WH Doesn’t Anticipate Obama Will ‘Evolve’ on Same-Sex Marriage by This Week’s Gay NY Fundraiser: VIDEO


President Obama is holding two fundraisers for gay donors this week in New York. Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked by the Washington Blade's Chris Johnson about Obama's 1996 support of same-sex marriage and his current position, which favors civil unions.

Johnson asked Carney whether Obama might be "selling his audience short by saying he supports them and wants his money for his reelection campaign but also saying at the same time he does not support their right to marry."

Answered Carney:

"I think you know that this president is very supportive of and strong on LGBT rights. And his record is significant with regard to that. He’s been very clear about his position on gay marriage, he’s been very clear about how that position is evolving. I don’t have any new announcements to make, but I think you know his record, and he’s proud of it."

In a follow-up question, Johnson asked if Obama, who has said in recent months that he is "evolving" on same-sex marriage, might evolve enough this week to come out and support it.

Answered Carney: "I don't anticipate that."


Writes Greg Sargent at The Washington Post:

This is going to irk gay advocates in a big way. Obama first declared that his position on gay marriage is evolving back in October, when he told gay advocates that he is wrestling with the issue, and that “attitudes evolve, including mine.”