1. anewfan says

    Ditto ALL OF THE ABOVE. Hey Kevin, more like I will definitely see that BECAUSE I’m not a fan of Glee. Who is this Katherine McPhee? Buzz, buzz…

  2. Michael in Toronto says

    I was prepared for the worst … and whaddya know, found the best. Looks really good. And yeah: I’d pay to watch Anjelica Huston read the phone book.

  3. Ruddigore says

    “Introducing” Katherine McPhee? I guess they are just ignoring that whole American Idol thing that previously introduced her to American TV audiences (plus her guest spots on Ugly Betty, CSI: NY, etc.)

  4. Toto says

    Looks like the basic premise of Showgirls, Burlesque, and most of the Step Up movies neutered for primetime with a tinge of Black Swan. Wow, original… pass.

  5. WJS says

    I just said WOW outloud while I’m sitting alone at my computer! This is the first show to make me excited to watch in a long time. Move over “Glee”, the big kids are coming to play!

  6. EJ says

    When . . .I can’t wait ! we are now into mid October and not a word from the network, maybe it’s just too good to produce! And possibly costly, that talent does not come cheap.

    Concept is great but can it work for 13 weeks ?

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