1. BreckRoy says

    I know I’m probably taking this way too seriously, but this video bugs me. I was a cheerleader for 7 years (4 years of high school, 3 years of college) and the number one thing I had to defend myself against when the homophobes and jerks got vocal was that I *really* wanted to be one of the girls, in a flouncy skirt, shaking my chest and ass, and basically became a cheerleader to do something girly. In college, we used to talk about that all the time, as the competitions, physical difficulty, symbiotic relationships you have to build with your partner–all those things didn’t matter, because supposedly any guy who wanted to be a cheerleader just wished he was a girl. I normally have no feminine/straight-acting issues or hang-ups, but for some reason this is rubbing me the wrong way. Ah, that’s what’s therapy is for, I guess, lol.

  2. Paul R says

    Sorry, Breckroy, but male cheerleading is inherently girly. That’s not an insult, but it is and always will be an activity that people associate with women. For the general public cheerleaders are simply sexual sideshows to athletic events, cheering on the opposite sex members of the team for the audience. And that audience is heavily skewed toward straight men who view the ladies while the team is taking a break.

  3. brenda says

    Uh, Paul, cheerleading can be gendered any way Beckroy wants. Stop raining on a dude’s parade. It’s cheering for a beloved team and the rest is just a gender construction–meaning, it’s all in our heads and completely changeable.

  4. Paul R says

    Yes, Brenda, I fully realize that. I never insulted Beckroy. I’m just pointing out reality. I enjoy watching male cheerleaders (they’re hot, after all). I don’t give a crap about gender. But what I said is true for 99% of sports fans.

  5. Brian B. says


    This talk about being sent to a “re-education camp” is just idiotic. In China, LGBT people don’t get persecuted to that extent anymore. It hasn’t been that way for decades. Yeah, there are occasional bar raids but that seems pretty common in the US too. At least in China they don’t have religious psychos.

    China has a long way to go but how about we evaluate the state of our own country first before making ignorant comments.

  6. Jacques says

    Firstly, George W. “bomb them all” Bush was a cheerleader. Breckroy, nobody mentions that now.

    Secondly, do you know what brought capitalism into the Communist regime of China? The TV show Dallas, with the Ewings, and all of their cars and stuff. Dynasty followed, and because it was broadcast on stations from Honk Kong that could be seen by “Canton” the government had to do something. I know, my relatives in Mainilla, Okinawa and China all said so.

    A video about a maybe gay cheerleader going viral in the PRC? Bring it on.

  7. bobo says

    @ Breckroy, having just watched the you tube video, that guy probably trained for hours and hours on the choreography with the other cheerleaders. also, he probably was super nervous about putting himself out there like that. or maybe not. if how he chooses to express himself ‘bugs” you, then yes, you are the one with the problem, not him. please don’t try to push off your insecurities and masculinity issues on other people, work it out with your therapist. he looked like he was having an absolute blast. we should try to support other queers, not cut each other down.

  8. Sippi says

    Jeez Breckroy, this wasn’t about you. You can be muscle, stunts, clapping, yells, gymnastics, etc. while he’s not. Right? As an audience member (and the son of a cheerleading sponsor for many years), I can handle it. Can you?

  9. says

    @BRECKROY – Yes, you are taking it WAY too seriously! Plus, your comment ‘the thing you had to defend yourself against when the homophobes and jerks got vocal was that you *really* wanted to be one of the girls’ – makes no sense… How are you defending ‘yourself’ by saying that you *really* wanted to be ‘one of the girls’? FYI- Just because this guy wanted to have some flamboyant fun, doesn’t mean he wants to be a girl!

  10. Paul says

    @Paul… Cheerleading has been around way before pro-sports took it up and changed it into a bouncing boobs show. Back in the day, high school and college cheerleaders actually led the student body in cheers for the team. It was all about raising school spirit. Guys participated, but since cheerleading hadn’t been yet cast as a “girly” activity, few cast aspersions on their sexual orientation. In fact since female cheerleaders were often hot, guys wanted to be on the team to figuratively and literally catch girls.

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