1. says

    I must have been sleeping under a rock, because this is the very first time I’ve heard of this guy. Cain? Really? As in just a “Mc” shy of the last goon who ran for president on the Republican ticket?

    Was that a gay man at 3:29? I know that question is kind of irrelevant and unanswerable, but seeing how they were trying to reach out to all kinds of demographics at the end of the video, I’m just wondering if that was the bone they were throwing to the gay community. Which, if it was, would be ironic, as Cain supports DOMA.

    I never really bought that the Tea Party was a racist organization, but I did buy into it being kind of misdirected joke and this video only strengthens that belief.

  2. Tyron says

    There is absolutely no way that Herman Cain can win the nomination based on Tea Party support. I have attended too many (one is actually too many) Tea Party rallies (as an observer) and seen the rampant racism that they of course deny. And while it would be unfair to categorize the Tea Party as a racist organization it is certainly fair, at least from my perspective and experience, to state that a very high percentage of their members absolutely qualify as racists.

    If Cain wins the GOP nomination then the lots of baggers are going to stay home. There is no way a large number of them could bring themselves to vote for an African-American and having Cain vs Obama would either drive them to a 3rd party fringe candidate or result in their not voting at all.

    In 2008 McCain picked Palin because he thought she could woo the Hillary supporters who were discouraged because the Democrats failed to nominate her. While it would be wonderful to believe that the GOP is stupid enough to pick Cain hoping to draw black voters who don’t feel that Obama has done enough it would simply be wishful thinking because racism will trump stupidity and it simply won’t happen. Cain has as much chance of getting the nomination as my dog.

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