1. TomJ says

    This is newsworthy here at Towleroad? Less of this, puhleez. (Cute guy, though.)

  2. Kyle Sullivan says

    Love it. Adorable dude with cute critter…or cute dude with adorable critter. Either way works for me.

  3. nathan says

    It’s nice to think that we’re altruistic enough to want to help out another species just because we see they need help. This reaffirms my faith in humanity for the day. Or at least the afternoon.

  4. Joe says

    Aw don’t be mean, a few cute feel good articles help drown out all the nasty GOP news.

  5. Smartypants says

    Thank you for the informative video on sloth-lifting. I have heard that they can be extremely dangerous with their long claws. The next time I have to move a strange sloth, I feel more secure knowing how to pick it up and transport it safely. This is why I read the internets.

  6. Andalusian Dog says

    Sloths are damn ugly and scary looking, but you gotta feel for this poor little guy. Here’s an “awwwwww” frowny face….;(

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    I understand that in C.R. there are overhead lines just designed for the sloth to use. Some times the poor creatures use the electric lines and some get shocked. It’s nice the police or who ever that handsome guy was showed up and knew what to do.

  8. Mike in Asheville says

    Loved the video — thanks Andy. I have had the lucky experience to spot a few sloths along the Amazon — they are very difficult to find since they are sloths and only move a few inches per hour. What a treat to see one actually crawling along.

    I agree with other comments — I love your little breaks from the tedious tension fighting the Religious Reich!

  9. Jason 2 says

    Honestly how can anyone think that thing is cute? It’s creepy. It looks like some kind of zombie alien creature with vicious talons that it will rip you apart with in slow motion.

  10. RONTEX says

    Andy, your blog is perfect…haters and bitter queens just gonna hate.
    Besides, there is always room in the day for cute men and cuter animals.

  11. Allen says

    Sloths ugly?! WTF?

    Secondly I’m all for these kinds of stories/videos. There are only so many stories, of the GOP trying to screw us over, that you can read in a row without wanting to go all “Kobayashi Maru!”

  12. ratbastard says

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country and sloths are cool. I love the background sound of nature, in this case a subtropic rainforest.

  13. fritzrth says

    For a sloth, that guy was moving! A regular Jesse Owens of the sloth world B-)

  14. says

    I have done this with a Gila monster, rattlesnakes, and a Desert Tortoise here in Arizona. If you don’t, nasty people will purposely run them over.

  15. Shane says

    Aww. Hottie has a heart of gold. I was really hoping they weren’t going to let him crawl out into the road (while they all took pictures).

  16. says

    Yay! A post about my homecountry! Did you the hot guys legs? He’s def a soccer player .. or ranger or something .. someone told him to use a belt to pick it up and the hot guy said “Dont worry, I know how to handle it” .. and he knew.

    Awww … nice change from the rest of the stuff you see in Manuel Antonio (I love it but with all the tourists Im starting to dislike the area .. absolutely beautiful tho)