1. Miche Rutledge says

    It’s no architectural masterpiece, even if it might be technically impressive with the curved glass. I find it hard to believe that any architecture students are going to be flocking to Cupertino as Steve suggested.

  2. Bear says

    It most certainly IS an architetural masterpiece, that’s exactly what it is. Wheher Cupertino wants it is another matter.

  3. Miche Rutledge says

    @Bear: I think it fits Apple well – it is simple and elegant, but that does not an architectural masterpiece make. It is an outward expression of Apple’s philosophy and that makes it a good representation of the company, which is better than most company campuses. It’s certainly better than the square glass office buildings it is in now. That is not, alas, the measure of an architectural masterpiece.

    When you look at a Gehry or Calatrava, one’s spirit soars. They are art. This does not do that. It is functional and pleasing to the eye, but there is nothing that stretches the paradigm or does anything novel or new from existing architecture short of the challenging glass.

    That’s okay, though. If I’m not inspired by it, it is pretty and will be a welcome addition to Cupertino.

  4. James says

    Regarding whether or not it is an architectural masterpiece, I think we have to reserve judgment until it is built. More than one building has looked like great architecture on paper and turned out to be a great failure in reality.

    I agree it does not have the inspirational quality of many monumental works, but it is a business office building, not a museum, bridge, or concert hall. It does not have to be art. Perhaps in the workplace genre, it will be a masterpiece, introducing innovations in design appropriate to a workplace, including ways of inspiring workplace creativity and enjoyment.

    The elegance in this very large building will have to be in the details. A building of this scale, no matter how well integrated into the environment, is, at least in part, about communicating power and calling attention to itself.

  5. jpeckjr says

    I don’t know what to say about the architecture, but if I were a city council member in Cupertino, I’d be crying tears of joy about this project. And I do think architecture students from around the world will study it. Architecture has to solve a problem: How do you put 12000 workers into one building in a way that is sensitive to human and environmental values? Here’s the kind of solution you can get when you’re willing to spend the money.

  6. scientitian says

    I wouldn’t call it an architectural masterpiece (yet – does anyone have any idea what the interior looks like, the actual part that people occupy?), nor would I say it’s a particularly eco-friendly building design. Acknowledging north-south orientation to achieve consistent natural daylighting and control passive heating is key to keeping energy consumption down. Also, on a human scale, this building is going to look (and feel) like a stadium with trees growing in the middle.

  7. gayalltheway says

    In this kind of economy dire straits, anything that will create jobs IS a good thing.

    Plus, that thing actually looks pretty cool but I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece just by the exterior. Not sure about the interior.

    Now, the new Guangzhou Opera House designed by Zaha Hadid IS what I would call a masterpiece.

  8. Paul R says

    Energy generated by natural gas? I would expect Apple to use at least some renewable energy sources. Lots of other tech companies do.

    As a practical matter, how would someone get to the opposite side efficiently?

    And how did Apple buy 150 acres with no one knowing?

    I must say that his speaking skills aren’t quite as electrifying as I’d been led to believe.

  9. Paul R says

    Oops, turns out they knew Apple has bought the land. He’s clearly got the city council eating out of his hands!

  10. says

    This building will be very simple & slick, while expressing a precision in the detailing. The skin (facade) / glass will be best experienced in person.

    It will provide an architectural experience for anyone who visits that is aware & interested in the concepts/ideas behind apple/steve jobs —– morphed into architecture, landscape architecture, planning, design, technology, nature & building construction.

    2018 Opening date? What a place to work!

  11. Bear says


    Good points all. Spectacular and Masterpiece run together for me.
    And yes Hadid’s opera house is thrilling too. So many very grand and uplifting structures in the world, beginning with The Pyramids. Are THEY masterpieces? I think so.

  12. says

    Whether a masterpiece or a humble build, all I appreciate is the usage of natural gases. I think Apple going green will inspire many other companies to switch to exploit renewable energy sources. Also, anything that encourages job creating is a welcome sign and Apple having its strategy getting right will also enhance the living of many people.

  13. says

    What do we expect? Thats one insanely cool apple HQ. Its good thing they’ve waved a new path, that’s what I like about apple, no rotten worm only good ideas. :-)wowaccountforsale