News: Pope Tweet, Robert Pattinson, Turtles, Southern Baptists

Road Gay Israeli video blog exposed as hoax.

RoadCould New York's marriage equality strategy work in Maryland? Some say yes.

Choi_kramer RoadLt. Dan Choi joins Larry Kramer handing out information on the HIV/AIDS epidemic outside The Normal Heart on Broadway.

RoadVIDEO: Cat busted barking like a dog.

RoadTurtles shut down JFK runway: "Aviation authorities say dozens of flights were delayed at New York's Kennedy airport after about 150 turtles crawled onto the tarmac in search of beaches to lay their eggs."

RoadAllison Janney joins Chris Colfer's Struck by Lightning.

RoadAnti-gay NHL agent Todd Reynolds loses client over Twitter remarks.

RoadJohnny Weir glams it up for MAC cosmetics.

RoadMichele Bachmann surges in PPP poll: "We've never found her leading one of our state polls until now but Michele Bachmann's been on fire for the last two weeks and we find her at the top of the GOP field in both Oregon and Montana when Sarah Palin's not included. That's just more indication that if Palin ends up not running Bachmann will pretty instantaneously vault to co-front runner status with Mitt Romney, provided she can continue her current momentum." Ex-Bachmann aidecalls her unprepared for presidency.

RoadFrom Knoxville with love: Johnny Knoxville eulogizes Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

Pope RoadPope uses iPad, tweets. Is Grindr next?

RoadAnna Paquin on her bisexuality: “Frankly no one had ever asked me before… There is a lot of prejudice against us but the more people talk about it, the less of a deal it will be. Who people choose to sleep with – or spend their lives with-shouldn’t matter, not that anyone particularly cares who I’m attracted to.”

RoadMost in LGBT don't even know of Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning.

RoadArjan chats with French DJ and producer Martin Solveig.

RoadUSAID to designate coordinator for LGBT issues overseas: "Donald Steinberg, USAID’s deputy administrator, unveiled plans to create the new position during a panel discussion in which officials discussed ways the State Department was integrating LGBT concerns abroad as part of U.S. foreign policy. 'In order to highlight these concerns, we’re pleased to announce that USAID will shortly name a senior coordinator for sexual orientation and gender identity who will be responsible for advising the USAID administrator on this agenda,' Steinberg said."

RoadDaniel Radcliffe honored with Trevor Project Hero Award.

Pie_pattinson RoadRobert Pattinson hit with pie.

RoadThe intoxicating Marula Trees of South Africa.

RoadAtlanta Police Department misses court-ordered deadline to report on internal investigation into the 2009 raid on the Atlanta Eagle. UPDATE: Report says police didn't follow procedure. "Mayor Kasim Reed and Chief George Turner have made the resolution of this matter a top priority and will review both reports. Chief Turner will determine appropriate disciplinary action in short order."

RoadTrans advocates stand by accused killer of bar patron in Minneapolis.

RoadSouthern Baptists hit by hoax: "Officials with the Southern Baptist Convention said they have been the victim of an elaborate online hoax that included a phony news release announcing that the nation’s largest Protestant denomination had changed its position on homosexuality. The release was sent to an unknown number of reporters and directed readers to a website designed to replicate the real Southern Baptist Convention website, along with working telephone numbers where individuals identified themselves as employees of the SBC Executive Committee."


  1. FernLaPlante says

    @Jeff. I agree. “Free Bradley Manning” advocates marched in the Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday and about half the crowd was not supporting them.

  2. Evil European says

    @Jeff, as 95% of the world is not American, many are grateful for what Manning did, exposing the manipulative, deceitful and bullying nature of the USA government….though on second thoughts it just backed up what most people know already.

  3. Paul R says

    Exactly the point. Nothing he revealed was remotely enlightening, he was a tool (in more than one sense of the word) who has been ignored by Assange, and the releases might have put some people’s careers or even lives in danger. Still, as unsavory as I find both Manning and Assange, Manning was subjected to discriminatory treatment in solitary confinement while Assange “suffers” on a grand estate as they await their fates.

    Frankly, Manning seems to have the intellect and maturity of a young child, while Assange does a pretty grand job of living up to his self-anointed role as an evil genius.

  4. Shannon says


  5. ohplease says

    Bradley Manning did you a favor, but thirty years of the deliberate dumbing-down of the American public on the part of your corporate masters have taken their toll to the point where you lack the capacity to comprehend that, exactly as planned.

    How do we ever recover our sanity and our intelligence and our freedom again when the masters have convinced their servants that their saviors are their enemies?

  6. Paul R says

    He didn’t do me any favors. The information he released was available to hundreds of thousands of government workers. I could release a shitstorm of information on US foreign policies, but it would simply get people killed and wreck a lot of international relations.

    Oh, and I don’t like the idea of prison.

  7. Bob R says

    I’m a combat veteran and I think Bradley Manning did a heroic thing by revealing government crimes. I don’t consider him a traitor. Bush/Cheney compromised a covert CIA operative for political vindictiveness and to help lie America into war. If anyone is a traitor and put American lives at risk it was Bush/Cheney.

    Manning’s sexuality is irrelevant. Straight or gay he followed his conscience. Actual traitors who spent years selling secrets to our enemies which did resulted in the death of American agents overseas were not treated as poorly as Manning.

    I, too, am an American and I put my life on the line for this country. And that’s my opinion concerning Bradley Manning. There’s more to being an “American” and a “patriot” than being born or naturalized here and paying taxes. When I see my country committing wrongs, I feel I have a duty, a responsibility to protest and demand those wrongs be made right. I do not buy the “my country right or wrong” BS. It makes us no better than any other despotic nation.

  8. Jeff says

    Just for the record and a little historical perspective: One of the reasons Gays were kept out of the military is because they were considered security risks.

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