1. Mother(f****r) says

    While my heart goes out to these people; as they would say, you reap what you sow. God smites those who spread hate. The wrath of God is swift and strong. The south and mid-west have been spreading anti-gay, racist, and religious intolerance and hatred not just in their own states, but across the country, and even around the world (Uganda anyone?). I see this, as they would if it were an earthquake in California, as God’s justice!

  2. Jerry says

    We liberals dont have it in us to think that way for long…thats what makes us liberals. Now and again though Mother, I do happen to share your sentiment.

  3. kodiak says

    Absolutely devastating. The intensity and duration of the twister is at the top level of destructive capabilities. It’s luck if people survive
    a storm like this. Basements don’t offer much protection. It ripped the bark off the trees. My heart goes out to all those in Joplin affected by this storm.

  4. Dean says

    Once again I can rely on Towleroad commenters to provide the most hateful statements I’ll hear all day.

    Obviously your heart does not go out to them.

  5. TyN says

    Your sweeping generalization of the South and Midwest is childish. It may provide some comic relief, but you fail to realize there are still progessive thinkers in those areas. There are also LGBT men, women, and children that like living there or just haven’t had the opportunity to get out yet.

  6. D.R.H. says

    I’m disgusted that people would agree with Mother. You’re no better than the WBC. Well done, homos!

  7. AJ says

    Really, Mother? What about the tornado that just destroyed major parts of North Minneapolis yesterday afternoon. I know several people that live in the area and NONE of them are racist, homophobic bigots but friends and family members who were just trying to get by and who will vote resoundingly NO on the stupid marriage amendment this November. Maybe god was after the old man who was killed at the corner of 36th and Fremont when a tree went through his van window. I agree that such talk is no better than the vile hatred of the WBC. And anyone who can watch that Fastrip Convenience Store video and not feel anything but terror and pity for the poor souls trapped is not even HUMAN in my book. Notice that the people in there are talking about nothing but love when the tornado hits. Love for what seems to be total strangers. I am praying for them all. And if I happen to pray for the worst bigot on the face of the earth, then so be it. No one deserves the destruction of tornadoes, no matter what their political stance.

  8. Henry Holland says

    Luckily for Mother, there’s no anti-gay h8 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Manhattan, otherwise his rant would be a lie.

    Oh, wait….

    “A debris ball is the radar seeing actual debris suspended in the air by the tornado”


    Those storm chasers are crazy, but that’s some amazing footage.

  9. james Brown says

    Love and Prayers to the People of Joplin, Missouri! This is heartbreaking… and also terrifying… one of these tornadoes could hit any of us! This must be signs of climate change… what will it take for us to wake up and respond to these severe signs???

  10. Chadd says

    The video in the convenience store is truly terrifying. I don’t agree with the first comment or any others that imply someone deserves the wrath of nature because I think it is completely random. However, as an atheist, I am always perplexed by people who pray to Jesus and the Heavenly Father to protect them from the tornado because according to their own believe system, the God that they are praying to for salvation from the storm is the same God that sent the storm in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for these people and hope that they are able to rise from the destruction as better people, I just don’t understand the inconsistencies of their religion.

  11. AJ says

    @CHADD: It’s not inconsistent if you have faith. Your own personal spiritual beliefs (no matter what they are) come slamming into full focus in situations like this. Many believe that God is testing them when something like this happens and they are praying for His help but also begging Him to spare them. It makes no sense to a true Atheist, but its something to hold onto in times of such terror when the building around you is crumbling to pieces. It may not seem like much to some people, but it was everything for that woman.

  12. Bart says

    @MotherF*** your ignorance is about as slimy and disgusting as it gets. You know nothing about this city, these people, and you write such a hateful and vile posting. May you reap what you sow, brother. But being you must be enough punishment.

  13. jakeinlove says

    Mother, as much as I would like to agree I can’t. Throwing generalizations out like that is exactly the same kind of behavior that is directed at the GLTBQ community. “They’re gay so they must be pedophile sodomite drug users.

    89 people lost their lives.

  14. john says

    this isn’t the forum for anti-religion talk. thousands of people have just had their lives, homes, etc.. wiped away by a natural disaster.
    Take a second out of your need to say “I told you so” and show some compassion.
    and to the ass who said “well done homo’s” as if we are ALL hatefull?…seriously you want to throw us all together in one pile? like Mother has done to everyone in Joplin and the south? Stupidity knows no bounds.
    My sympathies go out to everyone who was affected by this tragedy.

  15. says

    My feeling is that Mother posted the comment as irony to show us that chances are good someone elsewhere on a different site posted a similar comment saying that gays were the cause of all this destruction and death, and not to cause such ire to all here.

    Incidentally, heart out to Joplin.

  16. says

    One of my oldest friends in the world lives in Joplin, and missed the tornado by about a mile…. so needless to say, Mother, I find your comments not just in bad taste, but outrageous and unacceptable.

  17. says

    It’s not the wrath of God, it’s the wrath of nature, Mother. There’s no difference between what you said, and the folks who say everything’s the fault of the gays.

    Those poor people. This Oklahoman is sending prayers to them, and a check to the Red Cross.

  18. says

    Why Freedom from Homosexuality is Important:

    In a blind Survey, 73% of Homosexual Men confessed that they were sexually attracted to young males and boys.

    God Sent Tornado After Lutherans Endorse Homosexuality

    It is NOT an Accident that these cities getting devastated by these natural disasters had a high Homosexual activity or had churches and religious people who had accepted the perversion as normal.

  19. says

    People need to read ‘mothers’ remarks as I did…as SARCASM.

    If you don’t think the theocrats will not find a way to blame homosexuality, read PLYMOUTH’s remarks above!

  20. Austin says

    @Plymouth, how long have you had this attraction to young boys, are your children part of your fantasies, I guess U practice what you preach, may you be raped with a broken bottle, hope I have my hand on it at the time.

  21. D.R.H. says

    John, you need to read before you spout. If you had read the first sentence you would know that I was directing my disgust at homos who agreed with Motherf*ckface. Change your maxipad and count to 3.

  22. Babydaddy says

    I think Mother’s comment is best taken as a rhetorical joke regarding parity. If a California earthquake is a holy commentary on California, or a Japanese Tsunami is a godly warning to Japan, then so should people from Missouri, and yes, Minnesota, take warning from God that He is displeased with them. If God only smites those with whom He is angry, then clearly He’s angry with Missouri and Minnesota. Is it a callous joke? Bitter? Insensitive? Definitely. But callous, bitter, and insensitive are all adjectives I’d use to describe the people he’s lampooning. I don’t believe for minute that a god is punishing humans for anything, and I doubt Mother does either. But one look at this comment thread and you can’t deny his comment’s power to insight conversation.