1. Rick says

    I always thought the issues at stake with his crusade were remarkably similar to gay rights issues – at the heart of it is the privelege enjoyed by those that make the rules (white, wealthy, christian, straight) to control the behavior of others.

  2. Gregoire says

    He helped so many people deal with their illnesses with direction and grace. I hope he felt those same emotions at his own end. In 50 years, we will call him a pioneer.

  3. Iko says

    TIL Towleroad readers are largely supporters of compassionate physician assisted suicide. I’ve always respected the man and felt his work was both moral and Good, quite unlike his sadistic opponents who would force the infirm and suffering to die a slow, painful, humiliating death.

  4. Steve says

    A brave man with a real compassionate approach to life. He brought the idea of a compassionate death out of the closet, if you will. Lots of doctors will “help” their patients die with dignity but it’s an open secret in the medical profession, at least in the U.S. I hope that when my time comes, there is someone like Jack K. around.

  5. cole says

    jack was the man!! thank you mr kevorkian for sticking to your guns for all those years,i absolutely do not believe in suicide specially if your doing it for some moronic reason like a girlfriend/boyfriend/ leaving you etc but if your body is raked with a incurable disease like cancer and life has become a misery instead of a joy by all means end it right there and if i can help give me a ring, my mother and father both died of terrible diseases and i wish i could have ended it sooner for them but was too coward to do it, bless you sir and thanks again for your service.

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