1. DC says

    This is the best Un-birthday present EVER!!! I never dreamed there would be new Blondie – and it’s almost as if they’ve never really been away. I was a toddler when ‘Heart of Glass’ was a hit, and loved Blondie because my big sister was a fan (along with Kiss). I can’t wait to share this with her!

  2. Von Lmo says

    The name of the club was called Mothers. No Jane County cameo? Where was the Johnny Thunders goul? Thank God ace drummer Clem was up there, he’s the only one still moving air on that stage.

  3. says

    Blondie old friend , I missed you! FYI, you are looking a little like Dolly Parton and the song sounds like it may have been written for Kelly Clarkson. That’s not a bad thing at all, I just thought we should have this conversation.

  4. Codswallop says

    Dolly Parton? Yeah, that works I guess.

    I was thinking more Mae West in Sextette.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was and am a HUGE Blondie and Debbie fan. (Less a fan of their hits than their songs that were never singles, like Flight 45, Rifle Range, Angels On A Balcony, Debbie’s “Chrome,” etc.) She doesn’t really look *bad*, but she is 66 now. She needs to careful before she becomes a parody.

  5. Bryan says

    I’ve been mad for Blondie since she shared her coke with me in a bathroom stall at Last Hurrah in 1979. It’s a great sound.

    But… Harry doesn’t need all that engineering thinning out her voice – some idiot has given her an edge-ectomy – and egads… did she get that grisly matron makeup done at a mall in Jersey? The vide already has sufficient zombies and only Dolly Parton should look like Dolly Parton.

    Given the huge increase in the average age of Americans in the past couple of decades, somebody’s going to have to figure out how to rock without being either young or a parody of yourself at 25.

  6. Mark in Indiana says

    I don’t care what she looks like–it’s Debbie Freakin’ Harry! I still remember driving my parent’s old Oldsmobile over to Fort Wayne Indiana for some gay r & r and praying, hoping, waiting for WMEE radio to play “Heart of Glass.” I’ll never get over this chick, not even “Rockbird” killed me.

  7. says

    I love how these ‘fans’ comment about how Debbie is in danger of becoming a parody of herself when the most they have done in their lives is logged onto to the internet to trash people. It’s a good song and Debbie is one one hardest working women in the business. Let’s face it, the current stratosphere has no room for anything like Blondie anymore. We are all American Idolized.

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