1. Francis says

    You talked about my dog, so I’m going to beat you up. You’re not really a woman, you’re a man, so I’m going to beat you like one.

    Typical thug mentality. Handle conflict with violence.

    So tired of hearing LGBT people being beaten for simply living. Beyond time we fight back and give these animals who attack us a taste of their own medicine.

  2. ratbastard says

    ‘Charged with malicious wounding by mob are 18-year-old Laquita Webb and 19-year-old Farkeem French.’



    Unless you’re interested in particularly obnoxious verbal abuse and probable physical assault, don’t say anything to ‘kids’ named Laquita and Farkeem about their dog [pit?]. Just avert your gaze [don’t make eye contact, that’s a sign of aggression in them] and get out of the situation asap. Especially if you’re a transgendered woman. Being white doesn’t help either.

    I also wonder if alcohol was involved. No one in their right mind [especially a transgendered woman] would start an argument with ‘kids’ named Laquita and Farkeem on a Saturday afternoon in suburban Virginia. Or any other time.