Movies: Trees of Life, Nudity as Comedy, Sailors on Leave

Penises have been used as comic props for many years now (Sideways, Borat, etcetera). The last frontier would be if Hollywood admitted that cocks aren't just for comedy; they've got mad drama skills, too! Think about it: when was the last time a mainstream Hollywood movie showed man parts in a way that wasn't meant to make the audience LOL? Take your time. Think long and hard. And, no, British movies don't count.

We'll wait.



This image of Tom Hardy's back as "Bane" in The Dark Knight Rises, the Batman film that's shooting now, got the internet all hot and bothered this week, but it's hardly the first time Tom Hardy has given a lot of back in the movies. If you haven't seen his coming out party as a Star Actor, check out BRONSON which is available for instant watch on Netflix. It's quite an odd movie, but he gives a lot of back — front, too, and not for comedic purposes.

But remember: British movies don't count.

In honor of Fleet Week, currently in session here in NYC, four classic silver screen sailors from the movies.


Will you be shipping off with Jack Nicholson, Gene Kelly, Steve McQueen or Brad Davis?