1. Francis says

    I read the updated report this morning. Supposedly, a pack of Eastern European men were pointing and laughing and talking loudly, likely directed at this gay couple, and followed behind them until they got a clear opportunity to attack.

    This area of Portland gets pretty sketchy at night, so it’s sad this happened, if not overly surprising. My heart goes out to the two victims, who are taking this situation well and not letting it deter their every day lives. Just goes to show that there are thugs everywhere, even in liberal Portland. Insecure, disaffected thugs commit hate crimes. I wish that people would not turn everything racial like usual, and instead realize that it’s culture combined with personality disorders that create these types of animals, who beat gays for sport.

  2. ratbastard says

    Several things:

    FIGHT BACK. Unless you’re physically and/or mentally incapacitated, you should be able to defend yourself.

    There are a lot of ‘Eastern European’ immigrants in the northwest. And many are very homophobic, bigoted, and don’t get along with others. Most also belong or were raised in very conservative religious backgrounds. Listening for many years to radical ‘progressives’ I also figured communism would have left a more positive legacy. Obviously not.

    Portland and the northwest may be ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ [parts], it’s also a center of neonazi movements and skins. Real skins. And as more ‘minorities’ move there [including many illegals], and as crime and incidents increase, expect that situation to get worse.

  3. Rin says


    usually (oddly) I agree with you. However, I’ve lived overseas in Russia and other parts of Eurasia. My parents were some of those Eastern Block Commies before they escaped here.

    People are not overly religious from these countries. Maybe Poland, but you don’t see a HUGE influx of Poles. You see Ukrainians, Russians, etc.

    There was within Communism what they considered a “scientific” approach to homosexuality that we in the US would find close to the US religious perspective. Communism was not progressive towards homosexuality, at least, not as they practiced it.

    Homophobia is directed mostly at male homosexuals in these countries and I think it (once more) harkens back to an anti-femme/misogynistic backlash. In other more Russian words: it’s not “manly” and Russians are MANLY!

  4. Francis says

    I obviously do not support anyone saying Eastern Euros should move back where they “belong”, since hate crimes are done by Americans 95% of the time, not immigrants or transplants. With that said, especially in the Northwest, there is a definite issue with neo-nazi’s and skinheads, who are aggressive, violent, and bigoted. In any case, this is a horrible story and I hope the trash are caught. The response has been nice to see, though, and the couple is very strong and continues to hold hands in public regardless.

    America is improving on the gay issue but there will always be hate, sadly. We just have to counter it by being strong, being honest, and continuing living our lives without fear.

  5. mitch says

    is portland Liberal? I was turned away from a bar in down town just for being gay. The bar has several pool tables. A straight couple had invited me so I decided to go. I was turn away by the bouncer…the straight couple was allowed in. I was told it was because I was wearing a tank top so I put a zip-up hoody on over the tank and zipped it up. The bouncer still refused me entrance. I also had an incident while walking my dog down SE division street a man driving by yelled at me “do you want me to F— you in the A–“. Is Portland really Liberal?