Colorado Springs Mayor Says ‘No’ to Gay Pride Proclamation

The Colorado Springs City Council may issue a Gay Pride proclamation after the city's mayor Steve Bach refused last week.

Bach The Gazette reports:

"Before he was elected, Bach made it clear he wouldn’t issue such a proclamation. But the Colorado Springs Pride Center asked anyway. On June 23, Bach rejected the request. 'My priorities are to transform our city government so that it works for everyone again and lead the charge to facilitate job creation for our citizens,' the mayor wrote in a letter to Charles Irwin, the center’s executive director. 'Therefore, I will not be signing proclamations such as you requested,' he wrote."

Said Council President Scott Hente: “I want to encourage diversity. I want to encourage a feeling of welcomeness for everybody within Colorado Springs.”

A petition has been started to try to persuade Bach to issue a proclamation.


  1. The Milkman says

    Has he signed other similar proclamations for other groups? I wouldn’t mind his reasoning as long as it was consistently applied. But I bet it’s not being consistently applied.

  2. Lisa G says

    Well, his explanation makes sense if he is not issuing any proclamations at all. Perfectly understandable, dont get your panties in a bunch ladies, nobody is getting a worthless certificate.

    If not and it is only being applied to this request, then it is basically word vomit and he is a pig.

  3. says

    Colorado Springs is a hateful little collection of churches and liquor stores. On the positive side, they don’t just hate gays: they hate everybody who isn’t exactly like them. A hetero friend of mine is married to an Asian woman, and he moved there because he thought it’d be a good place to raise a family. Moved back eight months later because nobody would speak to him or his wife.

  4. Steve says

    Colorado Spring is home to Focus on the Family – which even has its own freeway exit sign on I-25. This doesn’t surprise me.

    Stay away from Colorado Springs if you’re GLBT.

  5. JT says

    “I want to make this city work for everyone except gays.” Isn’t Colorado Springs also the hometown of an SPLC hate group? One wonders if he’s also in their pocket.

  6. bob says

    It’s refreshing that a politician refuses to issue nonsense proclamations. The US Congressional Record is an embarassment of worthless statements.
    But it’s sad when the reason behind it is simply ‘we hate everyone’.

  7. Amy says

    I am not pleased that the mayor refused to sign this proclamation. I have requested and received proclamations from the previous mayor for relatively trivial items – but Gay Pride is not trivial. If all proclamations will be rejected, it still sends a bad message when the first rejection was for this organization. There is too much anti-GLBT sentiment in this city, but there are many people who are welcoming and fair minded. There’s a great organization for youth called Inside Out. Don’t give up on us completely – many here are fighting for justice.

  8. Brian says

    I worked in Colorado Springs for 2 years and loved it there, it’s absolutely beautiful. You have to remember in El Paso county, where the Springs is located, there is Fort Carson, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, The Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB and Schriever AFB. That’s alot of military in a single town, ergo it’s not going be a bastion of liberalism. There’s a reason Focus on the Family is headquartered there, unfortunately. It’s not like Boulder. That doesn’t excuse the mayor not signing, I’m just trying to give some perspective to the area.

  9. MrRoboto says

    It’s flat-out bigotry. It’s not all proclamations he’s withholding, it’s this specific one. From an interview with Colorado Springs’ Channel 5 news:

    News First 5 asked the mayor if he’s against all proclamations or just this particular one.

    “It’s the specific event, and I made that clear during the campaign,” Mayor Bach said. “I want to be involved in events that are unifying and that are inclusive– so that’s what I’m going to do.”

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