1. johnny says

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the fact that these religio-wingnuts are so scared of us now or the fact that we’ve ever been scared of them.

    But I guess we had reason, they used to burn us at the stake and justify it with bible verses.

    Fear makes an awfully dangerous crazy out of an otherwise harmless mentally-challenged person.

  2. Jim says

    As greater respect and acceptance of LGBT people becomes (gradually) a reality… Christian Extremists like these people reveal themselves as just how insane and ridiculous they are; any intelligent, rational person would simply laugh at them and move on to love and live!

  3. mike says

    is there a reason gay blogs give this whackdoodle so much attention?

    seems like we should be hammering on the likes of FEDEX … it’s a member-of and on the Board of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, which just lobbied to wipe out anti-discrimination laws in that state.

    FEDEX’s response: “we do not support every position the TCC takes.”

    Would FEDEX remain a member of the TCC and take this same stance if the TCC was trying to remove protections for Jews or African-Americans?

    Two-faced companies like FEDEX are doing far more damage to our rights than this nutjob who belongs to a known hate group.

  4. says

    For wildly insane individuals like this man, gay people are intolerant of Christians when they don’t let Christian’s stone them to death. To these wingnuts, gays are persecuting them for their religious beliefs that gays should be stoned –and when gays are opposed to being stoned to death, Christonuts like this guy just can’t contain his anger at the gays for trampling on his beliefs!

  5. Matt26 says

    How anyone is able to hate that much? I guess there isn’t much of joy and happiness around him.

  6. Robert In WeHo says

    This man is mentally ill and should be institutionalized to protect him from himself.

  7. Bryan says

    Christofascists are terrified of the payback for the deliberate self righteous, malicious harm they’ve done to LGBTQ people for centuries. They needn’t be – malice and vengeance are the cornerstones of their faith, not ours. Giving that living well is the best revenge, all I need to do is love my life and watch lying, hate-filled lunatics like Fischer die out like the dinosaurs they are.

    No one of consequence will fill their shoes – they never did have anything to offer except fear.

  8. jexer says

    Translation: “Officers who put their religion ahead of their career are going to get themselves into trouble and they’ll be weeded out of the military.”

    My response? GOOD. Last thing we need is a bunch of religious fanatics making life-and-death military decisions.

  9. Ron M. says

    Poor, deranged thing! It must be awful to have to look in the mirror every day and see all that hate. Where did the “Christian” part of him go to? Sure wasn’t there in that video.