1. CKNJ says

    Ah what a sweet video! I know George and Farid, and they really ARE as cool as they look in the video, really nice guys! Their restaurant, ‘Bogota’ in Park Slope, is also great and well worth visiting!

  2. Gigi says

    Such a nice couple. I hope that they’re able to get married in New York. If not they could always come to Canada. We have tons of queer American couples coming here to get married!

  3. says

    Very sweet. Best of luck to them. God DAMN it New Yorkers – let these guys and everyone else who wants to get married, get married! (I should talk – in California we are still fighting for the equal right to marry!)

  4. Ted says

    Beautiful video. So call Cy Vance’s office and ask that the community service requirement be dropped for the 5 LGBT activists arrested in a Marriage Equallity demonstration. They spent the night in jail – that should be enough. By getting arrested for civil rights and spending the night in jail, they’ve already done community service.

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