1. topher says

    This is beautiful. I’m 29 and still remember it as if it was yesterday. It is so disheartening to see that in 12 years so little has changed. The media is one thing, but homophobia in society runs so deep that I fear 12 years from now having still to read about hate crimes all over the place.

    PS: This is relevant since this is our reality, and it is so disheartening to see it has 0 comments! Meanwhile people are fighting over the new Gaga video the way people fight over religions. Crap. How the f*ck are things going to change?

  2. Michael says

    Beautiful and so incredibly tragic.A young man who should STILL be alive today and never should have had what happened to him happen.This is a VERY powerful reminder of why we must continue to fight hatred and STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR IT also.RIP Matt heartbreaking to this day and always will be.

  3. Kyle says

    I resisted watching this, but I’m really glad I did. It does look like a very, very worthwhile, and important, film.

  4. Beau says

    This film, while being a labor of love, is an extremely important part of our history. When it happened, I felt the grief of the parents. I can’t begin to describe it. Matthew Shepard’s death was an inexcusable, and thoughtless casualty in the war for equality for the LGBT community. That’s right people, I said war, and in my opinion, that makes Matthew Shepard a very important hero in it. Please help Michele Josue.

  5. Jesse says

    That film is so important to tell people not to look away but to stand against the haters!!! Through this film you give a name to the victim, not any anonymous person. I don’t know Matt but still that happening makes me cry so bad! I just can’t get it how people can do such things! Wis h you all the best with your project and God bless!

  6. Jesse says

    and sorry to spam but I just feel so bad about it and it makes me so sick that people did not even at his funeral leave him rest in peace. I mean, how can put up tose hateful banners? A life has been taken in a very unhuman, horrifying way and all those haters care about is his sexuality as if it was a bigger sin than murder (given, homosexuality was a sin), no empathy and that tearing my heart! Why????