Congressman Jared Polis and His Partner Expecting Child


Gay Congressman Jared Polis and his partner Marlon Reis are expecting a child, the AP reports:

"The couple declined to comment on whether they’re adopting or having a child through a surrogate pregnancy."



  1. Brian in the Slope says

    As a gay father of an adopted child, I think it’s a bit strange to not comment on how you choose to build your family. Saying “my son is adopted” is not an invasion of our privacy, and I would think that using a surrogate is similar. The decision to use either method should not invite shame or scrutiny on the Congressman’s family. Rep. Polis is missing an opportunity to contribute to the conversation about how gay men create their families and why they chose the options they did.

  2. justme says

    This is an important milestone for the country, his being the first partnered gay father in the US Congress, right? Shame he’s not married, but this is still good.

    What makes it not so good is the weirdness about the child’s origin — why keep that a secret?

  3. RJ says

    The article doesn’t actually say how the Denver Post found out about Polis’ impending fatherhood.

    Perhaps Polis doesn’t want to invite too much media scrutiny before the child even arrives. If it’s to be a baby through surrogacy, I can imagine the media trying to find out who the surrogate is.

  4. Gianpiero says

    I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask any couple–straight or gay–where their children came from (or, conversely, why they don’t have any). They might volunteer the information, or obviously you might ask if they are very close friends or relatives, but where a couple’s babies came from, like their intimate sex life, is none of your business.

    Congratulations to the Congressman and his partner.

  5. Andalusian Dog says

    Congratulations to the fathers-to-be! Babies are always cute!

    They don’t want to say how they are going about having the baby (again, cute) because they obviously don’t want people to know. And you know what: that’s their right.

    I think it speaks volumes more about those who question these guys’ declining to comment — specifically, that the questioner would automatically jump to the conclusion that somehow there is shame or negative feelings involved in the Polis-Reises’ method of augmenting their family — than it does about the Polis-Reises’ decision to decline itself.

    Get your head out of your ass, maybe there are some things that aren’t your business, n’est pas?

  6. PLAINTOM says

    Congratulations to the fathers to be, I am glad they are choosing to maintain their personal family privacy regarding this matter. In my opinion, Politicians who parade their young children before the press are more interested in their careers then they are in their children.

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