1. Francis says

    Stories like this let you know that there is still good in this world of evil.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    If the employee hadn’t video taped the assault it would have been much harder to charge and convict the attackers.

  3. ohplease says

    I imagine McDonald’s has plenty of security cameras in every one of their locations. The employee is a creep, not a hero.

  4. John Normile says

    I guess for 8 bucks an hour the employee didn’t want to risk his life

  5. ratbastard says

    1) McDonald’s has security cctv

    2) The employees are:

    Poorly paid.

    Are told how to behave under such circumstances; they are not to get involved, only call 911. In fact it’s not unusual for a company to immediately fire employees who, for example, fight back during robberies, etc., The employees TECHNICALLY were following company policy. McDonald’s executives created this policy after serious consideration with expert legal input and input by professional psychologists, etc., The suits in McD’s HQ are of course trying to cover their a** and deflect any blame or responsibility. It’s all about avoiding legal liability of any kind, which why these corporations and their franchises are so convoluted regarding ownership, etc.,

  6. deanybeany says

    The lowlife McDonalds employees stood back and recorded bc they thought it was funny and they wanted to put a good fight on youtube, not because they were scared of the tweens.

  7. ratbastard says

    Sure, they wanted to post something ‘funny’ on youtube or whatever. They also followed company policy. You want to ‘blame’ someone, blame the so-called responsible executives at this particular corporation who institute company policy, hiring practices, pay scale, benefits, etc., MANY serious problems in our society can be blamed directly on government policies and private corporate policies and ‘culture’ created by upper management executives, who then manage to shield themselves from criticism and responsibility. We have a habit of crucifying low level people [either in private employment, government, the military, etc.,] for many things, when it’s privileged upper management [including the very top, the CEOs] who created policies that lead to negative results. Yet somehow, they skate.

  8. Lazlo says

    Well hopefully a trusted news source like towleroad, the Advocate, etc will let us know how we can help Chrissy financially. I hope some at least gives her an interview, maybe a part time job.

  9. Buffy says

    I doubt that company policy is the reason that the McD employees didn’t come to her help (even if McD does have such policy) because you can the employee recording the video LAUGHING during the attack and then urging Miss Polis’ attackers to leave before the police arrives on the scene. So yes, the behavior of the McD employee who recorded the incident is despicable.

  10. JT says

    Uhh, Ratbastard, your posting this as if these minimum wage workers at the counter somehow have the rulebook memorized or even follow the most basic rules anyway. I worked at a McDonalds when I was 18, and there was NO way that they didnt help this woman due to “following the rules and regulations”…it was plain and simple…they were watching a spectacle, either didnt want to get involved or thought it was “funny”. Your implication is that these employees desperately wanted to help but were restrained by a rulebook? Yet we have seen plenty of videos of fast food workers fighting customers themselves for “givin me attitude” or whatever the excuse is. I understand your feelings on the corporate nonsense, but you are giving these workers far too much credit.

  11. ratbastard says


    Let me put this another way you may better understand: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I’m not defending the ahole employees. However, they are following company policy, and if they have ulterior motives for not helping [or laughing] that’s neither here nor there. No one should be surprised when low level and/or poorly compensated people don’t ‘step up to the plate’ so to speak. Why even well compensated people in our society [i.e. anyone with a legal contract, union contract, etc.,] will only do what’s specifically required of them on the job. Not surprising low level employee at will workers follow suit.

  12. ratbastard says

    I just stopped at a local Family Dollar Store. Exact same demographics as the McD’s employees in Baltimore. When another customer and me came into the store, they all scampered and hid, not wanting to I guess ‘serve’ us. I picked up a few items, waited 2 minutes at the counter. No one. I walked out the door with my sh*t. My lucky day. Free dollar store sh*t. I spoke to the other customer outside. She said a dude finally, insolently came to the counter and very lazily, passive aggressively rang up her sh*t, all the time yawning and taking his time. He even didn’t bag anything. When she asked him for a bag, he looked sarcastically at her and said all they have are big bags, are you sure you want a big bag. He then proceeded to flippantly toss her items into a big bag.

  13. Buffy says

    Ugh… I meant to say “you can hear the employee recording the video LAUGHING”

  14. says

    Starting your sentence with “Well, even …” seems to suggest that well-paid people are more likely to be good samaritans than the poor.
    What someone is paid has a bearing on the measure of their humanity?
    Not possible that one could have nothing to do with the other?

  15. ratbastard says

    @Rodney Wollam,

    I suggest nothing of the kind. I stated well-off, well compensated people are just as likely to avoid getting involved in things they perceive don’t involve them, or is not a part of their job [most well paid, well compensated workers have legal contracts, and are not Employee at Will]. If people at the top behave a certain way, why should anyone be surprised by callous behavior by those at the bottom?

  16. James says

    @ Ratbastard: McDonald’s corporate policy does not instruct employees to encourage attacks, and then warn attackers that the cops are coming.

  17. Bob says

    Why is there no mention that this poor unfortunate was brutalized by black patrons? This ‘race protection’ for criminals by gays and fellow liberals is part of the problem. Let us honestly and openly confront who our attackers are and why.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    “Why is there no mention that this poor unfortunate was brutalized by black patrons?”

    We were waiting for you.

    “I just stopped at a local Family Dollar Store. Exact same demographics as the McD’s employees in Baltimore.”

    Yes, indeed, Ratbastard, ya’ gotta’ watch those Demographic people. They oughtta’ ship all their asses back to Demographia…that’s what I say.

  19. ratbastard says


    Obviously not,James. But they did follow the main rule which is don’t get involved, call the police. Posters on here are talking mainly about them not actually physically coming to her aid. They were following company policy. People have issues with this, take it up with the hotshot suits who create such policy and our legal system which can turn on a good samaritan on a dime.

  20. ratbastard says

    Derrick, Derrick,Derrick……*sigh*….. Derrick, I’m only relating the truth. Everybody with a brain and any experience in life knows the score, even if many are cowered into not discussing it for fear of ‘offending’.

    And Derrick, I’m not racist. I grew up in ‘diverse’ environments. I live in ‘diverse’ and ‘multicultural’ environments. I attended schools [including higher ed] in ‘diverse’ environments. I work in a ‘diverse’ environment. I had black friends [close black friends] growing up. I have black friends now. We often talk about these certain types I describe here, and it’s often they who bring up the subject first, not me. Many black people hate ‘ghetto’ folks just as much as anyone else, maybe more.

    My use of the phrase ‘demographics’ was used directly for people like you, Derrick. Poeple who’re easily offended. But of course, you still found offense. The subject matter itself offends you.

  21. Bob says

    @Derrick — look at the video. Look at who the attackers are? Why is facing a fact so unpalatable? The simple truth is — the poor person was brutalized by blacks. If you can look at the video and see something else, something invisible to the rest of us, point it out, and I’ll eat the tape. But you can’t — it’s not there.

  22. Randy says

    If someone’s getting brutally beaten, I’ll say “to hell with my job at McDonalds that can be replaced by any other place nearby” and help them, instead of just recording it and laughing audibly about it on said recording.

    That’s because I’m human.

    Sorry to hear that you’re not, @RATBASTARD.

  23. says

    Bob, to paraphrase Martin Luther King, the color of their skin is not indicative of their content of character. Just turn over to YouTube. You’ll find plenty of “white trash” women doing the same kinds of things.