collection of books that does not clue us in to much of what we have learned concerning the human condition. Psychology, electricity, molecular biology, astronomy, geography, medicine, chemistry, physics, computers, televisions, automobiles, aircrafts…etc. The list is VERY long about what the Bible does not contain that we understand and know in our lives today as reality.

    Why are people referencing this ancient book to support or attack the rights of LGBT people when not everyone in our nation considers the Bible to be the definitive word on any subject?

    Even if you are a Christian, I hope that you can see how overwhelmingly exhaustive this has become. This is not meant to be disrespectful to Christians or people’s personal beliefs. I am just ready for those beliefs to remain personal and stop leaking all over our nations laws, weighing us all down and further oppressing minorities.

  16. Jesie says

    This man should be arrested for inciting violence. All it would take is for some religious loon that was listening to take him literally and that’s how you have people show up to LGBT events and start shooting. Hey preacher, the Bible says also that ‘thou shalt not kill’…how much blood will be on your hands when said shooting happens?

  17. Rin says

    I still say that it is not Christian because Jesus never said anything like this at all. He gave two commandments about loving people and said that was it. Just two. He also spoke out against condemnation and judgmentalism.

    So…whatever. People will use whatever they want to justify their own fears.

    They will just be the goats that Jesus talks about in Matthew when he says that claiming you follow him won’t get you anywhere, but doing those good works prove you love him.

  18. says

    I’m glad that someone else spotted it was a direct quote from “the good book”. Because otherwise, you’d think that the pastor was having a stroke: IT MAKES NO SENSE IN ENGLISH.

    I do hate it when preachy types start spouting in all this pseudo-King-James-bible-babble – pure obfuscation.

  19. Tigger says

    What’s often overlooked is that the 1st amendment rights of pro-gay, affirming CHRISTIAN denominations who perform and celebrate same sex marriages and ordain openly gay and partnered clergy.

    Why should former Quaker BB turned mentally deficient Catholic’s “choice” of Christian beliefs be the formal law of the land (which is EXACTLY) the opposite of what America was founded upon. Most Catholics are cool and evolved on the subject of gay rights except the No1 queen herself RATsigner…it just dewwwshes like Brown with a win first, assess damage later mentality that have no true understanding if the real Christ.

    What is more Christlike “sleeping on the floor of the hospital room of you best friends mom to provide the family some rest and rejuvenation as they deal with a critical illness..or condemning and demeaning a gay couple that just want to be ok in the light of the law and respected and have their love appreciated..

    Wake up u blind bigots…your lack of evolution is hurting you AND so many others..Just like Jesus would want, sigh,

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “Well, preacher, first of all Jesus never said one word about sex of any kind”

    Actually, CRAIG, Jesus did speak against certain sex sins: fornication and adultery. Of course, those are heterosexual sex sins…then again, with Gay marriage on the rise–we’ll have the equal opportunity to commit adultery too.

  21. AJ says

    People taking the Bible literally has got to be the number one cause of mental illness in this country. How could you NOT go completely bat*hit crazy trying to make it make sense and apply it to modern life, especially the old testament. Personally, and no offense to any Christians out there, but I don’t find the Bible beautiful and inspirational. I find it weird, arcane and incredibly violent. I have never gotten my head around crucifixion, let alone the whole Zombie Jesus thing. A great man was nailed to a cross 2000 plus years ago and no one has forgotten. It reminds me of seeing “The Passion of the Christ” in the theater and hearing 5 and 10 year olds screaming and being removed, traumatized by some of the most horrendous displays of violence I have ever seen. In my opinion, weird and violent and contradictory. NOT inspirational, even as parables. Give me Aesop’s Fables over the Bible any day. More lessons that apply to real life. Just my opinion.

  22. Anthony says

    It’s time to add NOM to the Southern Poverty Law Groups list of hate groups where they belong.

  23. nikko says

    Er, CRAIG, Jesus wasn’t all sweet and silent in the New Testament. How do you read?

  24. Curt says

    I doesn’t matter what the bible says. It’s a book with a lot of stuff in it. Religion is the opiate of the masses.

  25. Bill says

    Re: “Early Christians should have had the so-called Apostle Paul assasinated. He was a sexually repressed lunatic.”

    According to Paul pissed off the residents of Jerusalem because of his preaching against circumcision, so those who prefer “uncut” might want to give him credit for that. The traditional Christian belief is that Paul was beheaded (Roman law made it illegal to crucify a Roman citizen), but there are no records that verify that claim.

    His sexually-repressive writings tended to use some coined term that recent translations render as “homosexuality”, but nobody really knows what Paul actually meant. The best translation is probably “sin du jour”, but that would sound too funny to use, so they simply substitute whatever “sin” is the current hot button. During Martin Luther’s time, the “sin du jour” was masturbation, and the translations reflected that. It’s varied over the years.

    In some of what Paul was ranting about, a suitable translation might be “backroom barebacking” – the Corinthians had pagan temples in which male temple prostitutes were available for sex as part of a fertility rite. There was probably a waiting list where only the hottest bottoms got the job, and nominally straight, drunken 18 year olds probably took advantage of the “service”, given the pagans a marketing advantage that the early Christians lacked. So, rather than improving their marketing, the early Christians went for dissing the competition.