1. vonlmo says

    just another reason why there should be a “fidelity in marriage” act, whereby any republican politician would be turned out of office upon learning of marital infidelity.It wouldn’t have worked in Ahrnold’s case.

  2. I knew he wasn't gay says

    Do Republicans have to do this to run in their primaries? So they can say that Jesus forgave them and so should you?

    I wonder if the Pope will comment. I’m sure AS was a big Sunday donor to the church of Maria’s choice.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Remember boys and girls that this was the man who VETOED marriage equality legislation. Had he not done that it’s quite possible that California would still have marriage equality today.

  4. ohplease says

    This is someone with a DECADES-long history of sexually assaulting women. Everyone has always known what this creep is. How could Maria not know? Are all the Kennedy women hard-wired to be victims?

    For that matter, why do Californians keep electing washed-up Republican actors to government positions when that has NEVER worked out well for anyone?

  5. says

    What a jerk. With his ‘family values’ and all. Self-serving, too. Waiting until after he leaves office to tell anyone. Creep. I hope his wife and kids drop out of his life for good.

  6. walter says

    the list or repuks who want marriage protection and then turn around and cheat have mistresses cruise mens rooms leave sick and dying wives just keeps getting longer. the theme song of the repuks should be stand by your man< no matter what. how these asshats can sit there and claim to defend marriage when they spend more effort on cheating. can you say hypocritical.

  7. Bryan says

    This is what you get with mandatory marriage: insincere promises of lifelong monogamy which inevitably result in one dishonesty compounding another until nothing resembling integrity remains.

    Woo hoo. Family values.

  8. Randy says


    1) He fought equal marriage, while ruining his own.


    2) I want to know who got paid what, to keep this secret. You just know someone got rich off this.

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