1. says

    Roll on June 26th – though hope this season is better than the last one!

    Yep I’m watching Game Of Thrones – though I like it rather than LOVE it at the moment

  2. Jack M says

    Since he’s playing a werewolf, shouldn’t he have at least a little chest hair?

  3. Clayton says

    such a guilty summer pleasure. and yes, i watch game of thrones, accidentally got hooked!

  4. says

    Hephaestion, have you seen the picture above?

    If Manganiello were reading recipes on QVC with his shirt off, I’d be glued to every word.

  5. iseepinkelefants says

    The last 5 seconds, a hint that Eric will indeed be suffering from amnesia? Excuse me while I squeal like a 12 year old girl. FINALLY! I hope Ball got the hint and quits trying to make Bill happen.

  6. says

    Couldn’t get the video to play, but just looking at the screenshot, I can say that Manganiello’s body is unbelievable and definitely worth watching. The show itself, however, definitely took a dive last season.

  7. Tony says

    Sookie is out of her f–kin’ mind. He can growl for me anytime. Even MORE if they let his chest hair grow back!

  8. S says

    I get the feeling that a lot of folks don’t realize this show is closely following the books by the original creator of the characters, Charlaine Harris. Alan Ball has done a really great job with the show, but he’s gotten a pretty nice story roadmap with genuine characters because of Harris.

  9. tipster says

    Joe works out at the 24 Hour Fitness at Sherman Oaks Galleria. You’re welcome. :-)

  10. KK says

    Since he’s playing a werewolf, shouldn’t he have at least a little chest hair?


  11. Manfred says

    I was disappointed with the season finale, why have a cliff hanger and then resolve it in the same episode? Dumm. And werewolves only grow their hair out when the moon is full. duhh.

  12. Eric26 says

    His body is so hot it’s ridiculous, but it still can’t make me start watching the show again. If Mechad Brooks was still on it (I was very displeased when they killed him off) AND Joe Mangienello… well then I would make an exception.

  13. says

    I love Tyrion Lannister. Peter Dinklage performs really amazing in game of thrones. He is small, but he presents a way he is attractive and cunning. Personally, I think there is some sad thoughts deep in Tyrion’s mind. He loves his family but his father hates him because of her mother’s death when gave birth to him. More, his father and brother plan the thing for him to prostitute and ruin love for him because the girl he first falls in love with is proved to be a prostitute. Then he speaks something to Jon Snow, the bastard son of Lord Eddard, which shows his wisdom and bitter feelings in his heart. Anyway, Peter is amazing in this show. I love him!