1. Paul says

    Come on…did you not understand the point of Stewart’s argument ? Selective outrage on the part of Fox News. I am not sure how to make that clearer to you. Fox feeds a narrative and never ever tells the truth. The Common White House visit means literally nothing.

  2. Wes says

    Common should NOT even be an issue.

    But of course when right wing bigots set the narrative, we go along with whatever they want us to talk about.

  3. Rowan says

    Why is Common going to the white house? What has he done? But then what has anyone done that the Obama’s invite? They are so nutty about celebs!

  4. Wes says

    He was just going for some lame poetry thing that no one would even notice if it was a white guy like Bono (who Stewart pointed out has written in defense of a cop killer). GET OVER IT. At least blame Obama for real sh*t these ODS flare ups are getting ridiculous.

  5. breckroy says

    Support for the arts is a legitimate function of the leader of our country and since we are one of the countries that does NOT have a cabinet level Department/Ministry of the Arts and Culture, the White House has had a number of roles over many administrations, ranging from the Kennedy Center Honors to individual performances at the White House, where the President is associated with artists in such a way as to raise the profile of the art form. It makes perfect sense to have Common at the White House if you wanted to show, especially to kids, that poetry isn’t always stuffy poet laureates reading verse a kid can’t understand. And since rap is both popular and widespread as an art form (purchased primarily by white suburban kids, remember?) it made sense to have a rapper who dabbles in spoken word poetry there to raise the profile.

    The questions of whether Common supports cop killing or race-based violence or mysogyny are ridiculous. If you listen to his body of work you can see that he actually is quite subversive (with regard to the gangsta/playa rap standard) on those topics, challenging black people to rise above those themes and be what their potential says they can be. If you’re going to invite a rapper to help demonstrate the nexus of rap and poetry, you can’t pick a better mainstream rapper than Common.

    Now if you don’t believe that a first lady should be doing “urban” dancing like the Dougie, (something we heard commentators talking about last week when Michelle went to a DC middle school to promote a lifelong commitment to fitness) or that mainstream rappers should be welcomed to the White House under any circumstances, I’d suggest that your issue isn’t with President Obama, it’s with his youth, his race, and the fact that he and his wife refuse to tone down who they authentically are just to get along.

  6. tranquilo says

    @Rowan. Of all things to take potshots at Democrats for, it would seem that adulation of celebrities would be one you’d leave alone. The party of the Gipper, Gopher, Cher’s Ex, and the Terminator (and Palin and Trump and and and) is hardly in a position to go after Dems on this one. Dems don’t love celebrities more; they just have the better ones.

  7. Truth says

    I wonder if any of the commenters against Common’s invite to the White House bothered to research his activism, which includes animal rights, AIDS education, LGBT, and anti-bullying. Maybe that’s why he was invited …

  8. Codswallop says

    It’s all about Fox’s selective outrage and the way they create fake “controversies” when none really exist, all for political motives.

    Obama is riding high right now after the death of Osama bin Laden so the Republicans and their media arm Fox NEED a “scandal” to damage his numbers. And as they always do, if there isn’t a real scandal, they make one up, and if they have to completely mis-characterize Common’s body of work in order to achieve that, so be it. They throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. They’re doing this ALL THE TIME. This rapper “scandal” isn’t the first or last. It’s like with Health Care Reform. They said all sorts of crap about that but it was “Death Panels” that resonated with some of the public even though it was demonstrably false. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it worked and they were able to derail and control the debate.

    And Fox knows their audience, which skews older, white, and with a significant amount of racism. So what’s their narrative for a poetry event at the White House, something that would normally generate about a paragraph of news coverage? “OMG Obama has gone and done it now! He has invited one of those scary GANGSTER RAPPERS to the White House, like those scary black kids with their ass hanging out of their pants and that music we don’t understand! He advocates KILLING WHITE PEOPLE and he PRAISES COP KILLERS! See, we told you he’s one REALLY RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE!”

    The IS no controversy here. Fox praises Ted Nugent all the time (Huckabee even played “Cat Scratch Fever” with him the other day) even though he has said violent things about living people, Obama and Hillary Clinton in particular. But Fox doesn’t want to talk about that, they want to talk about the GANGSTER RAPPER (read: scary black guy) the Obamas are “promoting.”

  9. Bart says

    This whole thing is non-issue. There’s no outrage other than the panties-in-a-bunch variety that Fox likes to create. There aren’t “millions” of people “outraged” over this as O’Reilly states. Really, outraged? Does Murdoch get a dollar from someone everytime that word is used on his station? Because they use it a lot on Fox News. Not only when there there is no real outrage, there isn’t even real interest other than at that newslet.

    Seriously, there’s no discussion here about anything because there is simply no air in this balloon (it’s all in O’Reilly’s chest.) Though it’s always fun to watch Stewart bait O’Reilly, let O’Reilly pontificate and bluster and then have Stewart drop the hammer on him so joyously and hilariously, I can’t believe this much time and energy was spent arguing whether or not Common should be allowed at a poetry reading at the White House. It’s idiotic.

  10. Eric26 says

    I think it’s an important discussion to have. If you’ve seen some of Fox’s coverage on the Common story it is some of the most amazingly racist stuff I’ve seen on TV.

  11. Randy says

    @COME ON: “Common should not be allowed in the WHITE house.”

    I fixed it to actually match your only point.

    Seriously, this has nothing to do with anything the man has said or done. He’s black and people who watch fox news are racist.

    @BOB: I’m guessing you were watching a completely different video than the rest of us, because Stewart DESTROYED everything O’Reilly had to say in every way.

  12. Glen says

    Diversion – an age old tactic. The GOP can’t overcome Obama being the one to get Osama so they chip away at him via diversion. Outrage that a cop killer is in the white house…you present lies as fact and people believe it. Look how the whole state of iowa thinks he was not born in the USA still. Thanks FOX FAIR AND BALANCED!!

  13. JT says

    Dear BOB

    So…after taking a moment to read that link you posted, the only thing that you consider ‘Art” is stuff done between 60 and 200 years ago, and entirely European. It also is a very telling thing that it is what you focus on, because between the lines, all I hear is “That urban black “art” has no place in our culture”
    Sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but its 2011, we arent in an episode of “Mad Men”, and more than one culture lives and thrives in this nation. If you cant handle that, I suggest firing up the old black and white TV and rewatching rebroadcasts of “My Three Sons” so you feel better.
    A human that lives in current times…

  14. Bob says

    @JT — Wow.

    Obviously you can’t read. What the guy at is saying is that a White House that goes from Gielgud and Stravinsky and Robert Frost, et. al, in less than 50 years to Common is an aesthetically and culturally debased one. You can cry racism and “living in current times” all you want, but if you can’t make the aesthetic distinction, then obviously all of your taste is in your mouth.

  15. Bbobob says

    @JT – Wow. Did you read the same article?

    What the guy at was saying is that for the White House to go from John Gielgud, Stravinsky, Robert Frost, Shakespearean reading by Basil Rathbone to performances by Common is a sign of overall cultural decay. You can scream racism or the fact that you’re “living in the real world” all you want, but the aesthetic argument is sound. And if you think Common is equal to, say, Henry V, then obviously your taste is all in your mouth.

    Now you can go back to watching reality TV.

  16. Jedi says

    Why is it the FIRST comments in controversial posts, like this one, are ALWAYS negative, button-pushing, trolling, instigating, small-minded, ignorant comments made by people like “COME ON…”?

    Am I the only one that notices?

    And am I the only one that noticed the intentional “Common / COME ON…” syntax attempt? (Such a wordsmith, you are!)

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    ” for the White House to go from John Gielgud, Stravinsky, Robert Frost, Shakespearean reading by Basil Rathbone”

    Yeah, too bad Jacqueline Kennedy isn’t booking the White House entertainment anymore.

    Well, maybe President Obama will invite more guest performers in the Classical European tradition to the White House during his 2nd term in …if he feels like it.

  18. Hollywood, CA says

    The thing I do really love is that Bill O’Reilly really does like JS. You can tell that he would much rather debate with him than people who just agree with him. And, Stewart doesn’t try and belittle(sp)Bill, he really tries to get through to him. He is a class act.

  19. bravo says

    I think it’s fine that President Obama invites persons who interest him. If I were president, I’d be inviting musicians and poets I like.

    (I wouldn’t have invited Common – my controversial invite would have been Deborah Voigt post-gastric bypass surgery – there’s less of a lustre to her voice, but I still love her. So there, haters, go at me for inviting Debbie. Go ahead.)

  20. ratbastard says

    Of course Fox engages in selective outrage. But so doesn’t ‘progressive’ media sources. ‘Progressive’ media hate Fox primarily because Fox kicks their a** in ratings. Nothing more to it really than that. And O’Reilly is actually far from being a ‘wingnut’ or extreme right-winger. But he is their [Fox] most successful news/talk/opinion show, and he slays his ‘progressive’ opponents, so naturally he’s a big target. Isn’t my honesty refreshing? I’m not even saying I like and/or agree with either of these guys, I’m just stating simple facts.

  21. GraphicJack says

    The Weather Girls is one of his favourite groups? Did I just hear that right? WTF? And the look Stewart gives him afterwards is priceless.

  22. Sharon Falconner says

    The White House welcomes torturers like Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and numerous foreign monsters and murderers all the time.

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