1. Kevin says

    I’ll take a stab at that. Opponents of freedom and equality would no longer be able to say, “But President Obama has the same position as me.” And, that’s just for starters.

  2. Paul R says

    It would be lovely timing with Pride and all, but it wouldn’t change much unless he signed an executive order providing gay couples (married or in civil unions) with all the federal benefits that accompany hetero marriage.

    Backward states will fight to death for their rights and constitutional amendments on this one. The best he can do is instruct the DoJ to stop defending DOMA, then have it go to the Supreme Court. And that’s what’s happening, unless the Supreme Court decides not to rule on Prop 8. And in that case it would probably still be considered limited to California.

  3. Trev says

    Well, I’m glad he’s ‘struggling’ whether to continue discriminating and restrict our rights or no. It’s such a cross to bear. Maybe when pigs fly he’ll evolve to a sensical position instead of being wishy-washy.

  4. Zlick says

    Not surprising, but also not a great gay fundraising stance. I agree he’s been better on LGBT issues than any previous president, but it still seems too calculated by half to refuse to support equal marriage before the election, when I hardly think an “evolved” position would cost him a single vote. Meanwhile, it does seem a little hypocritical to put your hand out for money while declaring you still haven’t evolved enough to think your potential contributors deserve equal rights.

    Good luck selling that to the rich gays, Mr. President.

  5. my but says

    @ wayne (and similar others)

    keep being mad at obama. your little brain will explode when a republican gets into office in 2012 dissolves your wet dreams by 2013. good luck with your hate.

  6. Wayne says

    What, you mean a Republican WHO HAS THE EXACT SAME BIGOTED POSITION AS OBAMA? OOOOOOOH, I’M SOOOOOO SCARED. A bigot is a bigot, a coward is a coward.

  7. Wayne says

    And from what it appears his own supporters are trying to convince us that Obama can’t do anything on marriage equality anyway. So what does it matter if he or some other bigot is president?

  8. ohplease says

    The Republican Boogey Man strategy isn’t going to work.

    What will happen under a Republican? Will DADT be the law of the land? It is now. Will ENDA not be law? It isn’t now. Will DOMA be defended in court? It is now. Will same-sex legally married spouses be deported? They are now. Will the Matthew Shepard Act now be enforced? It isn’t now. Will we lose an ally for equality in the White House? We don’t have one now.

    I know those with no other argument — because there is no other argument for supporting Obama — will continue to flog away at oh how scary a Republican President would be, but nothing would change for us. Nothing.

    I only vote for candidates who think I’m exactly as much of a human being as they are. If that means I write someone in, so be it. I’m not supporting my own oppression for any reason.

  9. my but says

    Are you serious? what matters is that your bigoted republican president will reverse DADT, enforce DOMA, make a constitutional amendment on marriage being one man and one woman, etc. do some research

  10. Wayne says

    Neil Patrick Harris should be ashamed of himself for throwing a fundraiser for a man who doesn’t even believe that gay people deserve equality! Gay pride? Harris must not know the meaning of the word.

  11. Wayne says


  12. Phil says

    Looks like the fate of the Republic doesn’t rest with how Barack Obama is confronting Republicans on LGBT equality, but with how Andrew Cuomo is confronting Republicans on LGBT equality. I don’t think New Yorkers knew that they were electing the leader of the American nation when they elected their governor, but I guess they were. Life is funny like that.

  13. The Iron Orchard says

    At this moment I really don’t see a reason to vote for Obama, but the election is a bit away. I would really like to see a more progressive democrat challenge him in a primary, I would work for and support that person with donations. But if people can dream that Obama is going to do anything for anyone who isn’t on the board of a corporation, heading up a bank, or speculating on Wall Street, then I can dream that a better candidate will come along.

  14. Keith says

    @OHPLEASE. I second your statements, and couldn’t agree more. Laws are only as good as they’re used and enforced, and nothing that’s been enacted to date has benefited us in the least. Nice and symbolic, but nothing really substantive.

  15. tranquilo says

    I really just want Obama to win to keep absolute loons like Alioto and Thomas from getting a majority on the Supreme Court. At least in that, Obama has been good, and a reasonably sane third branch of government counts for a lot.

    As for economic and foreign policy, the differences have been marginal at best. Both parties are OK with the military all over the globe, and both defer to Wall Street.

  16. Eric Payne says

    I guess NOM’s got no problem with this marriage; it is, after all man marrying woman. Well… at least male marrying female…

    “‘Lost’ actor Doug Hutchison, 51, marries 16-year-old in Vegas”

    LAS VEGAS — Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, revealed Monday he has married 16-year-old Courtney Alexis Stodden, an aspiring country singer, according to E! News.

    The couple insisted that despite the 35-year age gap, there is nothing strange about their relationship.

    “We’re aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial,” they said in a statement.

    “But we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless,” the statement added.

    The pair tied the knot in late May at a ceremony in Las Vegas.

    Read more:

  17. says

    Obama’s current position on marriage is wrong. How and when he is evolving is unclear. We need to keep pressuring him. He will be the most pro-gay candidate for President by far in 2012. These are the facts.

    Saying his positions are the same as any of the Republicans currently running for President is absurdly misinformed and asinine. If you honestly think that, you have head your head up your ass since the 2010 election. Criticize Obama, he deserves his share, but stop pretending Republicans are no worse than Democrats because it’s a preposterous lie. A Republican in the White House in 2012 would be a disaster for gay civil rights.

  18. says

    Wayne Gurl stop……Hillary Rodham Clinton your Goddess Mother said she doesn’t believe in it neither (Marriage for Gays)and recently said it that it should be left up to the states. But you would NEVER babble like this about her.

    The issue here is THAT YOU DON’T AND NEVER DID LIKE Barack Obama.

    And you need to let it go!!! We know you’re not going to vote for him and who really cares and no one is scaring anyone but get a all republican house and senate and lets see how you react then!


  19. Dirk says

    There is exactly one reason to vote for Obama in 2012:
    The next president will choose at least one if not more Supreme Court Justices.
    If that president is a Republican, that’s it for our human and civil rights for a generation.
    There is no other reason.
    And that is not reason enough to open my wallet. Vote for him, yes. Support – no, that’s reserved for those Democrats who acknowledge my full human status.

  20. Wayne says

    DADT REMAINS THE LAW OF THE LAND AND DOMA CONTINUES TO BE ENFORCED TO THIS VERY DAY. That is the truth. Obama’s sycophants just don’t like to talk about that truth.

  21. Wayne says

    Not to mention, that even when Obama does finally certify his so-called repeal of DADT, it will have little affect on gay soldiers in the military because Obama already neutered the repeal of any impact, when he forced the removal of sexual orientation from inclusion in the military non-discrimination clauses.

  22. bob says

    He’s already “evolved” away from his signed statement supporting gay marriage. Any more evolution, and it’s back to the oceans for Homo Sapiens.

  23. Russell says

    @ernie – right on. A lot has been unsatisfactory since this country was founded and Obama is not going to wave a magic wand like Glinda and change all that. We are only a part of a progressive trend that was reversed during 8 dark years of Bush. In a way, Ralph Nader gave us Bush. No matter how pissed off we are, to waste our votes in 2012 would be stupid & could be disastrous.

  24. elg says

    “If obama says “I support gay marriage” what will happen, or what will change?”

    The first commenter on this thread asked the above question and, so far, NO ONE has answered it with anything substantial.

    Commenter “Dirk” said, “The next president will choose at least one if not more Supreme Court Justices. If that president is a Republican, that’s it for our human and civil rights for a generation.” This is reason enough to vote for AND support Obama.

  25. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    So, Obama was for gay marriage before he was against them? Or, against them before he was for them? Now I so confused….

    I guess the choices for gay Obama supporters is either sitting in the back of the bus, or being thrown under the bus.

    Meanwhile DADT is still the law, ENDA is deader than an doornail, and DOMA is alive and well.

  26. Chris says

    Let the man get re-elected in 2012! You know that’s when he is going to really give us his full support. If there is anyone to be angry with, it’s the 50% or so of voters who wouldn’t vote for him due to his support of gay marriage. Times are changing fast, give him a break, he has done more for us than any other president! He has so much more work he wants to accomplish, and by being elected again for another term, he will be able to do that!

  27. says

    Stop the nonsense, Wayne, Ted, etc. If you believe the Republican candidate for President (whoever among the stellar possibilities that ends up being) is a better choice for gay rights than Obama, please explain. Bashing Obama without ever mentioning a plausible alternative just doesn’t cut it.

    DADT is on its way out. Don’t pretend it’s not. The refusal to defend DOMA is significant. Don’t pretend it’s not. Including gay people in Hate Crimes legislation, supporting anti-bullying campaigns, being against anti-gay constitutional amendments. All significant. When a President takes steps in our favor, you pressure that President to do more, take the next steps. That’s Politics 101.

    What a Republican President in 2012 will really mean: Attempts to reinstate DADT, vigorously defending DOMA, consideration of a federal constitutional marriage amendment, appointment of Supreme Court justices that will tilt the Court against marriage equality for generations. These are the permanent effects of another Republican in the White House. And that’s just the beginning . . .

    If you don’t support Obama, which realistic (not dream world) candidate do you support? Somehow you always forget to mention that . . .

  28. says

    Leadership on issues need to come from the top, whether its from a company or Government. I vote/endorse/contribute to candidates based on a clear strategy or manifesto, I am yet to see this from Obama. Currently he is on this “journey” which is not a clear indication he is definitely going to support LGBT marriage/rights when he has evolved (or not). Why should I contribute until I know what direction he is going in or there is clear leadership from him? In my view a good public servant will forget their own personal prejudices and do what is right, certainly LGBT people being denied 1138 benefits that straight people receive is not distributing a fair slice of the American Pie to all US tax paying citizens and Obama needs to take action on this now. Time is of the essence, the GOP might win the 2012 election, this is why I was hoping more results by now, Obama could be our last best hope for a while and frankly I am very disappointed and frustrated with his procrastination.

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