News: Immigration, Julia Gillard, Chewing Gum, Ryan Reynolds

RoadFacebook campaign to support NY GOP Senators who support marriage equality.

RoadArgentina has first gay divorce: "Federation president Esteban Paulon says theirs is the first divorce since July 2010, when Argentina became the first Latin American nation to authorize gay marriage everywhere in the country."

Gum RoadSidewalk chewing gum art. "The police often question him, but when he explains that he is not the one who spat the gum on the sidewalk, he said, they come around. He was arrested once and was brought to a local police station for questioning, but the charges were dropped after dozens of people wrote letters of support."

Road Jennifer Hudson can't be much more transformed from her Idol days.

RoadD.C. Safeway employee calls gay couple "faggots", then records video "apology".

RoadObama asked to speak out against anti-gay violence in Puerto Rico,doesn't.

RoadGay rights advocate urges Virginia to reconsider adoption rules: "Cameron Hunt, a board member with the gay rights group Equality Virginia, pressed that point Wednesday during remarks to the State Board of Social Services, and asked the panel to revisit a decision to remove discrimination protections from pending regulations."

RoadHugh Jackman beefs up his guns.

RoadAshton Kutcher plays beach volleyball in Brazil.

Greencard RoadGay couple goes for Green Card interview in San Francisco.

RoadChilean-born artist Claudio Bravo dies at 74, NYT obit doesn't mention he was gay.

RoadMinnesota Twins plan "It Gets Better" video: "According to Chris Iles, Corporate Communications Manager for the Twins, the team's 'looking into' making their own 'It Gets Better' video. 'We're in the process of finding appropriate players, lining up production needs, etc.,' he told me in an email."

RoadAnd Washington Nationals?

Road The Heartland Proclamation.

RoadGay rights activist takes action against Hong Kong police for infringing on peaceful protest on International Day Against Homophobia: "The demonstration, attended by a legislator Ms Cyd Ho and the Chairperson of the Equal opportunities Commission Mr Lam Poon Kwong, was halted and attendees were videoed by uniformed officers positioned in the middle of the peaceful crowd, in what has been described as a serious attack on LGBT rights and the right to demonstrate in Hong Kong."

RoadWingnuts to "crash" Netroots Nation.

RoadLISTEN: Samuel L. Jackson would like the kids to "go the f**k to sleep".

Reynolds RoadRyan Reynolds' beefcake honored with 'Fame' comic.

RoadTwin Cities: Eight important local LGBT leaders.

RoadGay couples "ambush" Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, with auction bids, win seats with her at dinner: "The left-leaning activist group GetUp! dug deep last night and bid $31,100 for a dinner for six with Ms Gillard at The Lodge or Kirribilli House. But within seconds, Ms Gillard learnt that her guests would be same-sex couples trying to persuade her to reverse her opposition to gay marriage."

RoadWho wants to come swim in my living room pool?

RoadA preview of the 35th annual Frameline International LGBT Festival.

RoadBritish cop beaten in Slovenia for being gay.

RoadAnti-gay vandalism reported in Ferndale, Michigan: “One of the victims lives there and had red paint splashed on his house and car,” said Ferndale Police Sgt. Patrick Jones. “Someone spray painted ‘fag’ in yellow paint on his car also. The words ‘white fag’ were scratched on the driver’s side door of the other victim’s car.”


  1. Marty says

    Unless the Chilean artist is survived by a partner or kids, then I don’t see the relevance of saying he’s gay. If a straight person died without a partner or kids, would you say “and he was straight”.

    Do we want to be treated like everyone else or not?

  2. Francis says

    Very sad about the police cop being beaten with his friends, but it’s a reminder of why people should not vacation in countries such as Slovenia, especially if you’re gay. It’s simply too big of a risky proposition, and there is way too much societal baggage. These anti-gay countries should be boycotted until further notice. Hopefully the cop and his friends heal from their injuries.

    As for the incidents in Ferndale and DC, just a reminder, especially with the stories in the Long Island Starbucks and the Kentucky pool incident, that although things have improved, large pockets of hate and ignorance still exist and still feel totally empowered in dehumanizing our existences and harassing us for who we are. So deflating and angering to read this type of stuff on a daily basis. The world disappoints me greatly every day.

  3. Paul R says

    Having a pool of my own is my grandest dream. I am so jealous of that place.

    So I guess Hugh Jackman’s no-so-secret plan to become the most desirable man on Earth has moved to the next level?

    @Francis: Slovenia is not considered antigay. As you note, the world is a disappointing place, and attacks like this occur daily all over the world, whether in the US, Ireland, Brazil, Slovenia, or almost anywhere else save pockets of tolerance like (most of) Thailand. Slovenia is a tiny country and is in no way comparable in terms of gay hate to, say, Jamaica, Uganda, or most Middle Eastern countries.

  4. Hotter Perry says

    “Minnesota Twins plan ‘It Gets Better’ video”

    Ooooh, twins? From Minnesota?? Doing a video???

    Oh wait, you mean the baseball team … oh OK. Nevermind. 😉

  5. Francis says

    It may not be comparable to completely institutionalized anti-gay countries, but Slovenia sure isn’t gay accepting and it sure isn’t a place that should be seen as an ideal destination for a gay person or straights traveling with a gay person on a vacation.