First Look: Tom Cruise as Shirtless Rocker Stacee Jaxx in Film Adaptation of ‘Rock of Ages’


Behold the first official shot of Tom Cruise as rocker Stacee Jaxx in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages, posted by Cruise's official Twitter account this afternoon.


  1. Matt26 says

    Weird perhaps, but ever since as a teenager watching Top Gun I have found him good looking. I don’t share his views, but I still think he is handsome.
    It is nice to see him doing sth different, but can he sing?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, CRISPY. I had no idea what/who XENU was. I had to Google. You mean Tom Cruise and Will Smith believe in that stuff? Well, it can’t be any worse than those of us who believe that Noah gathered up two of every creature on Earth before the flood–even two velociraptors (that must’ve have been difficult).

  3. slippy says

    Ok -I’ll admit it -I was hooked after watching LEGEND -o those milky thighs and unicorns to….

    PS -forget the lifts in his boots -Is that a sock in his jeans or is he just happy he hit that high note ….

  4. Justin says

    aaaaaand I’m not interested. it’s a shame that his lameness killed his hotness. Maverick will always be a hottie to me, but that’s about it. god he sucks.

  5. Kendall says

    I watched Knight & Day last night, where he had a few shirtless scenes and there was just something weird going on around his ab area. I know he’s almost 50, but it just didn’t look normal.

    I wonder if he jerks off to pics of himself from Risky Business & Top Gun.

  6. OMNOMNOM says

    Tom Cruise has been incredibly unattractive ever since he joined the wacko Scientology movement. But, with long, girly hair he is even more repulsive.

  7. Derek Pearce says

    As much as I can’t stand him or his hammy acting, I have always found him to be super super cute WHEN he has *short* hair. I don’t know what it is (I have found longish-haired guys cute before) but him with long hair is just gross gross gross. It’s like night and day. Okay that was my bit of blatant shallowness for the day.

    Oh, and him as a rocker? Totally laughable.

  8. Lexxvs says

    The problem I have with him playing his characters is that I can not subtract from noticing his crazy wild eyes as a reflection of his even crazier mind. That ruins the scene for me.

  9. jakeinlove says

    I love Photoshop. Between that youthful body and all the light beams incorrectly in the wrong direction and oddly streaming through his crotch it’s enough to make Suri actually walk without her heels on the beach – for a minute.

  10. Bob R says

    Liked him “A Few Good Men”, but I’m not so sure he was acting and just not being Cruise in a Navy uniform. Also liked him in “Collateral”. Now that was a strange role for him, but I think he played it well. Otherwise I think Cruise just plays Cruise. Totally unbelievable in the MI flicks. Sorry, but I find a feminine edge to Cruise and so his “manly man” roles just don’t play well.

    As for his religion, to me all religious people are crazy and delusional. It’s just a matter of degree. Crazy Mormons, crazy Scientologists, crazy Muslim and Christian fundies; all the same bad wine just different bottles.

  11. Rin says

    Most of you could look like that if you had a doctor willing to prescribe you HGH.

    Woops. Not saying Cruise’s doctor did, just that ya’ll could look like that if YOU did.


  12. Bear says

    He has always given me a subtle sense of nausea, as if the room were filled with an unidentifiable smell, undetectible but real, like carbon monoxide. He’s creepy.

  13. Superman says

    I would worship Tom if he came out. As it is, I still lust after him as much as when Risky Business was released. His ass and legs are still ridiculously amazing, and that smoldering charisma would reduce me to Kryptonian dust if he were in the same vicinity as me. Mercy.

  14. Sargon Bighorn says

    Lots of bigots here, yeah you hate his religion, that DOES make you a bigot (Just like hating Gay folks makes “them” bigots, see the knife cuts both ways). He’s in good shape for 52 or what ever.

  15. romeo says

    He knows he’s out the door. Too much baggage. This picture just looks desperate. Even without the baggage, 50 is about it for actors with such a limited range.

  16. johnny says

    The shocking thing about this photo is the tummy fur… I thought he was a hairless. I’m almost attracted to him on that element alone. Almost.

  17. vernon says

    Not sure why he chose to do a rock musical. I liked him in Valkyrie. By the way, Tom Cruise is a GORGEOUS man. But this picture is a little ummm…’forced’

  18. Ricster says

    Until that self-hating homophobe comes out of the closet and apologizes for his Xeon enduced diatribes I will not support any project he is a part of.

  19. NormanE3D says

    Not a big TC fan but what really pisses me off with my fellow gays is their need to judge others, and then harshly. One would think with all the hate and homophobia we have to face we might be kinder, gentler more compassionate people. I really don’t know when Tom Cruise hurt you all but obviously you hate him. And hate is hate whether it is black or white, straight or gay.

  20. kode says

    In a documentary about Scientology a young woman who’d been in it practically her whole childhood and youth said that people inside the Scientology compound (i.e. the slaves) thought that Tom Cruise is the biggest and the most celebrated actor in the world. Those people are of course completely cut out of outside news so they only know what they are told about. Whenever I see shots like this of Cruise I just know that they are circulated inside the center to show how great Cruise is.

    When she finally managed to leave the place she said the she was really shocked to find out that instead of keeping Cruise in high regard everybody was laughing at Cruise and calling him crazy.

    People here comparing Scientology to religions should find out more about this “religion”. In reality it’s a money-grabbing cult using child labour and very questionable tactics to keep its critics silent. Some of the people that might have caused trouble to the cult have been killed and it’s not that hard to wonder who might have done it.

    Knowing the true nature of Scientology (which by the way is not seen as a religion here in Europe) I really do despise Cruise for being in the dead center of it all. Maybe he’s a puppet, maybe he’s blackmailed, or maybe he just enjoys the power and knows all the secrets of the cult but just doesn’t care. In any case he’s the face of Scientology and represents all the evil the cult has done and is doing at this very moment. I just can’t see Cruise hot anymore, and I actually can’t watch any new films that he’s in because he basically makes me want to throw up. Thankfully he really hasn’t been in that many good movies so I can avoid him pretty easily.

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