1. Derrick from Philly says

    Why should the Obama Administration be on the same level as the terrorist garbage that put out videos and photographs of beheadings?

    Did Harry Truman have to show us photos of Hitler’s burnt remains…or Eva’s?

    Do you really want to see an old man with a portion of his head blown away and pieces of brain matter spilled all over? I guess he wasn’t wearing his turban.

  2. badlydrawnbear says

    The reason not to release the photo can be found in the post below this “The Situation in the Situation Room”.

    I can only begin to imagine the “fun” people would have with the Bin Laden photo. It could be the next “rick roll”, or “photo bomb”, how often would it show up in some asshat’s “music video”.

    The burning of a single Koran by some unknown pastor in some backwater town in FL resulted in a dozen innocents people being killed. I can only imagine the fallout after a bunch of ignorant, racists, or just plain stupid people get their hands on it.

    No, the photo should not be released.

  3. Codswallop says

    I don’t think it should be released to the public. First of all, and Jon Stewart talked about this with Rachel Maddow when she was a guest, it’s not going to stop any conspiracy theories. “Look at that shadow! This is obviously a Photoshop job!” or “If you look at this photo of bin Laden from 1995, his nose is smaller. That’s a stand-in!” So what’s the point?

    There are already Tea Party dicks bitching because he was given a decent burial, that they didn’t wrap his body in pork fat then let New Yorkers play rugby with his head. But you know what? We killed him. He’s dead. He paid for 9/11 with his life. But we still have military personnel over there and there’s no reason to make their lives more dangerous just so Jimmy Joe down at the trailer park can wear a T-shirt with the picture on it and some pithy slogan.

    If they want to show the photo to a select group of respected journalists, fine. But turning it into fodder for LOLcat and FAIL slogans isn’t going to do any good and could do lots of harm. I do think they should be open about other evidence, the DNA match and where the comparison sample came from, etc.

  4. ohplease says

    I’m all for the free-flow of information. Nobody needs this information because we already have the information this information provides. It won’t change a thing.

    The one and only thing that will come of it is that it will be something we will all see every day for the rest of our lives because people who hate this country — both domestic and abroad — will never stop publishing it constantly on the Internet.

    I do not need to see that photo once, let alone constantly forever. Nobody needs to see that photo once. It won’t change a thing except to make things worse.

  5. Daveny says

    How about allowing the 9/11 families that want to see it, see it. Not some random person that just wants to see it to satisfy his/her morbid curiosity.

  6. anon says

    We would not be showing the video of OBL getting shot, just the image of him having been shot. Likewise, JS recommended that alternative that the photo be shown to top journalists but not released. I can’t see any objections to that.

  7. ratbastard says

    ‘Killing’ Osama is public relations-wise a big deal. In reality, I doubt his death well make any difference tactically for Al Qaeda and he was probably mostly a figurehead of sorts. But the U.S. government really should offer some absolute proof [using independent and diverse people and means] that U.S. special forces did really kill Osama a few days ago, and they really did dispose of his body in the ocean.

    This PR coup for Obama could easily backfire. People in 2011 just don’t automatically accept government words and pronouncements like they used to.

    And why did he have to be killed? Why didn’t they want to capture him alive? Seems pretty obvious. He knew a lot of stuff the U.S. and other governments didn’t want the world and their citizens to know.

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